General Hospital Spoilers: April 4, 2016 Edition

Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) take things to the next level. Credit: ABC/Michael Yada

This week on General Hospital, Jason and Sam take things to the next level. Also this week: Hayden turns the tables on Nikolas, Michael worries about Sabrina, Nina gets an offer from Julian, Nathan tells Maxie about Claudette. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 4, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Private Investigation

Sam and Jason pursue a new theory in their investigation on Nikolas. The duo makes a discovery about Nikolas and Hayden’s disastrous past. However, Nikolas is still family and Sam does care about him regardless of his mistakes. Will she be able to convince Jason to show some mercy? Jason chooses love over hate. The case brings Jason and Sam closer and their fans will have a lot to be happy about when the couple finally makes love. Meanwhile, what happens when Hayden informs Nikolas that she knows he had her shot? Curtis has an interesting offer for Hayden.

Cat and Mouse

Anna pulls a fast one on Paul. When the DA sees how strong the former spy can really will he be impressed, concerned or a little bit of both? A worried Michael tells Dante his theory that Carlos has taken Sabrina against her will. Dante is concerned that their father may be looking for revenge on Carlos but Michael feels that Sonny wouldn’t do anything to put Sabrina and her baby’s safety at risk. Meanwhile, Carly reminds Sonny that going after Carlos could have negative ramifications. Carly seeks Jason’s help, causing her to butt heads with Sam. Sonny reassures Michael he’s got the situation under control.

Also this week:

  • Julian offers Nina a deal she can’t refuse. Later, Nina’s fate is determined with a single phone call.
  • Julian continues to assert his control.
  • Tracy takes a turn for the worse and needs to have surgery. There’s a noticeable change in Tracy.
  • Alexis takes matters into her own hands on behalf of her daughter much to Kristina’s surprise.
  • Nathan makes a confession to Maxie about Claudette but is he telling her the whole truth?
  • Ava comes home to something horrifying.
  • Sonny makes demands.

Source Sneak Peek: April 11th

After a rocky several months, things begin to heal for Lulu and Dante. Sonny and Anna are called out on their hypocrisy. Carly and Finn come to a new understanding. Franco and Kiki work through their problems with art therapy.

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  1. Dante and Lulu should not be getting a fresh start. Dante and Lulu should stay divorced and be tried with other people for a bit.So Dante and Lulu going back to being boring too. I want to know when this show is going to get new writers. That will shake this show up.

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