Gays of Our Lives: Brainwashed, Bewildered and Bored

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Billy goes to Todd for advice which shows how desperate he really is for friends.

Coronation Street:   Billy lends an ear to Sean, who is upset about the distance between he and Billy. Later, Todd spots Billy with Lee again and his curiosity is peaked. After Todd helps Billy deal with Lee, who causes a scene in the pub, Billy confides that Lee is his brother, a heroin addict and the black sheep of the family. Billy is ashamed because he is unable to help his brother get his act together. He swears Todd to secrecy, but Todd warns Billy that Sean is growing more suspicious. When Todd and Billy start spending more time together, will that create other suspicions as well?

Days of Our Lives:  Paul struggles to deal with the aftereffects of being kidnapped and brainwashed.

Aaron and Liv prove that money doesn’t buy you happiness. But guys — it can pay the rent.

Emmerdale:    Aaron is stunned when Gordon’s will reveals that he’s left Aaron and Liv $500,000 between the two of them. Aaron and Liv don’t want the money and Chas is conflicted after she’s left executor of the estate. Robert thinks that Aaron is making a mistake and works to convince Aaron to keep the money as an investment in his future. Meanwhile, Lawrence continues to worry as Chrissie looks for her bio-father.


Holby City:  With his life in turmoil, Arthur decides to go on a trip to find himself. Dom stays behind and work, but when Arthur needs him, Dom makes a big decision.

In asking the question if this ‘romance’ with Scott and John Paul gets worse, the answer: YES!

Hollyoaks: John Paul realizes that he should give Scott a real chance and decides to move forward in a relationship with him. But Scott takes things too far when he publicly proposes marriage to the guy he just starting dating? Will JP say yes? Later in the week, Cleo makes plans to run off with Pete, still under her abusers spell. Jean Paul tries to stop Pete and Cleo from running off, Pete attacks JP and leaves him injured. When Sally St. Claire sees her son injured, will she reveal who she really is?

People of the Valley:   Tyler struggles to deal with his feelings for Iolo.


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What is James up to this time?

Emmerdale:  Robert is targeted; Lawrence refuses to face his past.

Hollyoaks:   James makes a shocking deal; John Paul tries to save a relationship; Scott makes a difficult confession.

Neighbours: Paul continues to cause problems for Nate and Aaron.

People of the Valley:  Iolo is worried how his father react when Sion learns that Iolo and Tyler are now a couple.


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  1. In some casting news for Hollyoaks, it was announced last week that out actor, Andrew Hayden-Smith, will be joining the show as the new DS in town. He’ll be investigating the Patrick Blake case. Some may remember him from last year’s Cucumber-Banana series.

  2. For the “Tom Pepper” fans out there, he’ll be seen on EastEnders next week, May 23 and 24. .. Based on what’s about to go down at Beale Manor, Tom will more than likely be called into action as Walford’s favorite paramedic, but still, I love a man in uniform…. If it were up to me, I’d like to see Tom at the Vic flirting with Johnny again when Bobby enters looking for help.

  3. EastEnders: The bit with Mick & Linda was funny but was part of the larger plot point of getting Belinda back to Albert Square. Belinda in Linda’s tacky dress was funny, too.

    Emmerdale: I suspect that we’re in for more “faux drama for Robert and Aaron” because the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with them now. Heaven forbid they should just be happy and enjoy one another’s company for a spell. The presence of Liv eliminates that possibility. As for Robert trying and trying to please Aaron, I recall that Jackson tried to make him happy, too (pre-train crash) to no avail – and Jackson hadn’t killed, plotted to kill or blackmailed anyone. Would love to see Robert move on and leave Aaron to stew in his misery.

    People of the Valley: Last week definitely saw an acceleration of the Iolo/Tyler pairing, but I also wondered if Tyler was trying to hard because he felt guilty about Iolo’s attack. Spoilers suggest I’m wrong. I, too, wanted to enjoy the lead-up more because the two actors have a remarkable chemistry and the flirtation could be wildly entertaining. Since they are already roommates, though, I think the pacing is not too unrealistic since they spend a lot of time together. Oh….Chester is a bad boy, for sure, but I’d still pay money to run my fingers through his hair.

  4. Sorry – not sure what happened to the end of my post there. Not sure how to edit it either.

  5. Robert tied Aaron to a radiator, pointed a gun at him and threatened to shoot him. How on earth can Aaron EVER trust the guy again?
    Robron was nothing more than a squalid dirty secret affair that erupted into violence murder & mayhem.
    The ONLY reason the show has continued with it is because they got greedy about the social media attention the show was getting and the endless multi voting from the m/m shipping fandom that goes along with it.
    Using the childhood rape by Aaron’s father as a means to re-unite Aaron with his abusive boyfriend was beyond being narratively sick.

    The current narrative for Robert & Aaron is all over the place – because the show still wants to feed off the attention from the shippers, but is also aware that there is feedback & negativity surrounding the “fanfiction” direction this pairing has taken from a general audience.

    There has NEVER been any character depth or definition brought to these characters – the show has been as vague as they can – but always left enough room for shippers to see what they want to see.

    Its laughable that in almost all the show rhetoric and Cast interviews, they continually repeat the mantra the Robert makes Aaron happy.
    Did I blink and miss that scene – during this “love-story” Aaron has been an accessory to manslaughter, lied to his closest family, self-harmed, spent time in prison and threatened to pull the plug on Robert’s life-support <<<<<<<and THIS is what makes Aaron happy????

    Robron is a seriously toxic relationship – and there's NO amount of dialogue between them can repair the storyline as its already been told (at least, not if you want to remain in the realms of integrity rather than fly off into gay fanfiction land)

    Robert now has to be completely neutered as a character if the show wants to continue with this storyline.
    How can they possibly tell a huge storyline about how Aaron has been affected for his entire life at the hands of an abuser father – and yet still peddle a relationship with an abusive boyfriend as a love-story and claim this makes him happy?

  6. Re: Eastenders. The actress who plays Peggy apparently wanted to retire for good (she’s made a few pop-in appearances since she left the show) and she’s the one who requested the door be permanently closed on Peggy.

    Also, Anthony, have you seen the RUMORS that “General Hospital” is gearing up to kill off Lucas?

  7. I don’t get what’s going on with Aaron and Robert. Robert wants Aaron to trust him and for Aaron to do what Robert thinks is best, and Aaron is wary of Robert given his history of schemes and manipulations. I guess they could be a couple that wants to get back together because they had good times and it feels familiar but ultimately either cannot or do not want to put in the effort to fix what went wrong between them. In any case, I hope that they don’t go through an endless cycle of fights the way Ste and JP did on Hollyoaks.

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