‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Sisters are doing it for themselves

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Julian takes #TeamCrimson’s suspicions away from him.

After avoiding another fashion magazine disaster, #TeamCrimson realizes someone is out to sabotage them. Viewers know that the culprit is a tax-evading Julian but Nina and Maxie think it must be someone else. After all why would Julian try to destroy his own magazine? They turn their suspicions to Mayor Lomax when the politician has The Metro Court shut down by the health department. But Lomax wouldn’t have had any motive to cause the green issue so they are soon back to square one. Nina does let Carly know though that Lomax is most likely behind the Metro Court’s shut down. Hmmm…these two aren’t going to be friends are they?

Meanwhile at the courthouse, a catfight ensues between Olivia and Lomax. Olivia had recorded a threat from Lomax but Diane deletes the recording during the scuffle. Olivia and Alexis seem to be feeling little unsure of themselves despite the crowd of supporters. Carly wants Olivia to drop the charges so that The Metro Court can resume business and this gives Alexis an idea. I intrigued to see how Alexis will use Carly’s help to save her case.

While #Boobgate is about the issue of breastfeeding, I think it has also addressed an important issue that GH itself has with it’s lack of female bonding. Tropes like catfights, triangles and rivalries are just a part of soaps but GH tends to take it to another level of hostility. I want the conflicts but I don’t want every female on the show to be friendless and constantly aggressive towards each other. This story line resolved the issues between Olivia and Alexis, gave Nina the idea to focus on real women for Crimson and now has Carly (someone who really needs to learn to be nicer) on their side. Regardless of the out the outcome, I hope that the relationships that this story began continue to strengthen.

Heading For Heartache

The baby drama for Nina and Franco is still my favorite story line on GH right now. I really enjoy this pairing so it says a lot about the writing and acting that I’m loving watching them head towards what looks like a break-up. This is a great story. Nina and Franco aren’t falling out of love but they may not be able to give each other what the other one needs to be happy. There in lies the rub.

Franco and Leo have a moment.
Franco and Leo have a moment.

When Franco and Nina were two wackadoos causing trouble and getting committed to mental wards, they were perfect for each other. Now they are both productive members of society and their goals have changed. Franco has a middle class job at the hospital, helping other disturbed individuals. Nina’s career is more high profile and slightly superficial if you think of Crimson as a fashion magazine (though she does make some serious social commentary). The stresses they have from their individual employment differs a lot. But I think they could survive all that if it weren’t for their differing opinions on whether they should have a baby or not.

Last week Franco flopped back and forth on the subject again. He told Nina she should go ahead with the second opinion on whether she can get pregnant or not probably with the belief that Britt’s diagnosis was accurate. He’s hoping the topic will just go away and that Nina will find satisfaction in her job at Crimson instead. However after spending a few minutes with Leo (or Layo as Dr. O called him), Franco seems to change his mind again. Unfortunately, he left Leo in a laundry cart, turned his back and then found Leo missing. “I broke one of the primary rules of being a parent. Rule number one: you don’t lose the baby.” A nurse had put Leo in the hospital daycare and Olivia was none the wiser about what had happened but the incident convinces Franco he’s unfit to be a parent. Meanwhile, Nina thinks Franco wants to have a baby with her.

There is another obstacle that has come into play for Nina and Franco – Franco’s sort of friendship with Liz. When Nina confronts Franco about going to Philadelphia without letting her know, he assumes she is jealous of Liz. She wasn’t… at least not until he brought it up anyways. When GH finally decided to have the two former artists interact, I assumed that they would just build an odd friendship but now I think Franco and Liz may head in a different direction. Nina whispering in Franco’s ear “Do I have to worry about Liz?” mirrored a moment early in their relationship when she whispered to him “Here we’re safe.” That statement doesn’t seem so true anymore.

Quotes of the week: “Why did Professor Parker come here?”-Alexis

“I’ll pause for comments.”-Helena

“She cursed me.”-Sam “Yeah she did that a lot.”-Alexis

“And another way that Leonardo was ahead of his time was that he never had children and doubt that he had a girlfriend that pestering him to have a child 24/7. Although there’s high probability he was gay.”-Franco

“There’s a malevolent, fashion-hating force out to destroy Crimson.”-Nina

“Kristina, you have to tell mom that you got kicked out of school. Oh yeah and you’re gay!”-Molly

“You’re still not dressed! What is taking you so long?”-Liz

“You know what the Bible says about March 15th? Beware the ides of March.”-Maxie

“Well you weren’t exactly left nothing. You got this lovely portrait of your grandmother.”-Hayden

“I’m his son. Duke Lavery was my father.”-Griffin

“Nikolas, she’s sipping tea?”-Lulu

Video of the week: Kristina comes clean to her parents

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