Gays Of Our Lives: Is There A (Hot) Doctor In The House?


EastEnders (U.K.)

Well, despite his saying otherwise, Ben is just like his father. His violent, nasty temper, which resulted in him holding Louise face down in a bathroom toilet was a shocking, horrible, truly disgusting moment. Not to mention his humiliating Abi in front of the entire bar where he exposed literally what she did.

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Yes, what Abi did was wrong, but she didn’t deserve that. Paul better be careful that he never crosses Ben if he’s capable of doing that to the people he claims to love. That’s the guy that murdered Heather when he was angry with her. Paul better be careful and not piss Ben off.

I wonder what’s next for Paul and Ben now that they are a couple. A triangle with Johnny seems like a given, unless the show is going to bring on some more gays. I’ve heard the rumors that Andy and his flatmate are actually lovers. Maybe there’s something for Johnny there.

Why is Abi letting herself be pushed around by Phil of all people. Why would she go anywhere with him? Where in the hell was he taking her anyway? He’s hardly the one to be judging anybody’s bad behavior. I’m glad that Jay pointed out that neither Ben nor Phil are perfect, and that Ben was only with her to please Phil and avoid dealing with being gay. It was also great that Jay told Ben that he already has a child he has nothing to do with so why would he want another? And the scene where Jay told Ben nothing would ever get better until he came out was terrific. Jay has always been the voice of reason. Bout time Ben started listening.

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As for NuJohnny, I think Ted Reilly is fine in the role and he meshes well with his TV family. Their closeness is real and believable.

I don’t know why UK viewers are so up in arms about this recast given that it’s been more than a year since the previous actor, who didn’t exactly give a Shakespearean performance, left the role. I just find the UK viewers resistance to recasts, especially in vital roles, to be puzzling.

Reilly is doing a great job, especially since he’s starting out with a bunch of difficult emotional scenes. Besides, it makes no sense that Johnny hasn’t been recast before now. He should have been home with his family for much of the turbulent drama of the past year.

I did like the bonding scene with Nancy and Mick at the pool, even if he did forgive her awfully quickly. But I guess the show had to move that plot arc along with the actress leaving the show soon. The acting though, was really good.

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I’ve seen very little of the show’s transgender storyline, but those scenes with Kyle, Stacey and the family were well done. Kyle having to come out to his family, or at least some of them, was a powerful, compelling moment.

I’m glad that Martin didn’t freak out or something and want to throw Kyle out or something, though for sure that would be a plot beat. But like Martin said, he’s got his own problems to worry about. If only the rest of the world would see things that way.

I am curious about a few things though. Did Abi ever tell Lee that she had chlamydia? Wouldn’t he know he’s been infected by now? Maybe that’s a later plot point, I guess? Still bugs me that Ben never told Paul. Or maybe that’ll be revealed down the line as well. After all, Ben was supposedly in love with Paul when he cheated on both he and Abi when he hooked up with the guy who infected him.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

I’m surprised that there was a verdict so quickly. I thought the show would drag it out for a few episodes. There was a lot of good acting this past week, especially by Danny Miller (Aaron) and Lucy Pargeter (Chas), who always give good performances. I just have a a few random thoughts.

Frankly, I find it hard to believe that there were guilty verdicts on all the counts of rape, especially since there was no actual evidence of anything and Aaron’s testimony was full of contradictions and half truths and questions not answered. In fact, it’s unrealistic that most of the testimony, like Liv’s, were even allowed in court and wasn’t objected against. I think that if Gordon had a good lawyer he could get the case overturned on appeal. But maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of Law and Order.


The big news is Aaron and Robert getting back together in a few soppy, tear stained scenes. I guess a lot of fans love that stuff, but to me their relationship has always been ugly, violent and full of lies with a few bits of sex in a barn thrown in here and there.

Not to say I didn’t find the affair story fascinating, but this star crossed romance stuff that it’s turned into now, especially after Robert kidnapping and trying to kill Aaron just a few months ago is a bit much.

I predicted that Liv would wind up living with Aaron and it looks like she will. Isobel Steele is a good little actress, but I have no desire to see her stick around and cause trouble for Aaron and Robert. There’s so much more drama that could be mined from them other than domestic hijinks caused by Aaron’s bratty little sister.

And I don’t appreciate the show’s none too subtle jabs at Saundra and what kind of mother she is or isn’t in order to move Liv into Aaron’s house. She’d be a bad mother if she let Liv stay with her violent thuggish brother, not if she didn’t.

I’m sorry, but this running thread of Aaron Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.22.27 AMhating Paddy because of his affair is ridiculous and hypocritical. After all the horrible things Aaron has done to Paddy and been forgiven, it’s ludicrous for Aaron to hold this against Paddy when the affair had nothing to do with Aaron at all.

As for Chrissie thinking Ronnie might be her real dad, it’s pretty obvious that he was her father’s lover and not her mother’s, even if he clearly recognized her from that old picture.




  1. I hadn’t even thought about that, Ryan. More proof that Emmerdale drops the ball when it comes to courtroom drama. Gordon’s barrister should have been able to cast so much doubt on all the testimony against him that the jury would reach a verdict before any of them needed a bathroom break.

  2. I wouldn’t call it a personality transplant. His lying/scheming side is mostly in the background at the moment because the show hasn’t done much to put stress on him or tempt him. It still shows up from time to time like when he bribed Ryan or walked away from a dying Lawrence. What I don’t understand is why everyone has a memory of a goldfish. Someone should express some objection or at least ambivalence.

