‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Love & Toast

Franco and Liz got closer.
Franco and Liz got closer.

New Vibes

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Show coverage of ABC's "General Hospital" airing the week of June 20, 2016. The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH16 (ABC/Rick Rowell) ROBERT PALMER WATKINS, MICHELLE STAFFORD

Dillon and Nina talk about their relationship woes. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

#TeamCrimson may be having a bad time in the romance department but at least they have each other’s friendship to lean on. While Nina was thinking sexy thoughts about Franco, Dillon’s date with Kiki was getting interrupted by Morgan. It was nice that they both had someone to talk it out with.

Nina has been a little lusty lately to say the least. She’s missing her ex-boyfriend, busy putting together a sexy photo shot featuring male nudes and discovering adult toys so it makes sense that she would have sex on the brain. I think she is also feeling very lonely as Dillon pointed out. She’s having a hard time adjusting to being single.

Dillon is finding himself single too now since his budding romance with Kiki was halted by the reappearance of Morgan. Dillon did the nice guy thing and stepped back, allowing Kiki to work out her feeling with Morgan. Morgan and Kiki do have history together but, as Nina pointed out, that doesn’t make them a good couple. “You’re funny. You’re a great dresser. You’re smart. You’re employed,” Nina tells Dillon. Nina encouraged Dillon to fight for Kiki and I hope he takes her advise.

Sleeping With The Enemy

After getting over my initial shock, I’m kind of liking this story with Julian and Alexis. A lot of credit goes to both Nancy Lee Grahn and William DeVry for really digging into the raw material but the writing has been good too. The writers keep adding layers and that has me hooked. Julian is a dirtbag and it’s disturbing seeing his betrayal of the woman he loves. But we got another look below the surface this week when he received a visitor from spirits of mobland’s past.

Ghost Carlos has become pretty cliche at this point. We get it GH. You love you some Jeffrey Vincent Parise. That being said though, Ghost Carlos is kind of cool and he did provide a good sounding board for Julian and his subconscious. Carlos needled his old boss, enticing him to deal with Alexis the way the head of a crime organization would. This showed Julian’s struggle between the criminal he is and the man he promised his family he would be. It allowed Julian to be a bit disgusted with himself and the situation he’s in. I don’t believe at all Julian would kill Alexis. This realization that he can have these sort of thoughts may even push him away from her for her own sake. That’s where the underlying element of love to the story comes in, twisted as it may be.

For Alexis’ part, she’s not putting up with the BS and wants out of the marriage. Julian isn’t going to be able to just sex her up and gain her forgiveness as in the past. The illusion is too far gone. I really enjoy the Alexis and Anna scenes we have been getting as a result of this story line. Setting two strong leading ladies at a state of disagreement with understanding is something you don’t see often on GH. The big question here is whether Alexis will turn on Julian and join forces with Anna. There is a thin line between love and hate. Whatever she chooses will not be an easy decision.

Couples of the week: Franco and Liz, Finn and Hayden, Nik and Ava

Lines of the week: “Yes, I realize that sometimes I’m a little over the top.”-Franco “A little?”-Liz

“It changes everything.”-Franco

“Just keep your lips to yourself please. I have enough aggravation in my life.”-Franco

“Is that the Kingdom Come?”-Dillon

“You only occasionally give me the creeps nowadays.”-Liz“Well that’s a step in the right direction.”-Franco

“I was a mobster not a cat burglar.”-Ava

“Oh for God sake’s Franco! For all your faults I’ve never thought of you as a self-pitying whiner.”-Liz

“When you moved the envelope it turn it on.”-Maxie

“Franco was i…….n here…naked?”-Maxie

“She likes men to believe in her.”-Nik

“Ms. Jerome, your traveling companion seems to be having a fit of temper.”-Huxley

“I just want to point out that Roxy never mocks me.”-Finn “Not out loud.”-Hayden

“The dagger proves nothing. I wiped it clean.”-Julian “You missed a spot.”-Alexis

“He’s been watching us.”-Ava “Watching you.”-Nik “He’s been stalking us.”-Ava “Stalking you.”-Nik “And now he’s kidnapped us.”-Ava “Well that one I’ll give you.”-Nik

“You set me up you bastard.”-Alexis

“I’m after Julian not you.”-Anna “It doesn’t seem that way.”-Alexis

“Do I go down to the docks and question you about your coffee business? No. This is my house and I will run it as I see fit.”-Jordan

“How would you like to get busy with me?’d like to proposition you. How would you like to get naked?”-Nina

“It’s just such a shame that your natural resources are going to go to waste.”-Maxie

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