General Hospital Spoilers: June 13-17, 2016 Edition (Photos)

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This week on General Hospital, Paul, Anna and Sonny move forward with plans to bring Julian to justice.  Also: Andre has a few things to confess; Ava finds herself in a bind; Maxie is still conflicted; Spinelli gets some good news. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 13, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Guilty Parties

Jordan continues to be jealous of Andre and Anna’s relationship and gives Andre a piece of her mind. The exchanges provokes Andre to confess his feelings to both women. He confesses to Anna that his feelings for her may go deeper than friendship and so it would best if they avoid each other. Later, he drops an unexpected bombshell on Jordan when he tells her he loves her. How will Jordan respond to his admission? Meanwhile, when Jordan doesn’t come through for her, Anna finds herself having to rely on Paul for help with nailing Julian for Carlos’ murder. They aren’t the only ones gunning for Julian. A vengeful Sonny still has his cards in the game and presses for an update. The PCPD’s forensic department may get them the break they want. Nathan gets some important information about the dagger from Alexis’ house and the warrant he needs to make an arrest.

After Julian advises Ava to lie low for a while she runs into a familiar face. Will Ava find herself in another risky situation? Julian has no intention of respecting Alexis’ wishes. Are things truly over for Julian and Alexis now? Meanwhile, Julian and Nina strike a deal that could save his hind.

Also this week:

Valerie celebrates her graduation from the police academy with her fellow cadets. The events will have Curtis longing to be a cop again. Will the PCPD gain a new hero?

  • Sonny helps Lulu and Dante live their dream.
  • Maxie isn’t sure what she should do about Nathan.
  • Spinelli is thrilled to learn that Jason remembers his past. Later, Jason comes to Sam’s rescue.
  • Naomi covers for Hayden, but what will she ask for in return?
  • Carly reaches out to Liz.
  • Tracy is furious with Monica for making a tough decision.
  • Kevin finds a clue to the mystery.
  • TJ overhears something he shouldn’t while Molly makes plans for her future.
  • Emma interferes in Anna’s love life.

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Source Sneak Peek: June 20th-24th

Anna, Jordan and Sonny muse that Alexis is the key to bringing down Julian. Franco pours out his heart to a comforting Liz. Nina and Maxie are thrown by the delivery of a suspicious package. Kiki is conflicted over her feelings for Morgan and Dillon.

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  1. Since when did soaps become about happily ever after. Soaps should do whatever they want with the characters. I hope Valerie is on the show for a long time.

  2. True love is never stale and if it becomes stale, the writers should spice things up between Dante and Lulu, not break them up. Give an adventure. I think they are a great couple as JaSam is. I think all this sleeping around is stale and boring. I think it is refreshing for a soap to have couples that stay together through thick and thin because that is real life.

  3. Dante and Lulu could always get back together. Why can’t Sam save herself for once. I will take Dante and Valerie anyday of the week over Dante and Lulu.

  4. Why should Dante and Lulu date other people? They love each other and they have been through too much to give up on their relationship. GH needs their stable couples. Dante and Lulu are one of them. I hated when the writers made a mess of their marriage. Also, Jason and Sam are a team and they love each other. So why should Jason not save Sam? I do not like Valerie at all because she is too whinny and needy. If she going to stay on the show, leave her with Curtis and leave Dante alone.

  5. I think its bull that abc showed a rerun today becuz of Muhammad ali funeral might interrupt they showed at 3:00 not 2:00 as a man Muhammad ali should not be honored in 1967 he refused to be drafted into army during vietnam for religious reasons because he was a muslim he said they stripped him of his boxing titled could not box for 3 yrs & got charges dropped to serve 5 yrs in prison so as a boxer he was 1 of a kind great boxer but as a man a draft dodger not a man refusing to fight for his country he is not a hero

  6. Gh! Cut the fat: Valerie, et al.

  7. Dante and Lulu should not be getting a house right now. Dante and Lulu should be dating other people. Why does Jason need to save Sam. Why Sam save herself. I hope we see more of Valerie, Mac, and Felicia.

  8. Thanks for reading Matty! I’ve been really enjoying GH lately too especially the new couples. The writers have decided to take a few risks that are really paying off.

  9. No Dillon and Kiki next week but after that should be interesting. Hopefully there won’t be too much conflict for Kiki. Go to the light Kiki….Dillon! :-D

    To my surprise, I’m beginning to like Liz and Franco .

    GH has been good lately.

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