‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Strange Bedfellows

Ned returned to General Hospital.

Love and Hate

Nik wanted a divorce but Hayden has an ace up her sleeve.

Nik wanted a divorce but Hayden has an ace up her sleeve.

I know a lot of people are disappointed with the Hayden/Rachel reveal but I can’t hate it. Sure she isn’t part of GH’s established history and watching her grovel to Nik wasn’t very fun but I think the tables are about to turn. What made viewers initially like Hayden had been sort of taken away from the character so it’s nice to see the bad girl she once was simmering below the surface. I also like Hayden versus Liz more than the 100th round of Liz versus Sam. The fight is still over a man but it’s less about who gets to sleep with him and more his wife versus his best friend. Hayden and Liz really don’t like each other and would still not like each other even if Nik wasn’t in the picture. I can get behind this rivalry.

Things will get even soapier now that Hayden has revealed that she knows that Nik ordered the hit on her. After blowing up at her about her betrayal, telling her that he was going to divorce her and leave her penniless, Hayden tells him she knows what he did. She’s really got the upper hand and she’s about to use that to her advantage. I like the idea of Hayden blackmailing Nik. It’s the type of passionate, twisted romance we don’t usually get to see anymore. Not only are Nik and Hayden’s feeling for each other on the line but there is a financial stake involved. Greed and lust have always complimented each other well.

Dr. Finn and Mr. Hyde

So it turns out Finn has trouble finding his inner peace despite the lizard and meditation. It was intriguing how he went off on Dr O and then rushed home to shoot up with a steampunk needle. Just what is this dude on and why? Whatever it is, I’m getting kind of a sci-fi vibe from it. Maybe he has a connection to a certain evil clinic that Dr. O used to work at. It would explain her strange knee-jerk reaction to him and shaken demeanor after he snapped at her. I can’t help but wonder if the drug he is using is something to keep his rage in check.

Other than interaction with the hospital staff and patients, Finn seems to have sparked Carly’s interest. Laura Wright and Michael Easton have shown chemistry in the past so they might work as a pairing some point in the future. I think they would have an interesting story and it wouldn’t be a repeat of anything either has done before. Finn works best when he’s opposite Carly and with Roxy. I’m still not feeling him when he goes into doctor mode. Though his interaction with Epiphany and snark at Paul were entertaining, he seems really misplaced in Tracy’s story line. I think it would have been better to let Griffin have that story instead but I suppose a reason was needed to bring Finn to Port Charles. I feel like we’ll see more of Finn’s story focus on the mystery needle though going forward.

The Bodyguard

Ava and Scotty’s arrangement gets off to a rocky start.

Ava and Scotty’s arrangement gets off to a rocky start.

I’m not sure if romance is in the cards for Ava and Scotty or if it’s just a creative use of characters but their scenes are a lot fun. They make a great odd couple and I’m hoping that their arrangement causes some headache for their enemy Sonny. Ava is worried about the threat she received and would like Scotty to protect her. Scotty needs the cash thanks to Rachel’s dad. Joining forces seems like a good idea for both of them. Of course, it’s not going to work out as planned for either of them. Ava seems to find her new roommate to be a bit of an annoyance especially when he starts to get a little flirty. I don’t think Ava is attracted to Scotty, not yet anyways, but he seems to find her appealing. This arrangement can lead to all kinds of great soapy awkwardness. Ava was once Franco’s lover and he’s become a father for her daughter Kiki. The winding branch in the family tree paired with some personality clashes could make family get togethers a little uncomfortable.

I do think it’s odd that Ava hasn’t figured out yet who really sent the black roses to Kiki. I getting a little tired of the battle for Avery and I think it should have been settled when Ava won custody. It doesn’t make sense to me either that Ava would think Avery living with Sonny is a good idea. If she was worried about a possible target on her head and Avery’s safety, why not ask one of her many relatives to keep Avery with them for awhile? I do hope that Ava learns the truth soon and that when she does there is some serious hell to pay.

Couples of the week: Ava and Scotty, Sam and Jason, Hayden and Nik

Lines of the week:  “I’ll just get ELQ back and then you’ll be proud of me.”-Tracy “Tracy, I’m already proud of you honey.”-Jason

“Why are you talking to me like I’m a hamster?”-Tracy

“I came back because I wanted to be a good big brother. Is that better?”-Ned “Yes. Thank you.”-Tracy

“Maybe I could be a better watchdog if I was in the bed with you.”-Scotty

“I did leave him for his brother.”-Kiki “Yes, you did and he responded by banging your mom.”-Franco

“You just did that so you could talk to me alone didn’t you?”-Griffin “Yes, I did.”-Emma

“Please let it be shoes.”-Maxie

“We’re not getting a divorce.”-Hayden

Video of the week: Ned is back!

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