Gays of Our Lives: Daddy Issues

Hit The Floor (U.S.)

I’m way more interested in how Oscar’s return will affect Jude’s life rather than what’s going to happen with Zero’s sister.

The show is going to have to do something really interesting with that plot to make me care. 

Zero’s private eye was cute though.

I’m really shocked they killed of Raquel. I liked her. I assume Kyle will get custody of the child?

Neighbours (Australia)

While I still think that the basis for this storyline is stupid and hard to believe, I did actually enjoy this past week’s episodes, mostly because Aaron got hivlcsnap-2016-03-28-04h37m53s398s brain back and realized what Tom had done.

Tom’s scheming was a treat because we rarely get to see the gays be the villains these days as they all have to be so perfect and angelic.

The scene where Tom threatened Aaron was nicely done, especially with Tom bringing up Aaron’s sketchy, sleazy past. Now that Aaron’s been fired, I’m very intrigued by what happens next.

One thing is for sure, this is more interesting than any storyline Aaron has had since he got hooked up with Nate.

There’s Tyler all shirtless with his hair all wet. He needs to do that more often. And could his shorts be any lower? Well, they could. Show should give that a try.

Secret Lives (Finland)

I’m glad that Elias has realized it’s none of his business nor is it his place to ruin tell Lari anything about Kalle’s cheating, but that won’t last. I did think it was weird though that Jesse would spill everything about his one night stand with Kalle to a first date.

Elias won’t be able to help himself because at the end of the day, he wants Lari to himself.

I wish Kalle would tell Lari himself though. I think if he did, they’d be able to get past it and move on.

Shadowhunters (U.S.)

So after all the drama and searching for the Mortal Cup, at the end of the day, Clary just hands it over (off screen) and that’s that? Talk about anti-climatic. And that’s not the only thing anti-climatic.

Clary and Jace meet a big roadblock in their trainwreck of a relationship when they find out they are brother and sister. Now, I don’t have a problem with the plot twist itself, but just the way it played out.

First of all, Clary and Jace seem to accept this news all too quickly. Neither of them just assume Valentine is lying to stir up trouble. And what is Valentine’s motivation forSIMON this rather elaborate ruse? I’m not getting it. Furthermore, Clary and Jace’s reaction seemed… muted. I mean, just before this they were making out and talking about a future together.

But neither of them seemed particularly upset that not only were they kissing a sibling, but their relationship was over. It all seemed very weird. It wasn’t played for the drama and angst it should have been.

I’m not sure how I feel about Simon rushing over to make a play for Clary right away. Seems kind of sleazy. I’m guessing that Simon and Clary get involved and then Clary and Jace find out they are not siblings.

Speaking of Simon, am I the only one noticing the chemistry between he and Raphael? I know the show isn’t going there, but I see some major sparks. I’m sure there must be fan-fic out there shipping them. LOL….

I knew that Magnus would give Alec his bow and quiver back. And frankly that was a boring demand on Magnus’ part. It would have been more compelling for Magnus to sleazily demand Alec’s virginity and then upon payment, Magnus would change his mind, leaving Alec actually disappointed and heat up the sexual tension between them. Instead it was all so predictable. Yawn!

Not a bad ep though.  Really.

The Fosters (U.S.)

vlcsnap-2016-03-28-04h33m55s970Oh man. Poor Jack. From the moment he appeared early this season, I so wanted him to have a happy home.  He deserved it. Sadly I guess, tragic things like this happen all the time. As for whether the kid was gay or not, and I think that was still up in the air, I guess that doesn’t matter anymore.

I did like that Jude realized that there are other guys out there and that he will eventually move on with things. But I suspect he won’t take Jack’s death well. I know I didn’t.

The scenes though, were very well done.

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  1. While I too don’t think “General Hospital” will make Dr. Griffin gay or bi – especially given Kristina’s sexuality story – I actually thought there was a little vibe between him and Lucas a few weeks back, when Griffin said something about them having lost touch after med school and Lucas acting a little sheepish about it. It reminded me a little of early Kish, when Fish and Kyle referred to their college romance in veiled terms. Also, I couldn’t help noticing that Griffin has befriended Lucas’ fiance and has gotten friendly/been chem tested with Lucas’ cousin Maxie, but there’s been no acknowledgement of the shared thread. A different show might be setting up something with that, but this show is, of course, “General Hospital”.

  2. You were right about Holly. She’s petulant, confused why people are mad at her for messing with them, and strangely indignant at this anger. It’s such a bizarre and unpleasant choice.

  3. The part with Ben trying to smother Philth was hilariously cartoonish. This whole Abi storyline is beyond moronic. So now she has “miscarried”. With chlamydia. So when it is revealed that that cross-eyed mouth-breather Lee has chlamydia too, and that Abi will most likely be miraculously re-pregnant, will anyone figure out that Ben hasn’t had sex with her since her last moon but someone else has?! Probably not. Because the gas leak that keeps Albert Square stupid hasn’t been and will never be fixed.

  4. Magnus has already been accused by some fans of sexual harassing Alec by just teasing him with the line “I will do you pro bono”. LOL Imagine their reaction, if Magnus actually does what you suggested. As a jaded adult, I would also love to see a darker and tougher Magnus and a less innocent Alec, but the show is limited by its source material and ultimately its target audience. In the same vein, it should be obvious the incest is just a plot device to generate some angst and will be dismissed eventually with some loopholes.

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