General Hospital Spoilers: May 2-6, 2016 Edition (Photos)

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This week on General Hospital, Anna and Griffin honor Duke on the anniversary of his death. Also: Julian and Alexis continue to face trouble, Jason and Liz disagree about Franco, Carly sees another side of Finn. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 2, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Love and Lost

Sam worries that Julian might go down with Carlos and she isn’t the only one concerned about her mobster daddy’s future. Alexis finds what she is looking for while Julian secures an alibi. Growing more suspicious, Alexis confronts Julian. Anna takes her stand against Alexis and Julian but with things falling apart will the couple be strong enough to take the heat? Meanwhile, Griffin avoids Mac’s questions. On the anniversary of Duke’s death, Anna and Griffin find a unique way to celebrate their dearly departed. Why is Griffin downplaying his past and just what is the doctor hiding? Jordan continues to be jealous of Andre’s bond with Anna. Jordan and Andre take their relationship to the next level but later, Jordan can’t help but be distracted. What’s got Jordan’s mind so preoccupied?

The Art of War

Jason and Sam confront Franco about both the past and present. What will Nina’s reaction be when she receives an odd gift from Franco? Is the former serial killing artist losing his grip on reality? Liz shows sympathy for Franco which sets off Jason. Meanwhile, Jason helps Michael get on the right track. Jason makes it clear again that he has no interest in being involved in Sonny’s criminal world.

Also this week

Dante and Lulu consider a change in their lives. What major step will they take? Later, Lulu hopes to kill two birds with one stone.

Hayden’s luck continues to get worse when she is questioned by the FBI. Will they be able to provoke an evasive Hayden? Later, Hayden attempts to call Nikolas’ bluff.

Carly witnesses another side of Finn as they team up to uncover the mystery behind Josslyn’s kidney. Will she like what she sees? Finn receives some surprising information about a patient’s condition.

General Hospital Spoilers Photo Preview

  • Risa Dorkin makes her debut as Amy. The nosy nurse brings bad news.
  • Sam comes through for Maxie.
  • Obrecht pulls her weight around.
  • Kristina makes a surprising reveal to a slightly caught off guard Molly.
  • Carlos makes an idle threat to Paul.
  • Dante and Anna come up empty-handed.

Source Sneak Peek: May 9-13, 2016

Lives are on the line. Anna receives comfort from an old friend during a time of need. Franco’s attempt to win back Nina is abruptly interrupted. Alexis makes a correct assumption about Julian.

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  1. I don’t want to see Carly bonding with Finn, and I sure as he!! don’t want to see them have an affair. Put him with anyone else, just leave Sonny and Carly alone!!!

  2. Hopefully this will either kill off or sweep away all these BORING storylines and for good! The AMC, OLTL crew is really unecsessary and if they bring in newbies place them with a core family or character…This show and its revolving door of ABC Cancelled Soaps is giving me a headache… Also bring Parker back and as a core family member/relative,Ashley Jones is pretty amazing! I can’t spend the entire summer with the Teeny Beach bopper …

  3. way too many newbie stories for may sweeps, but I hope there’s some action coming up. The carlos stuff is much like fluke, whatever gets that boring, endless story to FINALLY for the love of God be over, is fine by me.Love the actor, but the story should have ended when she shot him or turned into a new story..

  4. I wish there was a Valerie spoiler in here. I wish the show would keep Dante and Lulu apart.

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