‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Love & Toast

Franco and Liz got closer.
Franco and Liz got closer.

I really enjoyed watching last week’s General Hospital. With everything going on in the real world, it provided me with the right dose of escapism. It was nice to see the notoriously sober serial drama focus on budding romances, cheesy adventures and strong female interactions.

GH has been bringing in good ratings. On the last report, it was the only soap to gain viewers. It still has its critics, myself included, but it also has a lot of stuff to like right now. The more the stories shift towards romance, mystery and adventure, the happier I am to run home everyday to watch. I hope that unlike some other soaps, GH realizes this and continues to deliver.

There was a lot that happened this last week and I wasn’t able to write about it all. If you would like to discuss anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for episodes that aired June 20th-24th.

Kitchen Magic

Franco and Liz shared their first kiss last week, much to their surprise and to the delight of their growing fanbase. The kiss was sweet but the real turning point for their relationship was the conversations that proceeded and followed the event. After Nina suggests to Franco that they become friends with benefits, he shows up at Liz’s new house with a housewarming gift. Jake has been missing Jason, who’s gone off the radar, and asked Franco to stop by with a new toaster. Later, Franco confides in Liz that he’s totally jealous of Jason. “At least Jason knows what he wants right? He loves Sam, and I’m just stating the facts here don’t get mad at me okay, but he does right? He’s totally committed to her 100%. I’m envious. I wish I could be that clear about my feelings for Nina.”

Liz and Franco deal with their unexpected kiss. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

Liz and Franco deal with their unexpected kiss.
(ABC/Rick Rowell)

Franco’s conflict over Nina’s proposal is mostly internal. He thinks that there must be something wrong with him because he couldn’t make their relationship work. Liz calls him out on his self-pity and gives him a sincere pep talk. “Promise me something? Promise that whenever you make toast that you’ll think kindly of me,” Franco asks. “Even if it burns. Yes,” Liz responds. Then they kissed.

Their reaction to the kiss was amusing, with accusations of who kissed who and why flying. Interestingly, Franco’s initial response is that Liz kissed him just to aggravate Jason which seemed to be a bit of foreshadowing of Stone Cold’s inevitable strong reaction. They ultimately decide that Liz was seeking comfort after Nik’s death and Franco was avoiding his feelings for Nina. But I’m pretty sure that they weren’t thinking about any outside parties when they kissed. With Liz’s encouragement, Franco promised to work things out with Nina but we know he chose to not respond to her text.

I think that both the actors and writers have done a really good job of setting up this unlikely pairing. They didn’t go the route of having them suddenly have an unexplainable bond. We know why they became friends and why they are now fighting an attraction to each other. That’s what makes this pairing work. We’re actually seeing them fall in love.

The Weeping Lady

Ava and Nik are fit to be tied after being kidnapped.

Ava and Nik are fit to be tied after being kidnapped.

Things continued to get crazy in Europe with Nik and Ava in the clutches of a campy British gentleman while Jason and Sam are in pursuit. Some viewers may have found this story all a little too whacky but it has kept me entertained. With some manipulation and gumption, Ava and Nik are able to escape the blue room and end up taking cover in Huxley’s greenhouse. Martini-less and needing to take the edge off, Ava and Nik share a bottle of liquor together. Drinking random alcohol doesn’t really seem like the best idea. We’ll find out how that went for them this week.

I’m loving Ava being tied literally and figuratively to Nik. The writers have yet again taken a pairing that seems unlikely and made them fit perfectly. I can’t wait to see what happens when they eventually get back to Port Charles. They’re going to own the city.

GH also scored big brownie points for remembering that Ava is an art dealer and there is more too her than warring with Sonny. I’d love it if the writers continued to focus on this side of her. She can be sexy and deadly without being gangsta.

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