  3. It’s strange how they just dropped the question of Aaron’s fake alibi. Aaron never had to explain why he would go to a pub with Gordon. Having to choose between going to jail and letting his abuser go free would be a compelling dilemma. It would also be interesting for there to be a cost to one of the many fake alibis that get thrown around.

  4. I’d be dead chuffed if they didn’t go with the very obvious and very illogical Ben Johnny coupling; I mean why would a young man aspiring to become a lawyer be attracted to a geeky violent, not really proud mechanic? Especially if he can have dreamy Andy with his dreamy eyes and big strong muscular body :D

    Speaking about Jonny Labey I heard he’s doing a play in August and that he might take a break from the show, hopefully that doesn’t mean Ben will try to sniff our Johnny, that’ll be wrong!

  5. Exactly and are we supposed to believe Chas welcomes Robert with open arms, even after he “accidentally” murdered Katie her best mate, as she said oh so many times?
    I like having a scheming kinda evil gay/bisexual guy but don’t try to give him a personality transplant and expect us to buy it, just don’t. Aaron and Rob are an affair, and Robert was saying Chrissie gets bored easily doesn’t he bore easily as well? What’s so special about Aaron since there were so many before him? I used to like them at first but now I am about to get fed up with this whole charade to please WaaAron and Rob’s fans.

  6. There was no case! And he didn’t bribe a witness; he paid that kid to invent one! Why? Because it was absolutely he said/he said. Neither Liv or Saundra witnessed any abuse. Saundra just speculated and Liv straight-up sold her father out because she is a putrid demon seed.

  7. Of course not. He killed Katie, shot Paddy, hired a hit on Chas. But he is oh-so-supportive of Aaron to the Dingle point of violence, bribery, etc.This whole story line was ridiculous from day one. The only evidence that existed was Liv’s proof that Aaron was complicit with Robert inventing an effing witness because the case was so flimsy. I can’t believe a single viewer or juror would ever fall for this nonsense. Oh wait, Danny Miller cried a lot; of course people were emotionally duped into buying this. Ugh and now this rat-faced manipulative brat Liv is gonna be hanging around the village? *puke* And if the rumors are true, RobMoRon will be off to Sin City for the next step?! WTFE.

  8. What frustrates me is that Robert hasn’t really shown any evidence that he’s reformed. It was only a few weeks ago when he was bribing witnesses and putting Aaron’s case in danger without his knowledge. The lesson that he seems to have taken from that is that he should be more careful rather than that his habit of lying and scheming to get his way repeatedly escalates beyond his control.

  9. Did Robert ever even apologize for all the things that he did to Aaron and his family or was it one of those fake apologies where an abuser says that they can’t live without them as if it’s the fault of the other person for taking steps to protect themselves?

  10. Let’s hope .. I love both Marc Elliott and David Ames, so am eagerly anticipating their story on Holby.

  11. I’m liking Ted’s version of Johnny as well. He also reads more academic than Strike did, so the law school angle is more believable. And several are speculating about Linford and Andy (the two hot construction guys) – one or both. (Leon Lopez who plays Linford is gay IRL, and was the director of the gay indie film, “Soft Lad,” that Jonny Labey starred in prior to EastEnders.) Glad to see them using Andy in Martin’s predicament.

  12. First of all I just wanna say it’s amazing that you’re still doing this Anthony I love your columns and I find myself agreeing with most of what you write.

    I am not and never will be a hardcore fan of a gay (or straight) couple, I do like gay couples getting exposition and all, but I have to admit this whole Robron thing is not to my taste at all, using a rape storyline to get them back together? Not cool… If the show wanted them together they shouldn’t have pushed Robert’s deeds so far, I mean kidnapping and attempted murder are hardly things that can be forgiven or forgotten about so easily. I also agree that since they have gone through so much trouble to put them back together, why bother rocking their relationship with something so stupid as Aaron’s little sister being a pain in the arse?

    I’m so falling for Ted’s Johnny, unlike the previous actor who was more of a standard Hollywood pretty boy, this Johnny looks like he could be Lee’s little brother. And I also appreciate how Ted doesn’t look as uncomfortable as Sam, who clearly wasn’t excited to play a gay character… What I loved the most though was that the Carters actually returned to that funny cool atmosphere they had when they first moved in; Johnny really is the glue that holds all the family together. I hope with all my heart that we won’t have a love triangle, maybe a friendship between Paul and Johnny but nothing else… If Johnny and Andy (the hot older builder whose actor actually liked tweets speculating about him and Johnny) could start something, I think it’ll be great to see Lida’s protective side back up as she doesn’t her son dating someone older.

  13. Emmerdale has never been good at courtroom stories, but this one had me wondering why this case was even in court at all. The way it was written, there was no physical evidence and not much more in the way of other evidence. Any mediocre defense lawyer could discredit each witness on Aaron’s behalf with minimal effort. From what we saw, I don’t think I would have convicted Gordon if I was a juror.

    And having a teenager like Liv move in with a brother she only met a few months ago instead of with her mother is illogical.

    I’m completely charmed by NuJohnny on EastEnders – and I loved Old Johnny. Regardless of the actor, the character is a breath of fresh air and I look forward to seeing what stories he’s involved in.

    I had read that Marc Elliott was joining Holby City but didn’t know it was as a love interest for Dom. I’ve felt bad for Dom ever since Lee took advantage of him and hope he finds some happiness.

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