Gays Of Our Lives: Is General Hospital About To Kill Off One Of Their Gays?

General Hospital (U.S.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.30.20 AMBrad and Lucas getting married at the Nurses’ Ball is ridiculously contrived. And Lucas’ reasons for doing it there: free venue, food and booze are just ludicrous and tacky. Besides, the Nurses’ Ball isn’t supposed to be about them, it’s supposed to be around raising money for HIV and AIDS.

If they are that pressed, why not have a quick ceremony at the justice of the peace and then a reception at the hotel that Carly owns. Carly does happen to be Lucas’ sister. You don’t think she’d help her brother out? This set up is really dumb.

BTW, I’m hoping those rumors of Lucas being killed off are not true. Not only would one of the few gays on daytime would be dead, Lucas is a legacy (if little used) character with ties to the core canvas. And Lucas and Brad are a popular couple. They should be driving story, not being written out.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

John Paul should never be dating anyone who’d buy a pair of Britney Spears’ boots. Nope. That kind of guy just isn’t JP’s type and the fact that he has to talk himself into this relationship proves that. This romance continues to be out of character for JP.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.05.31 PMUhh… Scott loves JP? They’ve only been dating a few weeks and they haven’t even had sex. At least JP made Scott realize where his proposal came from and that they need to take it slow.

How strange that John Paul and Ste are still married. They’ve been apart longer than they were together. I’m not getting why they haven’t divorced yet.

I know you have to be married for a full year before you can divorced in the UK, but that year was up last Christmas Eve. I hope this doesn’t mean the show is planning on getting them back together like they did with Ste and Doug. Getting back with Ste didn’t go so well for poor Doug.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.49.27 PMThe reveal of Sally being JP’s bio dad was well done and well acted. JP has reason to be shocked and angry at such a big lie. But how does JP tell Myra she has to leave? It’s her house. He should be packing his stuff and moving out. He’s a grown man anyway, with a full time job. Time to leave the nest.

Oh that James is truly wicked, manipulating Tony into turning over the club and using Harry to do it. It was a clever plot twist, though did we really need to have James punching Harry in the face? I guess they did it for effect, but it was a little too much, IMO.

Neighbours (Australia)

I found it interesting that Nate said the fact that he and Aaron were so different was the basis if their attraction. Thing is, I never understood why they were into each other. Sure, opposites attract, but they had nothing in common and only brought out the worst in each other, when they weren’t enabling bad behavior. I like them as characters (though in Nate’s case, just barely), but as a couple they were a bad idea from the start.


Honestly, this relationship only existed because they were the only two gays on the canvas. But the pairing never made sense and was for the most part boring because of a lack of chemistry. Now that Meyne Wyatt is officially leaving for good in a couple of weeks, here’s hoping they find a much more compatible boyfriend for Aaron.

People of the Valley (Wales)

Those were sweet, nicely done scenes between Iolo and Tyler where they admitted how they felt about one another and decided to give things a go. I also liked later in the week where they discussed what commitment means and that they would have an exclusive relationship. I love their chemistry. They are a pair of beautiful men who look fantastic together.

Howepicture_00021ver, I wish the show hadn’t of rushed things between them and I really wish that we’ve of actually seen Tyler’s growing feelings for Iolo on screen. Tyler did explain that he shied away from Iolo because Iolo outed him and then Iolo was hurt which makes sense, but we still should have seen Tyler’s conflict developing. Too much is happening off screen.

I did notice they mentioned William, which makes me wonder if he’ll be coming back now that Iolo and Tyler are officially a couple. Now would be the perfect time to bring him back, not just because of Tyler and Iolo’s relationship status, but because of the long awaited reveal about Sion stealing that money, which William knew about. That was a big reason why Sion was always trying to break Sion and William up and also led to Iolo’s kidnapping that caused the breakup between Iolo and William. That was always an unresolved storyline and William and Iolo never got any closure. Now’s the time to deal with it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.55.43 PM

I also liked Iolo deciding to take self-defense after his attack a few weeks ago. I hope that wasn’t just a start for the boxing storyline (a plot I find really strange) and we see and hear more of this.

I’m also enjoying the drama with Chester, which is a well done family storyline about struggling parents dealing with a kid they played a role in messing up. Chester is a nasty, mean spirited teenager who I can’t stand. That just means the young actor playing Chester is doing a damn good job.




  1. if GH is getting rid of Lucas, do you think we can get Days to bring him over? especially if Sonny is coming back! wouldn’t that be hot? I’m moist just thinking about it!!!

