General Hospital Spoilers: July 4-8, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Nathan gets an unsuspected surprise. Also: Maxie questions Griffin about the priesthood; Nikolas whisks Ava away to his island; Jason and Sam come to a conclusion; Julian starts to get suspicious. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 4, 2016.

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Editor’s Note: Due to the holiday, there will be an encore episode on July 4th.

General Hospital Spoilers: Blond Ambition

Nathan and Maxie’s wedding plans are going to get complicated when Nathan’s seductive ex-wife comes to Port Charles! Using the name CJ, Claudette applies for a job at Crimson. An unsuspecting Maxie instantly bonds with the interviewee. But a job is not all that Claudette is after. She arranges a meeting with Nathan who is not happy to see his former wife. Meanwhile, Maxie discusses the challenges of priesthood with Griffin. Will Maxie learn CJ’s real identity?

Fantasy Island

Nikolas decides to take a risk and brings Ava to Cassadine Island with him. The new power couple won’t be alone for too long before they get some company. Hot on the trail, Sam and Jason speculate on Nikolas and Ava’s whereabouts. They come to the conclusion that Cassadine Island is the best place to look. However, the island holds some dark and dangerous secrets. Look for Jason to get some bad news. Meanwhile in Port Charles, after overhearing Spencer’s odd phone conversation, Laura ponders if her grandson may be withholding some important information. Will she figure out what Spencer is up to?

Also this week:

The plan to take down Julian has gotten rather complicated to say the least and Anna urges Alexis to be careful. Julian grows suspicious while Alexis tries to buy time. Julian makes a promise but does he plan on keeping it? Meanwhile, Sonny becomes frustrated when forced to leave his rival’s fate in someone else’s hands.

  • Finn gets some life threatening news.
  • Kiki and Morgan share a close moment.
  • Liz thinks Franco isn’t guilty this time.
  • Kristina whispers the wrong name at the wrong time.
  • Nina unexpectedly hires Curtis.
  • The mystery of Josslyn’s kidney donor deepens.

Source Sneak Peek: July 11th-14th

Jason and Sam get the upper hand. Sonny offers comfort to a wrecked Alexis. Liz and Franco delve into his criminal history and her history of always choosing the wrong man. Kevin brings to light another piece of the mystery of Helena’s legacy.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to the island story. Thanks for reading Matty!

  2. Not much Dillon&Kiki next week. :-( Morgan sucks. Period. I hate this “triangle”. It doesn’t serve any purpose. Kiki has become a doormat. Hopefully we’ll see Dillon at Crimson.

    Well at least we start the island story. So that should be good. And I like Liz and Franco. So there is that. :-)

    Thanks for the spoilers.

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