‘Days of Our Lives’ Week In Review: Give Me Life, Give Me Pain

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Deal with the Devil

Deimos Kiriakis is a character that we didn’t know we needed. Sorry for just speaking for the masses, but if you aren’t on the Deimos train after this week, then something is off! He may be a hastily crafted character but he perfectly fills in the void that always seems to come DAYS’ way every few years. Just look back at DAYS in recent years and you’ll find that there’s been a revolving door of poorly planned and executed villains at the forefront of stories, the latest being the awful Clyde Weston. Many thought Andre Dimera’s return would finally give the show the villainous presence it needed after softening two of its criminal patriarchs but much like our Deimos, Andre is currently doing time for a crime he did not commit.

Photo Credit: © JPI Studios
Photo Credit: © JPI Studios

Deimos is a man with a goal and is not afraid whatsoever to do anything it takes to reach said goal. We often see villains in soaps threatening to go through with something, but always falling short. This week, we learned that as payback for forcing him to serve decades in prison as an innocent man, Deimos had been slowly poisoning older brother Victor Kirakis’ wife, Maggie. Poor Maggie has been having a tough few weeks after losing her egg baby son, gaining a kleptomaniac retconned daughter and now poison has been slipped into all of her tea! I’m excited to see Suzanne Rogers caught in the charismatic crossfire of John Aniston and Vincent Izirerry. She’s been selling the Summer nonsense since it began with her skills alone, so being in a story with actual weight will be perfect for her. And for us, because if the show wants to continue pushing Maggie as the matriarch of Salem, then DAYS might as well put her in storylines with members of her twisted family. Yes, she’s currently in a storyline with Summer and yes, I’m not counting Summer as her family.

For the longest time, Victor was this untouchable force in the town of Salem. Unlike his contemporary, Stefano Dimera, Victor never seemed to get into the same extent of trouble that Stefano did with his dirty dealings. Until this last week it seemed. After collapsing all over Salem, Maggie took one final fall down the stairs at the Kiriakis mansion and was out like a light. Deimos arrived right on time to offer his worried older brother a little help – all he had to do was sign over everything he owned to Deimos as payback for setting him up and then Maggie would get the antidote. I was surprised at how quickly he gave in to his brother considering Maggie was not necessarily at the top of his priority list recently. It’s a shame that she has to pay with paralysis from the fall for Victor’s 30 year old dirty deed.

When the week ended, it looked like Caroline Brady’s vision of Victor’s heart attack came true leaving viewers to wonder if stress was the culprit or another dose of poison. Either way, how will the fallout of Deimos’ revenge plan effect Maggie and Victor’s relationship? Do you think he’ll appreciate things more and cut back on the grumpy grandpa schtick? Let me know!

Nobody’s Home

Chase Jennings is free from jail leaving everyone in Salem and everyone watching the goings on in Salem scratching their heads. After raping step-sister Ciara Brady and with most of her family making up the police force in Salem, one would think that this squad so accustomed to covering up crimes for family would pull something shifty to keep this dangerous teen off the streets. But nope, somehow and some way Chase made bail and was released – into no one’s custody.

Photo Credit: © JPI Studios
Photo Credit: © JPI Studios

I’ll admit it right here and right now, I felt a little bad for Chase. Putting the awful crime aside for a moment, this kid has gone through a lot and just when he was beginning to feel understood and accepted, Andre Dimera was taken away from him for a crime Hope Brady committed. It’s such an odd feeling to sympathize with a character so slimy even if just for a second but I felt that watching Chase trying to get into the Dimera mansion, only to be shut down by Chad. Jonathon McClendon has perfected the kicked puppy dog look that Chase wears so often, it’s extremely disarming. And I have to say I cheered a little when Chad had Chase escorted off the compound after he confessed to raping Ciara. As if Chad wasn’t already every DAYS’ viewer’s knight in shining armor before this.

I’m enjoying the progression of this storyline, I do think it could potentially be something powerful if they continue to focus on the issue. Some DAYS viewers have predicted that whoever it was that bailed out Chase has something to do with Daniel Cosgrove’s future return as Aiden Jennings resurrected. Did he really die, does he have a twin brother, etc.? While that could give shelf life to the story by adding in that bit of mystery, I’m much more interested in seeing Ciara’s battle through the healing process. Even with two strong families at her back, it’s not enough to keep her from breaking down at just the thought of having to be near Chase so some therapy sessions would be nice to see or even just sharing with those close to her, trying to move on from her dream of saving herself until marriage that had been stolen from her. Ciara talking it out with Marlena Evans or getting support from her niece, Claire Brady; this would be must-see follow up that most fans would enjoy, a follow up to a story that only gradually gained fan favor. I’m just glad that Hope is standing strong by her daughter’s side through this. But have we even seen her interact with big brother, Shawn-Douglass since his return? What a big misstep.

Do you have any idea who might be putting money into Salem’s At Risk Teen Bail Fund? Where do you think Chase will go next and what will he do to get there? And do you think Ciara will ever get the help she needs?

As usual, if I missed something you really wanted to talk about or something you felt was important, let’s start a discussion. Comment below, tweet me and let’s chat!