Gays of Our Lives: Your Man Is Gay, Girl



Coronation Street:   Billy tells Todd to go to the police with Sarah’s confession in murdering Jason, but Todd won’t turn her in. Instead, Todd goes to the police and tells them that Tony confessed to the murder months ago. Jason, Eileen and Billy are stunned to hear what Todd has done. Jason and Eileen have trouble believing it and Billy is upset about Todd’s lies. Todd insists he did it to protect both Jason and Sarah. Billy keeps Todd’s secret.

Later, the police question Todd further and make it clear they think Todd and Tony were in on Callum’s murder together. Despite that, Todd still stays quiet about the truth. Billy threatens to go to the police, but Todd convinces him otherwise.


Sean and Billy are having a romantic dinner when Todd phones Billy with the news that he found Lee passed out on the street. Billy leaves Sean without telling him what’s going on. Todd helps Billy with Lee and tells Billy he’s sorry about the trouble he’s having with his brother. Todd gives Billy a comforting hug, unaware that Sean is watching.


EastEnders:   Paul finds out that Les is being blackmailed by Babe over his crossdressing past. Paul tells Les not to give into the blackmail so Les informs Babe he’s not going to pay her anymore money. However, Babe realizes that Pam doesn’t know what Les is doing and ups the ante. Pam still doesn’t want the truth to come out, which creates a strain between Pam and Les. Les finds out that Claudette still has some of his clothes from his persona as Christine and as a way of dealing with all the pressure, he puts the women’s clothes on. Someone catches Les, but who?

Elsewhere, Ben is thrilled when Pam is fine having Ben spend the night with Paul while Steven tries to convince Jane not to leave Ian.


Emmerdale:    Lawrence’s sexuality is finally revealed after Bernice gets a clue. Lisa tells her that Ronnie is gay and suddenly she realizes that Ronnie isn’t Chrissie’s father, but Lawrence’s ex-lover. Even though Lawrence had insisted on a sexless marriage, Bernice hadn’t concluded that her husband is queer. Angry about Lawerence’s lies and certain he’s been cheating on her, Bernice decides it’s time for some revenge. But when her anger turns to violence, who will pay the price?

Aaron learns that DS Wise asked Chas out for a date, but she turned him down, saying she wasn’t ready for a new relationship after all that happened with Gordon. Aaron is concerned and wants to cancel his vacation plans, but Chas encourages him to go. Later, Chas, who is blacking out again, is wandering through the road and gets accidentally run over by

James rushes her to the hospital where Chas learns she might be pregnant. She’s horrified, knowing it would be Gordon’s baby. James takes Chas home and she takes a pregnancy test, with James there for support. When Emma shows up and wants to know where James has been, he covers to protect Chas, but Finn later tells her that he saw James and Chas together at their house.

James tries to hide the pregnancy test, but Emma finds it. Assuming the worst, Emma wants revenge on Chas. Emma’s plan for revenge backfires however and leads to the Bartons finding out that she was faking her illness. Finn, Pete and James turn their backs on their mother.

Hollyoaks: Ste finds out that Harry and James are keeping secrets. Cam, continuing his campaign to rid Ste from Leela’s life, tries to lure a weak Ste into taking some crystal meth.

James helps Marnie open the new restaurant, but Marnie isn’t happy with James’ business decisions.

John Paul tries to avoid Sally, but in the process makes a decision that could ruin his career, one he may not be able to recover from.


Holby City: As Arthur prepares to leave the hospital to live out the rest of his life, Dom struggles to hide feeling abandoned by his best friend. But his hurt could cause him do something that could ruin he and Arthur’s friendship.



Coronation Street:   Sean breaks up with Billy.

Neighbors:     Tom has a mysterious meeting with Gary.


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  1. The constant fighting between Robert and Aaron is tiring and boring. If they fight again within a week of every reconciliation and reconcile within a day of every break up, none of it has any meaning. Either have the characters work through their issues or have them break up. Watching them alternate between “I just remembered I can’t trust you” and “I just remembered that I can’t live without you” isn’t good TV.

