‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: You Could Be Happy


Last week’s General Hospital started out very dark but left viewers with some much needed lightness. The bright spots were the new romances, Quartermaines and hospital stories. Thursday’s episode in particular was a delight to watch.

It feels like GH could be divided into two separate shows right now. There is a part of it that really feels like a soap opera that I am throughly enjoying. Then there are episodes where GH tries too hard to work against its own genre, attempting to emulate primetime serials on HBO rather than embracing what works. It’s a little hard to have such extremes and keep the balance. The structure of this week practically made the show seem as if it had a split personality.

I’m going to focus my review mostly on the things I enjoyed last week. If you want to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired May 16th-20th, 2016.

It’s a Quartermaine Thing

When GH focuses on the Quartermaines as its core family, it feels like the soap opera has come home. These characters have all the disfunction necessary to keep story interesting. The family took a lot of hits under previous regimes with characters being killed off and the remaining ushered off screen or marginalized. The imposed destruction also became the go to excuse as to why they couldn’t be a large part of the GH canvas anymore. I’m really glad that to current creative team doesn’t see things that way.

Tracy and her sons were a big highlight of the week. Those worms certainly have left a mark on Tracy’s brain. She’s acting a little odd and her loved ones are taking note. Tracy still seems very Tracy-like but there are small moments where her actions don’t quite seem to fit her. The confusion began last week with the appearance of Sabrina’s baby at the Quartermaine doorsteps. Tracy instantly fell in love with the little boy, claiming him as her own and naming him Edward after her father. It was adorable however, Tracy’s reaction to this surprise didn’t make sense. As her family kept pointing out to her, she should have taken the baby to the hospital and notified the authorities. So why didn’t she? Is Tracy’s brain not functioning as it should? Did she want to be protective of her friend Sabrina’s little one? Perhaps her latest brush with death has left her with a different view on life. I get the feeling that when Sabrina returns to claim her son, Tracy may not want to give him back. Tracy could always just hire Sabrina as little Edward’s new nanny as my pal Topher jokingly suggested.

Sabrina and Tracy did become friends and that’s the explanation that the Quartermaine matriarch gave her disbelieving sons. It’s hard for them to see their mother has a warm and cuddly individual. The scenes with Tracy, Ned and Dillon were wonderful. The actors all seem very comfortable playing off each other. I’m glad to see Ned back in Port Charles and hope that we continue to see more of him. He really stabilizes the Quartermaines’ story and I’d love it if his romance with Olivia started back up. I hope that GH sees the value in that.

Kiki and Dillon’s flirtation continues to have fans wanting more.

Kiki and Dillon’s flirtation continues to have fans wanting more.

Youngest son Dillon is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I’ve always liked Robert Palmer Watkins as nuDillon but his first batch of story lines left a lot to be desired, making it hard to connect to the character. There is a better handle on the character now and his blossoming romance with Kiki has fans feeling twitterpated. The actors have chemistry and the set up for them is very sweet. Hayley Erin and Watkins are so charming together that something as simple as a kiss on the cheek seems like high romance. It’s refreshing to see a young couple on GH that isn’t surrounded in turmoil.


Before Kiki can move forward with Dillon, the situation with Morgan needed to be dealt with. I was so happy this awful couple finally split! It should have happened months ago but instead viewers were subjected to having this mismatched pairing propped as if they were a popular super couple. Breaking this up was not only a good thing for the long suffering audience, but it’s the best thing that could be done for both characters.

Morgan dumping Kiki was written the way it needed to be. Those scenes were long over due and should have happened after the incident in the cabin. Morgan assaulted Kiki and there was no follow up. He was sick but his choice not to take care of himself harmed Kiki. I was glad that Ava asked Morgan to break things off with Kiki regardless of her reasons. I liked that the fact that Morgan has hurt Kiki was not only discussed but acknowledge by Morgan. He felt bad about what he had done and he should. He finally cared enough to cut her loose. Choices like this will go a long way in making Morgan more sympathetic.

Morgan has become a bit unlikeable unfortunately and I say that as someone who used to root for his rebellious ways. The character needs some rehab. I think a new romance could do the trick for him. Introduce him to someone he doesn’t have any baggage with and whose mother isn’t a cougar. I think he would be best with someone a little more lighthearted or mischievous who could add some fun into his life.

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