  2. It was addressed for two seconds, as in Angel saying “but I thought you were – you know….” and Patrick looking like “meh, I like boobies now.” And off they go. Of course, Robbie will be sticking his oar in etc. It will be completely unlike Maria and Marcus on Corrie. Oh wait.

  3. Thanks. Has it been addressed in his relationship with Angel or is the show just ignoring it?

  4. He sure was introduced as that. Even sleeping with Robbie and breaking up his marriage to Will. Then he was non-practicing while being accused of kiddie diddling for a couple of weeks. Now this Angel crap. Again another show that is rapidly going down the toilet because of how it depicts “gay” characters – in this case, as promiscuous, lecherous, predatory and sexually vacillating.

  5. I do, yes. I think the acting has been really strong and there have been a lot of moments that come across as believable drama for the characters and their extended family, like when he lost Arthur at the hospital last week.

    I can’t see Aaron wanting a Daddy figure (I could see him seeing Ronnie as a mentor, if the show didn’t keep him so damn isolated). Robert and Lawrence would have been believable, and I do wish the show had gone there.

    I’ve also watched Emmerdale for years. The last year has been poor, but I felt like (aside from the Aaron/Robert story, which I don’t really believe will ever improve) the show had gotten somewhat better lately, with Kate Oates leaving. There’s been more focus on everyday scenes and on friendship, etc. Sorry if I ended up offending you, if you thought I was saying you only watched for “hot young man on man action.” I was only trying to say I thought it was improving, somewhat.

  6. You honestly think Ashley’s dementia is a good storyline?! Oh lord. It has been agonizing to watch since Victoria ran him over. Plus anything that involves Gaby is like back-alley dental work. And for the last two years, you don’t even know who the effing vicar is. One day it’s Harriet, the next it’s Ashley. Haven’t we suffered enough. Nope. We get to watch him dwindle away with “forgetful” moments until the actor’s contract is up. Yay.

    And I don’t need to “try some Lawrence and Ronnie” stuff. Why? So I can listen to Chrissie whine and pout in that abysmal, privileged way of hers? I do like that they included two “gay” characters of a certain mature age. But we are talking Emmerdale here; it will be dragged out, boring, insulting and moronic before too long. A more interesting storyline would have been if Aaron found his Daddy figure in the arms of Ronnie, or something. But that’s never gonna happen for so many reason.

    I wasn’t watching this show casually for the hot young man-on-man action that never happened. I have been a long-time Emmerdale viewer (not just for the gay parts) for years, and now I’m done.

  7. I think there’s some good material on Emmerdale (Ashley’s dementia), and the show has starting having longer scenes and more focus on friendship. I do think it had gotten bad for a while. I will say that in terms of stories with gay characters, Aaron and Robert have been an automatic fail for many months. You may want to try some of the Lawrence and Ronnie story that recently started. It’s OTT and rushed and strange, but it’s still something different, and the guy who plays Ronnie is surprisingly good.

  8. Yeah Ben was getting two-dimensional for a second. But he went right back into douche mode the minute Stacy started questioning Bobby’s admission. One of the worst parts of soaps from the UK is this insistence on staunch family loyalty over reason. The Dingles, the Monks, every family on Corrie, the Mitchells. They all lose their minds and become oblivious to reality, facts and logic when someone slights their kin by pointing out their crimes or their stupidity or pint-pulling skills.

  9. Officially stopped watching Emmerdale and Corrie last week. Just nothing worth it on either – not while they’re treading over and over on the same storylines. There are only so many times you can milk the same illnesses and affairs and schemes. But when you do it with such contempt for your characters and audience,it becomes a complete waste of my time and effort.

  10. “Brad and Lucas make plans to marry at the Nurses’ Ball, but first Brad has a question for Felix. Brad wouldn’t be tacky enough to ask his ex-boyfriend to be his best man at his wedding, would he?”

    Of course Felix’s is Brad’s best man! Who wouldn’t ask their ex-boyfriend slash the guy you fought with over your husband-to-be slash the guy you almost had a threesome with to stand up for you on your big day. UUUGGGHHH.

  11. I’ll forgive any shortcomings in the Iolo/Tyler story just because their scenes last week were so adorable. It was subtle and realistic, and it was cute to see Tyler as the insecure one for a change. Just as adorable were the scenes with Sam and Anita when they had a real chat about their pasts and what they are looking for. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the 2 young people and the more mature couple both reaching the same stage in their relationships.
    If Ben keeps doing nice things like reaching out to Jay, I’m going to have to start liking him.

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