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Nurses, Doctors and Divas

Dr. O’s accusations against Finn were reviewed.
Dr. O’s accusations against Finn were reviewed.

The hospital stories on GH have been the best they’ve been in a long time. It really feels like the hospital is the heart of the show again. A lot of this can be credited to the very entertaining hospital staff that has been put together. Monica has once again become an active part of the hospital, reclaiming her role as Chief of Staff. Her rivalry with Dr. O is a hoot to watch. I’m also enjoying the cat and mouse between Dr. O and Finn. With patients mysteriously dying, the two are more than willing to point fingers at each other while Monica tries to play peacekeeper. We know Dr. O is shady so it might not be beneath her to go to extremes to make Finn look bad but I don’t think that’s what’s going on. Finn seems to have a darkness to him that even Roxy can’t completely calm. He’s shooting himself up with drugs, stealing from the hospital and has some odd personality quirks. Maybe he really is taking out his own patients. He’s remained very mysterious but that will soon change now that Dr. O is poking around his past.

Sassy nurse Amy was added to the cast just in time for the Nurses Ball and I really like this character. I think she is a great supporting role and dig her smart mouth. I’m not sure if I need her to be anything more than the office gossip. Right now just having her snark and spread rumors is enough for me. If she becomes more than that I hope she gets the same kind of slow and steady build up that neurosurgeon priest Griffin is getting. It’s also nice to see Felix more again. The banter with Amy was amusing and I could see them having a friendly rivalry. I wonder if we’ll actually see Felix’s boyfriend Donny at the Nurses Ball this year?

Nurse Webber has also been getting a lot of drama lately. She’s got her hands full with her weirdo son Jake and her weirdo notboyfriend Franco. I’m still getting use to nuJake. He’s cute and can act but he doesn’t quite have that bad seed vibe to him yet. I hope that the mystery surrounding Jake starts to pick up steam soon. I’m pretty intrigued by it but like all the stories that were launched during Helena’s will, it has been stalled. Franco was right when he told Liz that she needs help with Jake and I think Franco would be able to provide that help. I like the chemistry between Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth so I loved seeing Liz and Franco clash over Jack and calling each out. My one complaint about their scenes last week is that I wish the dialog had been softer between them with less focus on Jason’s bullying of Liz and more focus on concern for Jake. Despite some of the writing, I feel like the actors made good choices with the material they were given.

Dr. Kevin Collins was back onscreen again to help Laura decipher the scavenger hunt Helena’s will has sent her on. The clues lead them to the abandoned campus disco where Laura recounted her rape. I’m kind of a lost at where all this is going for Laura other than to give viewers a history lesson on the character. I do like Laura and Kevin though. I was a little surprised when I discovered that GH would be testing them out romantically because I never really saw them as an option. It was a genius choice because the actors are really good together. A triangle between Laura, Kevin and Lucy could be gold.

Lucas and Brad also made an appearance to finally set a date for their wedding. I love the idea of their wedding taking place at the Nurses Ball. It’s very fitting considering something major always goes down for them at the event. I wish we would have actually gotten to see them plan their wedding. I wanted to see both Brad and Lucas go Bridezilla over the flower choices and chocolate fountains. This is a popular pairing so it seems baffling to me that they’re played so little. They are about to get a lot story though when the Nurses Ball kicks off next week.

Sonny Smash

I was not a fan of Sonny barging into Julian and Alexis home, smashing up the place and threatening one of his many baby mamas. While one can argue that Sonny was acting like the mobster he is, the scenes didn’t work at all because GH has repeatedly told viewers that Sonny is suppose to be the good guy. Julian was way out of line and a total slime to Alexis but Sonny wasn’t any better. Even more bothersome about the scene was that fact that for those of us who watch everyday, it made absolutely no sense. Sonny doesn’t care that Carlos is dead or that he was murdered in cold blood. Sonny was planning to do that himself. And he gets up on his high horse and proclaims to be the morally superior one? No, sir. Because it didn’t fit the story and had nothing to do with the plot viewers had been watching play out, it was just gratuitous and unnecessary.

Couples of the week: Kiki and Dillon, Laura and Kevin, Liz and Franco

Lines of the week: “You are a very hard man…to track down.”-Lucy

“I won’t let you do this to me.”-Morgan “Oh I won’t be doing anything.”-Ava

“It’s a Quartermaine thing.”-Dillon

“You know what’s remarkable? I have two son’s. They’re both my second favorite.”-Tracy

“What? You don’t think I can make friends?”-Tracy

“I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you my love.”-Finn

“Things have gotten bad…I went to see my mother.”-Franco “Oh God!”-Liz

“Was it something I said?”-Amy “It usually is.”Felix

“He’s mine and I’m calling him Edward.”-Tracy

“Do not eat any carbs before your performance.”-Lucy

“Roxy’s going to be one hot mama.”-Carly

“Alexis we can survive this. We have to.”-Julian

“If we wait until everyone around us is perfect we’re going to be the oldest gay engaged couple in the village.”-Lucas

Scene of the week: Lucy asks #Killon to perform at the Nurses Ball

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