Gays of Our Lives: Daddy Issues



EastEnders After her staged fall, Abi pretends she’s going to the hospital and later tells Ben she lost the baby. Ben is devastated and finds comfort in the arms of Paul. Abi wonders if she might have lost Ben after all. Later, Ben comes upon his sleeping father, passed out drunk. Blaming him for the death of his supposed baby, Ben grabs a pillow and tries to smother his father to death. Sharon stops him and they force Phil to leave.

Later, Phil goes to the car garage and trashes the place while Ben goes out and gets drunk alone. Shirley finds Ben and reminds him of his own mistakes, mostly having killed Heather. Feeling he can’t give up on his dad, Ben tracks Phil down and they come together in their shared grief.


Emmerdale:   Aaron decides that Liv is going to stay with him. Umm what? Liv does have a mother right? Anyway, Liv decides to use this to her advantage and goes to visit Gordon. Gordon tells her of his suspicions about Robert’s shooting  and Aaron’s involvement.

Liv goes and asks Robert a bunch of questions about the shooting, worrying him. Robert goes to Aaron and tells him about his concerns, unaware that Liv is listening and recording the conversation. Will Robert say too much?

Holby City: Dom and Arthur’s work competition gets out of hand and the twosome end their friendship. But when Arthur being coughing up blood, he worries about his health and goes to Dom for help. Dom does Arthur’s scans and has to reveal the bad news that his friend has lung cancer.


Neighbours:  Aaron realizes just what a mistake he’s made in his relationship with Tom. After being fired by Sonya for giving Tom privileged info, Aaron is shocked to find out that Tom subtly threatened Sonya and Toadie’s toddler Nell to get Sonya to let the redevelopment project begin. Toadie is outraged and attacks Tom.  Realizing he needs to do something, Aaron embarks on a scheme to entrap Tom and records him admitting to everything wicked he’s done. When Tom is fired from his job and disowned by his family, he vows revenge. And Aaron could be a target.

People of the Valley:   Iolo makes Tyler a home cooked dinner to impress him. Naturally everything goes wrong.


Secret Lives:  Lari spies Elias and Jesse together and thinking that Jesse is the guy Sanni had a one night stand with, wants to know how Elias knows him. When Kalle finds out, he starts to panic and instead of telling Lari the truth, he gets drunk instead to deal with his problems. Elias, however, can’t keep quiet anymore, and tells Lari about Kalle’s infidelity.


Shadowhunters:  It’s Alec and Lydia’s wedding, but Alec finds himself riddled with doubt because of his feelings for Magnus. After the two share an intimate moment, and Alec is forced to face that he is gay, will he be able to go through with the wedding?

The Fosters: In the season finale, Jude is devastated by Jack’s death. That, along with the breakup with Connor turns Jude in a surprising new direction. But is it what he really wants?


Emmerdale: Robert comes with a new scheme.

Neighbours:   Aaron’s relationship with Tom takes a tragic turn.

People of the Valley:  Iolo is upset when Tyler brings home another man.

Secret Lives: Lari confronts Kalle about his infidelity.

Shadowhunters:   In the show’s season finale, Alec has to face up to the aftermath of the shocking decision he made.

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  1. While I too don’t think “General Hospital” will make Dr. Griffin gay or bi – especially given Kristina’s sexuality story – I actually thought there was a little vibe between him and Lucas a few weeks back, when Griffin said something about them having lost touch after med school and Lucas acting a little sheepish about it. It reminded me a little of early Kish, when Fish and Kyle referred to their college romance in veiled terms. Also, I couldn’t help noticing that Griffin has befriended Lucas’ fiance and has gotten friendly/been chem tested with Lucas’ cousin Maxie, but there’s been no acknowledgement of the shared thread. A different show might be setting up something with that, but this show is, of course, “General Hospital”.

  2. You were right about Holly. She’s petulant, confused why people are mad at her for messing with them, and strangely indignant at this anger. It’s such a bizarre and unpleasant choice.

  3. The part with Ben trying to smother Philth was hilariously cartoonish. This whole Abi storyline is beyond moronic. So now she has “miscarried”. With chlamydia. So when it is revealed that that cross-eyed mouth-breather Lee has chlamydia too, and that Abi will most likely be miraculously re-pregnant, will anyone figure out that Ben hasn’t had sex with her since her last moon but someone else has?! Probably not. Because the gas leak that keeps Albert Square stupid hasn’t been and will never be fixed.

  4. Magnus has already been accused by some fans of sexual harassing Alec by just teasing him with the line “I will do you pro bono”. LOL Imagine their reaction, if Magnus actually does what you suggested. As a jaded adult, I would also love to see a darker and tougher Magnus and a less innocent Alec, but the show is limited by its source material and ultimately its target audience. In the same vein, it should be obvious the incest is just a plot device to generate some angst and will be dismissed eventually with some loopholes.

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