‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing


General Hospital is known for its anti-heroes and that was apparent last week. I mean that in a very good way too. The difference between an anti-hero and a generic thug is writing. We need to see the good with the bad, understand the mentality of characters’ actions and feel the weight of their decisions. Audiences were shown a lot of that kind of complexity recently.

GH can be pretty dark at times. I think this is due to the overuse of violence. However I didn’t really mind the brutality so much last week because it was anchored in emotion rather than plot points for the next mob war. I’m interested in seeing how Julian’s desperate attempts to protect his sister and stay out jail will clash with his life as a family man. I want to know how Jason and Franco’s reignited rivalry will impact the people they care about as well as possibly change who they are as individuals. Because there is a lot actually at stake for these characters and this is part of a journey in their development, I’m enjoying the set up and intrigued about what’s next.

A lot happen last week and I wasn’t able to write about everything. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not discuss, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for episodes that aired April 25th-29th.


After getting no puppy love from Nina, Franco was left feeling a little salty as well as having to find a new home for Daisy. He absentmindedly gave Jake the puppy when the boy asked if he could have her. This seemly harmless mistake set things in motion for a major confrontation between old enemies. Jason being upset that Franco would give his son a puppy was understandable. Considering the responsibilities of having a pet, Franco should have discussed it with Jason and/or Liz first. Franco didn’t mean any harm in giving Jake the puppy and Jason didn’t mean any harm in telling Jake he couldn’t keep the dog. What made this situation escalate was the dislike that each man has for each other, something that has been simmering below the surface just waiting for a reason to boil over.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.44.47 PM

Jason attacked Franco.

Franco has had concerns about what would happen if Jason remembers their past. As he told Sam in January, “I like my life. I do. I have a job. I have a super hot girlfriend. I do not want Jason or anybody else to end my life.” However, that life he loved so much has fallen apart not because of Jason but because he isn’t able to make Nina happy. Nina lashed out at Franco and in turn Franco lashed out at Jason thus setting into motion exactly what he had been trying to avoid. Franco provoked Jason and Jason responded with violence. Jason attempting to strangle Franco was pretty disturbing. The image of Jason’s fingers imprinted on Franco’s neck as he pulled his hand away from his enemy’s throat was memorable to say the least.

In a way, Franco and Jason are becoming just as the other person sees them. Franco is the sadistic stalker making trouble for Jason’s loved ones while Jason is the killer with a short fuse and lack of responsibilty. Franco poked the bear by telling Jason he only cared about killing and Jason’s response validated everything he said. “I should have made sure you died when I shot you in that garage,” Jason told Franco. “That? That you remember?”

In the aftermath of the confrontation, Jason and Sam discovered they were being watched. After spending a rainy night making love in a barn, they found muddy footprints outside the window. Oddly enough, the couple didn’t seem that bother by the fact that they had a Peeping Tom. But if it turns out Franco is stalking them, I’m sure they will have plenty to be bothered by. Meanwhile a muddy Franco returned home to a worried Nina, ready for their big breakup. I was happy with the way the Nina and Franco’s breakup scenes played out. They didn’t call things quits because they fell out of love. Nina wanted more than Franco knew how to give. I got the sense that Franco felt he failed her and pushed her a little to leave him. Even though he did that, he’s not taking the rejection well and drew a demonic looking depiction of Nina.

Once you get in…

Only months after his wedding to Alexis, Julian is back in the mob and using unsavory means to ensure that his past mistake doesn’t have any consequences. Whether or not he scores a get out free jail card remains to be seen but with his lies mounting up I have a feeling Julian will lose dearly in another way. Julian desires a happy family life and his actions will threaten that. Alexis is already stressed about the situation with Carlos. What happens when she finds out her husband is lying to her? Alexis is smart and needs reassurance that she is doing the right thing by representing Carlos. “I love our life together. I’m so happy with you. You’ll always protect that right?”

Julian is totally wrong for manipulating Alexis but I understand his motivation. He got back into the mob to protect his sister and now he’s using his criminal status as a means to protect his family life. He wants to be there for Alexis and for Leo. The flaw in his plan is that leaving the mob was what awarded him the opportunity to be a husband and father. Alexis wouldn’t have married him if he hadn’t left the mob for her. Olivia wouldn’t have allowed him to be a part of Leo’s life if he were still in the mob. His trickery may manage to keep him free but at what cost?

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