‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way


Last week’s General Hospital was a lot of set up but in a very good way. Helena’s will reading jump started some new stories for the Cassadines and Spencers, #Boobgate sparked some female empowerment and relationships took unexpected turns. As some stories have been put to rest or near their conclusions, newer ones are popping up.

When I examine what is and isn’t grabbing my attention on GH, I realize that luckily a lot of the not-so-hot story is on its way out. I prefer Tracy’s medical mystery to Morgan’s bipolar shenanigans, Nina and Franco’s baby woes and potential affair to Dante and Lulu’s baby rabies and instant cheating, etc. I think GH still has some pacing problems which make fast forwarding some stories a hard urge to resist. I’ve mentioned this before in previous reviews and still see it as an issue. I’d like the show become more balanced and for the good story lines to get the airtime they deserve. I also think GH could use some major shake ups with they’re couples. That’s a whole other article but needless to say there are some pairings that just need to end and some that need an injection of caffeine. Overall GH has the elements to be a good soap with just the right tweaks.

A lot happened last week and I wasn’t able to highlight everything. If you want to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for episodes that aired March 14th-18th.

True Testament

Last Monday started out with the delayed Friday episode from the week before, featuring the reading of Helena’s will. This episode was a lot of fun! We had the gathering of core family members, legacy characters and veteran actors to say a final farewell to GH’s biggest supervillian. Helena may be gone but her presence is alive and well. The will reading was a great opportunity to launch new story lines for some beloved characters. The gifts she bestowed are merely game pieces as she played with her prey one last time.

The Spencer women get some strange gifts from Helena.

The Spencer women get some strange gifts from Helena.

To Sam, Helena left one penny to be divided between her sisters and her because that’s all they’re worth. But she also left Sam with one of her famous curses. Just what does this curse mean for Sam? So far it means a pricked finger on the headstone of her not dead husband. Do Jason and Sam have some challenges ahead of them? Their love affair was never an easy one. Sam’s mother Alexis was given a box containing the knife that was used to kill her mother. Her initial instinct is to get rid of the dagger but she later changes her mind. I have a feeling that Alexis is going to wish she tossed it later. A Cassadine with a weapon is never a good thing. Liz receives a book that Jake made about his kidnapping. The last page has Helena whispering to Jake to “Never forget and never tell.” This present is going to move the story with Jake along as Liz, with the help of Franco, tries to uncover what happened to Jake. Lulu receive an empty envelop and vague reference to her frozen embryo. Whatever happened to that thermos? Laura receives a mysterious key that unlocks something from her past. She can’t resist the challenge. What will the key unlock? As for Nik, he is left with nothing but a painting of Helena drinking tea. It’s revealed that Nik killed Helena by poisoning her tea. Helena seems more amused than upset by this but still cuts Nik out of his inheritance. What does this mean for Nik especially considering that he just married the scheming Hayden?

Which story line from Helena’s will reading are you most looking forward to?

Lies and Letdowns

Krissy’s parents finally found out the truth (minus one important part). After Sonny learned that Kristina had been expelled, he confronted her. Sonny assumed that Kristina’s professor had made a move on her and he wanted to go after the professor in question. Kristina tearfully confessed to her disappointed parents that it was the other way around – she had offered sex to her teacher in exchange for a passing grade. Lexi Ainsworth did an excellent job with the material and my heart went out to Kristina as she broke down. I’ve also always liked Sonny and Alexis together in parent mode. The way they play off each other when dealing with their daughter always feels very real. I have major issues with GH’s insistence on portraying Sonny as a good father but that oddity seems to be saved only for his interactions with his sons. With Kristina, it isn’t forced. He just acts like a normal father… well until he calls up one of his goons of course.

While Kristina was having a much needed heart to heart with her research-loving teen sister, Sonny was sicking one of his thugs on her professor. Kristina omitted the fact that her professor is a women when she confessed her predicament. Sonny doesn’t have a clue. I think Alexis may have figured it out though because she asks her daughter about Parker. Molly covers for her sister, saying that Parker is just a friend, but I don’t think Alexis is sure if she should believe that. Alexis will obviously be the more accepting parent once the whole truth comes out. The big reaction will be Sonny’s.

Black Roses

Sonny sends Ava an ominous gift.

Sonny sends Ava an ominous gift.

So Sonny’s son has a nasty manic episode that leads to Kiki getting shot and going into a coma and instead of showing some compassion, he decides to used the situation to his advantage. Sounds about right. Sonny is twisting Ava’s grief and attacking her when she is most vulnerable in order to gain custody of Avery. It’s a pretty low thing to do but also a very Sonny thing to do. Kudos to the writers for actually writing Sonny in character. It’s been awhile.

The custody battle is not anywhere close to being my favorite part of GH right now. I’m 100% Team Ava and seeing her constantly degraded is not cool. The delusional dialog that comes out of the mouths of Sonny and Carly hasn’t helped the story either. These two awful people should be embracing their awfulness and ability to abuse their power not playing dumb to the fact that they aren’t model citizens. Not that long ago Carly expressed regret over how their lifestyle has negatively impacted their family and now she’s back to saying Sonny is the best dad ever. Really? I can sympathize with Ava a lot more because she has been more active in keeping her criminal life separated from her children’s lives in the past. I also feel that she isn’t so hopelessly mobster. She wants to get out and live a better life but keeps finding herself cornered. Sonny is playing on her fears by threatening her daughter and making Ava think that she can’t get out of the mob. I need Ava to be the smarter one again, figure this out and turn the tables.

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