‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Return To Me

Julian and Brad worry about Lucas.
Julian and Brad worry about Lucas.

Last week’s General Hospital really felt like the short week that it was and not only because we got four episodes instead of five. A lot happened yet story moved in baby steps as emotional beats where hit to prepare for the next big arc. It was a mostly solid week though even if it didn’t necessarily always feel must see.

The Nurses Ball did excellent in the ratings. It was up in both the week to week and year to year numbers, the only soap to not be plagued with minus signs. As I had mentioned in my last review, the event was a lot of fun this year and the bump in the ratings was well earned. By comparison, this previous week was obviously a lot less showy and action packed. Even with a quieter show, I am very intrigued by the story that is lying in the wait.

I wasn’t able to discuss everything that happened last week. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired May 31st-June 3rd.

Jax Is Back

GH fan favorite and leading man Ingo Rademacher is returning on a recurring status. His character Jax will be part of the story surrounding Joss’ mystery kidney. I hope that in addition to being a part of the medical mystery that Jax’s presence also has an effect on other story lines namely the repulsive Avery custody battle, Carly and Sonny’s lackluster marriage and Alexis’ messy mobster romance. Port Charles needs a Greek Chorus to clean up some of the twisted viewpoints that are overwhelming the canvas. I hope the writers stay true to his character especially when it comes to his views on Sonny. Carly in particular really needs him to be both her white knight and voice of reason. I hope he sticks around for awhile.


Brad holds vigil for Lucas.

Brad holds vigil for Lucas.

We were treated to some really nice Brad moments this week. Parry Shen typically gets comedic material which I love but it was a nice change of pace to see him branch out into the more dramatic. Brad urging a comatose Lucas to come back to him was very romantic. I believed him when he told Lucas that he would have held his hand years. Although Lucas’ first words were to the tell Carly to stop yelling, it was Brad’s love that brought him back. That’s good soap.

Brad and Lucas should have more of a steady presence on GH especially as the hospital continues to play a bigger part in the series. Even though they are not played as much as other same sex soap couples like for example the late Will and Sonny were on Days of Our Lives, I feel the story is better, the characters are more likable and the actors are more charismatic. Let’s give them more to do okay?

The Devil You Know

After seeing weeks of Julian at his worst, it was nice to see his redeeming qualities make an appearance again. Julian is a rat bastard but he loves his family. Devastated by Lucas’ condition, he wanted answers. He was quick to attack Finn when Dr. O laid out her suspicions. Considering how Julian dealt with the last man who put his son in the hospital, whoever tried to kill Lucas may want to watch their back.

Julian’s marriage is still very much on the rocks. Alexis is not happy and appears to have lost all trust in him. She did come to the hospital to support her husband however the exchange was more awkward than tender. Julian being a caring father is one of the qualities that attracted Alexis to him but right now she’s having a hard time getting over his betrayal. I don’t think seeing Julian in protective dad mode had the same effect on her that it used to. I love Julexis but I’m not sure how things can be repaired for them now. They keep moving further apart.

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