General Hospital Spoilers: May 9-13, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital, disaster strikes and lives are on the line! Also: Alexis’ trust in Julian is tested further, Lulu offers some advise, Kiki attempts to reunite Nina and Franco. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 9, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: A Not So Great Escape

A commotion inside the PCPD police van has deadly consequences. Jason avoids catastrophe, only to encounter an alarming scene. In the aftermath, lives hang in the balance…

 (ABC/Craig Sjodin) BILLY MILLER

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

With Paul’s aid, Carlos tries to make a break for it causing a dangerous situation for several Port Charles residents. With the information that Carlos has on both Paul and Julian, stakes are high but this latest attempt to dodge prosecution may wield significant costs. Jason’s condition unnerves Sam who is surprised by his revelation. With the help of an old friend, the desperate situation has brought Jason’s memories back! As the present merges with the past, look for Jason to reconnect with some people in a new way. Due to the recent events, Sam confronts her mother. Alexis endears criticism from Jordan. Later, Alexis enlightens Julian with the assumption he got the message. Alexis grows suspicious of Julian’s whereabouts. Will her assumption about her husband be correct?

Also this week:

Offering up some friendly advice, Lulu strongly suggests Maxie back down. Later, the fashionista patiently awaits an update.

Anna is comforted by an old friend during a time of need. Griffin leaves Sonny and Anna stunned. What surprise does he have for them?

Kiki pleads with Nina to forgive Franco. Will Nina have a change of heart about her breakup? Later, Franco’s attempt to win back his lady love is abruptly interrupted.

  • Someone is rushed to the E.R.
  • Sonny takes advantage of a moment alone.
  • Michael turns the other cheek to come to someone’s rescue.
  • Nikolas and Hayden receive similar words of advice from Liz and Curtis.

Source Sneak Peek: May 16th-20th

The reality of Jason’s circumstance hits home for him and Sam. Jake’s wishes leave Liz in a tough spot. Lucy comes to the wrong conclusion about Kevin. Carly realizes she must find a way to stop Ava.

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  1. I wish Valerie was on right now. I hope Sonny and Ava will have to share custody of Avery. I wish Dante was thinking when should he start dating again. I love the friendship of Carly and Finn.

  2. GH has such a great canvas of characters, my faves right now are ava, curtis, jordan and dante but I don’t like ANY of their story lines. Not one. No soapy fun going on at GH right now.

    GH should have taken each of these dragged out forever stories (avery custody, jason and each week focused on one and brought each to an epic, soapy conclusion. I’ll be catching up on the julexis stuff on hulu, hopefully they’ll be surprises. I’ll skip next week’s jason stuff. I do like frano and liz as friends, but jason ruins that for me.

  3. That is subjective it isn’t that GH is bad it is they are focused on characters you don’t care about but other people may. The B&B obviously are focused on who you like but that doesn’t make there sweeps better only that they are using characters you like. Therefore if they wrote the same story but used the characters you care about then I am guessing it would be good.

  4. Thanks for reading! Which characters do you care about on GH?

  5. I’m so glad I just discovered B&B, GH is focusing sweeps on all the characters I just don’t care about. I’ve been riveted by the Avant story (which I JUST started to watch, while GH sweeps has been simply meh. I’ve never watched a soap and essentially stopped watching DURING sweeps.

    Hopefully someone at GH watches B&B, that show has been AMAZING during sweeps. I just can’t wait. Every single day has been a BIG day.

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