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Gays of our Lives – Raging About the ‘Hospital’

Welcome to a new edition of Gays of Our Lives.   In this edition, I have a lot of love for EastEnders was fantastic last week, but it wasn’t because of any of the gay storylines. Find out why. Also, Lucas and Brad were actually on General Hospital last week, but why am I mad about it?  Plus, Emmerdale gave us more of Finn, but isn’t it time for this show to make some major changes in regards to this character? And the latest teasers and spoilers, including something that might make me tune in to Scotland soap River CityAll this — and more!


Coronation Street (U.K.)

picture_00011For a vicar, Billy wears awfully tight pants. I am curious what he is trying to hide. Is this kid an ex-lover or something? Does he know a secret from Billy’s past, like that he’s not really a vicar? Hmm, interesting.

As for Pat’s schemes, I’m guessing he’s going to use Tony’s death to somehow get money out of Jason. I wonder if this is Jason’s exit story since Jason Thomas is leaving the show later this year?

And it’s not a shock that Eileen not only moved Pat in even though she barely knows him, she’s already threatening to choose him over her kids. Typical behavior on her part and she’s never noticed that it usually doesn’t work out in her favor.

EastEnders (U.K.)

The storyline with Jay is pretty amazing and Jamie Borthwick is acting the hell out of it. It only makes you wonder why the show has given him so little to do over the years. I hated that Jay had to plead guilty like that, not to mention being on the sexual offenders list. But fair or not, that’s how the law works unfortunately.

I wish he could hapicture_00007ve fought it, but that would probably only make it worse. I can only imagine the ramifications down the line he’s going to have to deal with.

I do find it hard to believe though that Jay wouldn’t have asked Linzi how old she was. They dated for a least a month or so. It never came up in conversation?0

I’m glad that Ben believed Jay without question. He should after everything they’ve been through together. That scene where Jay broke down in Ben’s arms had me misting over. It’s nice to see Ben supporting Jay for a change.

Phil sure did turn on Jay awfully quick though. Anybody who knows Jay would know he wouldn’t knowingly hook up with a 14-year-old girl. And it’s not like he was trying to keep the relationship a secret. Would he do that if he knew how old she really was? Truthfully, I’m not sure if I buy Phil kicking Jay out and refusing to believe him. It seemed awfully plot driven. Like Shirley said, if he can stand by Ben, who was actually guilty of killing someone, he should be able to be there for Jay.

As for what happened why Ben, Paul and Phil, I guess that’s as close to acceptance as Ben will ever get from Phil. It’s not marching in the PFLAG parade, but it’s progress. I liked Jay pointing out that most of Ben’s problems have stemmed from his hating that he’s gay, knowing Phil would never accept it. For a change, Phil actually put Ben first. In his own way, that is.

Johnny looks awfully thirsty when he eyes Ben. Johnny being randomly bitchy to picture_00006him says they’re destined for love. Show ain’t even subtle about it. I hate that Paul is going to be disposed of to get Ben and Johnny together, but the reality is given the hatred between their families, putting them in a star-crossed romance is the stuff soaps are made of. I will say they do have chemistry though. Harry Reid and the previous Johnny did not.

Pam being mad at Ben for what happened between Paul and Ben and blaming Ben for everything forgets the simple fact that Paul knowingly had an affair with a guy he knew had a girlfriend. Paul’s no innocent in this. And the ‘we’re broken up, no we’re not’ episode at the end of the week made no sense. Why would Ben break up with Paul based on a scene or two with Pam being less than accepting of the relationship and not talk to Ben about it? Silly.

Pooping in a bag is funny? Really?


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