  2. Ugh. “Love is love” is a political statement advocating equal treatment of relationships. It isn’t an erasure of sexual identity. If they want to make Steven bisexual, acknowledge it rather than dancing around it (the same goes for sexual question mark Robert Sugden).

  3. Their relationship is encapsulated in the time Ste had Harry fill in for him at his job trial (how did he think that could work?) because he valued not letting Amy know he was homeless more than getting a job or letting Harry revise. I don’t condone Harry cheating on Ste with James, but I can’t blame him. The right move would be to dump Ste, but if he wasn’t willing to do that, he had few desperate options.

  4. I really hope Hollyoaks sees the obvious chemistry between Harry and James and will keep them in the current bizarre relationship they currently have. Harry is so boring with Ste, because it’s always about Ste and his needs and many issues. Parry seems to be much more lively with the guy who plays James.

  5. Well, if you’ve seen the latest spoilers, Billy/Todd is the direction this story is headed in.

  6. I have a feeling the only reason EE brought Christian back is because the current (outgoing) producer is friendly with John Partridge. I mean it made sense for him to be there for a few days, to be with Jane, but like last year, when he came back for Jane’s wedding, he felt completely pointless. At least he was confused and annoyed at seeing Steven. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Jane and Christian’s mother Linda – she always got on my nerves before. I was, sadly, not surprised at the complete lack of mention of Syed – a part of me wonders if they may plan to bring Christian back eventually and say he and Syed have split.

    As for Emmerdale, I still don’t care about Robert and Aaron as a couple, but I’m glad Robert is finally starting to react more the way he would have reacted all along.

  7. The main problem with Steven and Johnny is it’s just a tired retread of Ben and Abi and Paul. I have a feeling that the showrunners think it’s clever to have sisters as beards. It’s actually lazy as hell. The other problem is that the show is choosing to ignore any conversation about Steven’s sexuality – likely so that we will be “shocked” when he does have a grope with Johnny (although after that look, I don’t know if anyone will be surprised). Aaron SIdwell, who plays Steven, responded to the fan complaints about not mention Steven’s sexuality by tweeting that you can love anyone, “love is love,” and so on. That’s very true, but this isn’t so simple. The last time Steven was on the show, they had a horrible, offensive storyline where they essentially equated being gay with being mentally ill and trying to kill people. They also said being bisexual is a lie and self-hating. That is not going to go away, and if they decide to yet again portray Steven as manipulative and disturbed, then it’s just sending out even more dangerous messages.

    I agree about Billy and Todd, although I don’t know if the show has the ability to write for such a complex couple.

  8. I have to say I really liked Steven and Johnny’s interaction in the pub, it might have been short but the look Johnny gave Steven was hot. Just wish it’ll go somewhere and not drag out forever while Steven is with Lauren(ugh). Unlike Ben ,whose rocky relationship with Paul is now sweet and normal (not for long I know, but still) Johnny never had an actual on screen relation, he had a fling with Gianluca and a couple of kisses. I guess what I’d want the writers to do is revisit the Johnny Tom thing for a while (more of the gorgeous Paramedic defo won’t hurt) make it casual, spark some jealousy with Steven or something, doesn’t matter just make it happen please. They also have to start giving Johnny more scenes ‘cuz by the look of things it’s turning into how it was for Sam before he left the role.

    Emmerdale really surprised this week, Robron actually kissed and hugged, who’d have thought those two were dating? I mean the past couple of weeks they’ve been calling each other “mate” and sitting within a foot of each other. Other than that don’t really care for them, although suppose Emmerdale should thank the last producer for creating this “couple” since it won them best soap. The Ronnie Lawrence stuff is kinda cool, as it might finally mean that Mr. White will come out.

    As for Corrie, I hope with all my heart Billy will be the one for Todd, they look great together and although I’m not looking forward to seeing more of Sean, I’ll endure it if it means maybe Billy will help Todd open up about what happened to him in London(especially since they seem to have had quite the influence on each other.)

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