General Hospital Spoilers: May 30-June 3, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital: In the wake of the Nurses Ball, Port Charles is surrounded in mystery. Will Carly get a confession out of Finn? What happened to Nikolas? Will Jason and Sam be able to solve the mystery? Can Ava and Sonny reach a truce? Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 30, 2016.

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Editor’s Note: Due to the holiday, May 30th will be an encore presentation.

General Hospital Spoilers: Bad Medicine

Brad has unsettling news about Lucas and accusations fly between Obrecht and Finn. After learning of her brother’s condition, Carly has a lot questions for her new friend especially after Obrecht shares some details about his shady past. Carly doesn’t believe Finn is the culprit but demands answers. Will Finn confess all to Carly? Later, Finn warns Hayden to forget what she witnessed. What is Finn hiding and how is it connected to the mysterious deaths at General Hospital?

The Case of the Disappearing Prince

At Spoon Island, things go from weird to weirder regarding the death of Nikolas Cassadine. Nikolas and Jason’s violent feud will make the former hitman suspect number one. Things don’t look good for Stone Cold when incriminating evidence is found. Jason and Sam take refuge to formulate a plan when Jordan advises them to stay put. Will they be able to solve the mystery? Meanwhile, what reaction will Hayden have when Curtis and her arrive home? Despite the unhappy marriage, Hayden cared for Nikolas but she has her own hind to save. Will she be able to keep the stolen diamonds out of the PCPD’s sight? Laura is worried when Liz brings Spencer home from his sleepover. Look for Spencer to have a bit of an odd reaction to the news that his father is gone. Liz urges Jason not to make his situation worse and knowing Nikolas’ wife is hiding something, she goes after Hayden. Liz tells Jordan about the diamonds.

Also this week:

  • Ava pleads with Sonny not to shut her out of Avery’s life. The mobsters make a deal that leaves Carly a bit shocked.
  • Alexis’ resolve is strengthened.
  • Laura and Lulu prepare for the worst.
  • Diane makes an incriminating claim.
  • Nathan makes a confession.
  • An unexpected visitor arrives in Port Charles.
  • Tracy refuses to give Sabrina’s baby back.

Source Sneak Peak: June 6th-10th

Franco reaches out to Liz in a surprising way. Kristina can’t get Parker off her mind. Spinelli is thrilled to learn that Jason remembers his past. Tensions mount to a breaking point between Julian and Alexis.

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