‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Love Is Blindness

Julian and Alexis’ marriage reaches a breaking point.
Julian and Alexis’ marriage reaches a breaking point.

Faking It

Spencer plays it cool after his father’s death.

Spencer plays it cool.

With the help of Post Its and some alone time, Jason and Sam were able to figure out that Nik faked his own death. Now they just need to prove their theory which could be difficult considering that the PCPD has issued a warrant for Jason’s arrest. With everyone gathered at Wyndemere to hold vigil for Nik, Jason breaks in to look for evidence of the dark prince’s ruse.

Spencer is still behaving very strangely, something that everyone dismisses as denial except for Dante and maybe a lurking Jason. He gives Emma a shiny clay heart he made for her. I’m pretty sure that’s where the diamonds are hidden and Spencer is in on his father’s scam. It makes sense that Nik would tell Spencer that he wasn’t really dead. He cares about his son more than anyone and he wouldn’t put Spencer though that kind stress. It’s also very fitting that Spencer would help his father pull a fast one on Port Charles. Spencer faked his own kidnapping once. Maybe this was all his idea.

It was nice seeing Port Charles’ kiddie set again. The miniature quad did get a little much but now they are played more for their precociousness than their young crushes. Kids often see what adults don’t so Spencer and Emma can keep us entertained while remaining key components in supporting the grown-up’s storylines.

The Cop, His Wife and Her Lover

Nathan finally came clean to Maxie about his dark secret. He came home drunk one night, shot the man Claudette was having an affair with and passed out. Maxie is not happy that Nathan isn’t the boy scout she had thought. Is the wedding off now? I have a feeling once Maxie has some time to think, she’ll get back together with Nathan…just in time for Claudette to show up. As for Claudette’s lover, Father Griffin Munro, he seems to have had enough of the still clueless Nathan. I’ve seen some criticism from fans that this story line is mostly made up of “newbies”. It is but that doesn’t make it bad. I’m actually pretty intrigued by it and excited to see what happens once Bree Williamson makes her debut as Claudette. I like how the set up is seemingly tame but it’s all rather sordid. Nathan’s sexy wife seduced a priest which resulted in the cop behaving like one of the criminals he puts away. Once all that is in the open, I expect things to get super soapy quick.

Nathan doesn’t like Griffin’s advise and Griffin is over it.

Nathan doesn’t like Griffin’s advise and Griffin is over it.

I think that the writers have done a good job of building friendships and family for Griffin so that when the truth does come out he’ll have their reactions to deal with. My one complaint is that the disappointment towards Griffin for being a priest seems really over the top. The judgmental behavior should have been saved for after the big reveal. The only reaction to Griffin being priest that has made any sense came from Lucas this last week. Since religion and homosexuality can clash, it was nice to see the pals have a conversation addressing it. I like that Griffin pointed out that people can choose for themselves how they feel about the sexual orientation of others and that he doesn’t feel there is anything wrong with Lucas being gay.

Couples of the week: Julian and Alexis, Dillon and Kiki, Liz and Franco, Nathan and Maxie, Sam and Dante

Lines of the week: “Losing Nikolas hurts. He was my only true friend.”-Liz “I know you can’t see it right now but that is just not so.”-Franco

“Do you even know her?”-Liz “We take the same yoga class.”-Franco

“You’re being a bad Obrecht and you’re crossing the line!”-Finn

“Are you kidding me? And you think he’s going to be okay with this why because he loves you so much?”-Diane

“Maxie, I love you and we’ve got this right? We’ve got this.”-Nathan

“If I was writing a love story and I used words like you just did – crazy, twisted – probably not a love story I’d be rooting for.”-Dillon

“Sometimes it’s best to keep one’s actions very, very private.”-Ava

“Maybe you don’t approve of me. After all I’m gay and I’m getting married and your church doesn’t think very highly of that do they Griff?”-Lucas

“The coldhearted truth is that father is not going to come back.”-Spencer

“I really thought that we were still a team. That we were still together.”-Julian “You thought wrong.”-Alexis

Scenes of the week: Kiki and Dillon seal plans for a date with a kiss.

Video Preview: Will Brad and Lucas get married?

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  1. I regularly put none romantic couples (friends, enemies, etc.) on the list and thought Kelly & Dom played off each other well. Thanks for reading!

  2. ???? When did Sam and Dante become a couple after a blink and miss it scene???? Did something other than a bunch of eye rolls happen and I missed it? The scene was so insignificant you couldn’t even write about it in the column but they’re a couple now? Lol.

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