‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Return To Me

Julian and Brad worry about Lucas.
Julian and Brad worry about Lucas.

A Little Suspect

Carly defends Finn.

Carly defends Finn.

The current medical mystery that is playing out right now involving the hospital killer was on focus last week. Dr. O and Finn continued to point fingers at one another and the Friday cliffhanger had Lucas waking up ready to tell everyone what happened. I still don’t think either is the culprit. The timing of Dr. Mayes showing up onscreen again seems suspicious but I really hope he’s not the killer. It would be too obvious and I’m still holding out hope for Tracy and him to have a torrid love affair. Eliminating those three doesn’t really leave a lot of other suspects.

I like the interaction Finn has with Monica, Tracy and Carly but the blind trust of the newbie doctor has pushed my sympathies towards Dr. O. I feel more like their belief that Finn is innocent is based mostly on their dislike for Dr. O rather than rational. Carly did confront him but she really didn’t get any answers for herself or the audience. That’s kind of starting to become a theme with this character – more questions than answers.

My enjoyment of Finn ebbs and flows and my recent feelings for him have been rather mixed. I was not a fan of Silas and there has been some definite Silas-ing going on. He had a wife who died under mysterious circumstances. Seriously? Was the goal to give Michael Easton a new and exciting character or to just try to recreate a less boring version of his fail one?

Mean Girls

Hayden’s mother Naomi drops in.

Hayden’s mother Naomi drops in.

Liz versus Hayden is continuing to pick up steam. After advising the feds about Hayden’s stolen diamonds, Liz catches the new widow trying to leave town and a catfight ensues. They are interrupted when Hayden’s mother Naomi shows up. Naomi is said to have connections to some of Port Charles’ residents. It will be interesting to see what those connections are and if some fan theories pan out.

I like that Liz and Hayden’s rivalry is based on something simple – they just don’t like each other. They remind me of sister-in-laws who don’t get along. Liz doesn’t think Hayden is good enough for Nik and Hayden wants Liz to mind her own business. They are each quick to point out the other’s flaws while ignoring their own. There is something competitive about it in a mean girl sort of way. Liz is clearly upset about Nik’s possible murder and ready to put all the blame on Hayden whether she’s responsible or not. Meanwhile, Hayden is in a panic that her second chance at fortune may turn into jail time instead. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens as things continue to escalate.

Couples of the week: Brad and Lucas, Jason and Sam, Kevin and Laura, Liz and Hayden

Lines of the week: “I acted like a jerk.”-Finn “Kind of.”-Hayden

“You poisoned Duke Lavery!”-Carly “I did no such thing! It’s not my fault he drank from Anna DeVanne’s glass.”-Dr O

“You know you’re a little crazy right?”-Jason

“But the one thing I do know Lucas is that you have made me a better man. I love you and I need you. How can I have a future if you are not in it?”- Brad

“I can assure you that father is never coming back.”-Spencer

“Really? Because I’ve heard rumors that you used to be a man.”-Monica

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