Gays of our Lives: Working Out the Kinks

People of the Valley (Wales)

Iolo asking Tyler to marry him was a really sweet scene. I love them together. They make a wonderful couple. I think this might be the best of all of Iolo’s romances, though it’s sad he’s only had 3 boyfriends in the decade he’s been on the show. But I have a bad feeling they are doomed. First of all, the romance is moving way too fast. They’ve only known each other a few months and already they are planning the wedding.


Plus, given Tyler’s reaction to that blow to the head during the fight, and how woozy he was later, I have a feeling that there’s reason why he refused to box at first. He obviously suffered some sort of head trauma back when he boxed professionally and had to give it up. Of course he could have just told Iolo that from the start, but that would have actually made sense. Bah.

I just pray that Iolo hasn’t caused Tyler serious injury. That’s the last thing Iolo needs to deal with. Unfortunately, this show loves to have Iolo suffer. He never gets to be happy for too long. I dread we’re going to see lots of scenes of Iolo feeling guilty about hurting/killing his boyfriend. The honeymoon, pardon the pun, is over for these two.

The Haves and the Have Nots (U.S.)

vlcsnap-2016-06-26-10h19m14s798I’m kinda surprised that Jeffery and Justin had sex. I just thought the show would just tease us with it and not actually go there. And I loved the the bit about Justin enjoying being dominated. I wish we could have at least seen a kiss between Jeffery and Justin, but I guess I’m not shocked that we didn’t.

Why did Jeffrey feel the need to tell Landon what he wasn’t any good in bed? It seemed like he was just being mean for no reason. I know he wanted to get across that the sex between he and Justin was good, but that was a clumsy way to do it. I’m wondering though with the looks between Justin and Jeffrey later on, if the show is really trying to do a love story for them — or at least what passes for a love story on this show. Anyway, I suspect Landon is yesterday’s news, which is too bad because I like Landon. And I know I shouldn’t be digging a romance between Jeffery and a homophobic cop, but I can’t help it. Justin is hot. And I’m shallow like that.




  1. If Danny Miller had demands along those lines then they never would have brought him back in the first place, given that he had a variety of very sexual (for Emmerdale) scenes with Robert for their first 6 months together.

    The show is pretty decent at the moment. The Aaron and Robert stuff is a bore, but has been since last summer anyway.

  2. Gasp! Aaron has been avoiding his “gay” relationship to spend time with that tweenage rat-faced she-devil?! I see Miller is still getting his demands met. I am so glad I quit watching this show.

  3. Robert’s dark side is coming back? Good. He’s been boring when his primary activity has been complaining that Aaron spends some of his time with his sister rather than all of it with him.

  4. They haven’t stuck Peggy in the ground yet?!?! She kicked it like a month ago.

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