General Hospital Spoilers: June 6-10, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital,  Nathan makes a surprising confession to Maxie. Also: Julian and Alexis’ marriage continues to feel the fallout from Carlos’ murder; Spinelli returns to aid his friends; Sonny is concerned about Morgan and Kiki’s relationship woes. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 6, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: You Think You Know Someone

What really happened between Nathan and Claudette? Nathan decides to bite the bullet and tell Maxie truth about his disastrous first marriage. Will admitting he’s been lying to her for months have Maxie second guessing their engagement? Or will love conquer all? Maxie’s not sure how to respond to the new information. She loves Nathan but she’s now seeing a much different side to him. Look for Nathan to pull out all the stops to win over Maxie. And just how is Griffin connected to Nathan’s past? The priest neurosurgeon is at the end of his rope. Meanwhile, Nathan has a warrant for someone.

Things remain strained for Julian and Alexis. Alexis continues to have mixed emotion regarding her husband. She loves Julian but not the spot he has put her in. To add to the intensity of the situation, Julian finds out his wife didn’t destroy the evident that he killed Carlos like she had promised. When tensions reach their breaking point between Julian and Alexis, where will it leave the newlyweds? Is their marriage over already or do they still have a shot at happiness? Later, the mob boss advises Ava to lie low for a while.

Friends and Family Plan

Jason and Sam’s theory about Nikolas has them considering doing the unlikely – contacting the police. Jason carefully plans out the perfect time to gather more evidence. Could some help from his old friend Spinelli be the ticket? Spinelli is thrilled to learn that Jason remembers his past. Meanwhile, Hayden’s mother Naomi is in town and Hayden is on the fence about her sincerity. Naomi covers for Hayden, but what will she ask for in return?

Also this week:

  • Sonny realizes that someone wants to break up Kiki and Morgan. Meanwhile, Morgan is concerned what his life will be like once he’s released.
  • Franco reaches out to Liz in a surprising way.
  • Monica has no choice but to confront Finn.
  • Kristina can’t get Parker off her mind.
  • Paul asks Anna for a fresh start.
  • Tracy’s good-natured encounter with Sabrina stuns her family.
  • A suspicious Dante puts a tail on someone.

Source Sneak Peek: June 13th-17th

Emma interferes in Anna’s love life. Jason comes to Sam’s rescue. Nathan has news about the knife from Alexis’ house. Olivia walks in on an odd moment between Julian and Nina.

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  1. It doesn’t say Sonny wants to break them up. It says Sonny realizes SOMEONE is trying to break them up. My bet would be Ava.

  2. I hope Sonny and Carly stay together.

  3. #Killon for the win! Thanks for reading!

  4. People who want to break up morgan and kiki: 99.9% GH fans, anyone who wants kiki to be happy, anyone who dislikes men who cheat repeatedly on their girlfriends….

  5. Oh go away Sonny, you have plenty of other problems. Last time I checked Morgan dumped Kiki. So there is nothing to break up. And Kiki seems quite happy with someone who actually cares about her, Dillon. Go Killon!! :-)

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