‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Great Expectations

Emotional Affair

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.04.48 PMThe story that I’m really enjoying the most on GH right now is Franco and Nina’s relationship woes. It’s not just because I’m a big fan of the pairing; the story is really well put together and brilliantly acted. Nina and Franco were written as only having each other for a long time and this current story is utilizing that fact to help create their angst. Both characters now have their own lives and are starting to make friends. Their relationship was born when they only had each other to lean on so what happens when that is no longer the case? Nina has always wanted a baby. She didn’t magically just contract baby rabies overnight. Franco knows this. I can definitely see his side of the situation but that doesn’t take away from the fact that his mixed messages on the subject are a bit unfair. Franco really doesn’t want a baby and he also really doesn’t want to lose Nina. Nina thinks she can make Franco change his mind but I don’t think she can. I do think Franco could change his mind though it would need to be something he did on his own.

The baby issue is such a topic of frustration for the couple that conversations with each other have become strained. Enter Liz. Franco and Liz’s budding friendship is getting a lot of fans talking, mostly about if they are going to hook up or not. I don’t know the exact plans the writers have in mind but I feel that there’s more of an emotional affair brewing than a physical one. Since Franco is feeling uncomfortable talking to Nina, he’s starting to share things with Liz instead. A few weeks ago while comforting Liz in the chapel he told her about his two crazy mothers. When sitting with an unresponsive Kiki started to really get to him, he called Liz instead of Nina. He can buy Liz’s son a bike and stick up for her to Jason and it makes him feel better. He may not be declaring his undying love to Liz but there is still a line that he needs to be careful not to cross. Nina was very hurt when her ex-husband cheated on her and Franco’s relationship with Liz is not going to set well. I’m curious to see what Nina will do now after finding out he went to visit Liz in Philly without telling her.

Some Restraint

Morgan’s bipolar story line is starting to get better and let’s be honest it really had nowhere to go but up. This last week had some pretty good moments and some great acting. Laura Wright in particular did a stellar job as a mother and wife being faced with some hard decisions. I like the more realistic approach that is being given to this story now that the over the top theatrics have passed. Seeing Morgan’s family and friends struggle with the violent situations that have been brought about by his mental illness and make the tough choices that need to be made to keep everyone safe seems very topical. A moment that really stood out to me was when Diane choose to not use her super-power lawyer skills to give Morgan a free pass. She could have gotten him off the hook but it would have been at the cost of Morgan’s wellbeing.

Despite the well-played fallout there are still some major pain points for me regarding this story line. Too much history was rewritten and ignored in order to make this story happen. I think that things were taken a bit overboard at several points of the tale. It’s also confusing that the big love story at the center of all this is Morgan and Kiki. A confession of love bringing a young damsel back to life should be romantic but I hate this pairing so much that it just seemed forced. I don’t know why Kiki would be so in love with a jerk who continually hurts her. Some may argue that his bipolar disorder excuses it all but a lot of it is the result of his bad choices. Mostly this story failed to make me care about Morgan which I suspect was suppose to be the goal of all this. Maybe he’ll be more likable after his stay at the mental facility.

Couples of the week: Carly and Sonny, Jordan and Anna, Maxie and Nina, Franco and Liz

Lines of the week: “What happens next? You going to leave me?”-Sonny

“Do you know about baby drama?”-Nina “I’ll make coffee.”-Maxie

“I don’t want your help Rachel.”-Tracy

“Oh I forgot we were shopping for a child? I think I would file something like that away.”-Franco

“Is that why you were with me? Because of all the danger?”-Jason “Yeah.”-Sam

“I love your soul.”-Alexis “That’s so sweet you think I have a soul.”-Julian

“I’ve been praying for her you know. I just don’t think God is listening to me.”-Ava

“Did you see Dr. Munro? And I’m just asking because his face honestly it’s like looking into the sun.”-Franco

LOL moment of the week: Felicia giving Nathan the poodle stuff animal as a gag gift.

Videos of the week:
Morgan’s friends and family decide to commit him

Nina finds out Franco went to Philly and Liz sticks up for Franco

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