Gays of our Lives: Working Out the Kinks


Animal Kingdom:  When Deran won’t come home, Pope takes drastic measures to get him back.


Coronation Street:    Billy helps Todd out at the flower shop and things get heated between them. Billy leaves before anything happens, but forgets his phone. Meanwhile, Sean and Billy make plans to go to England so Billy can meet Dylan, but Billy honestly isn’t all that interested. Todd returns Billy’s phone and notes that Billy doesn’t love Sean. Billy tells Todd to butt out of his life. After a talk with Tracey, Todd has to accept that he has feelings for Billy. Todd then races to Billy and confesses his love, but Billy can’t handle it and runs out.

Later, Todd tells Tracey he regrets being honest with Billy, not wanting to hurt Sean. When Billy comes by and wants to talk about what happened, Todd lies to Billy and says he was drunk when he confessed his love and didn’t mean it.  Hurt, Billy sets off for London with Sean. However at the last minute, Billy changes his mind and refuses to go.  Sean confronts Billy, accusing him of having another man. Billy denies it, but Sean has had enough and breaks up with Billy.

When Tracey hears that Billy is single, she tricks Billy and Todd into being alone together. The two of them can no longer deny their love and end up in a kiss.


EastEnders:    Ben and the Mitchell family mourn Peggy.

Greenleaf: Kevin decides to explore his sexuality.


Hollyoaks:  John Paul and Scott have romantic dinner plans, but John Paul can’t stop thinking about James.

Harry isn’t happy to hear that Tony and Diane are moving to France for new jobs. Tony and Diane try to reunite Harry and Ste. Harry tries to kiss Ste, but Ste runs away and struggles with not taking the crystal meth. Later Ste gets a job as an assistant manager at Esther’s coffee shop. Will that enough to keep him off drugs?


People of the Valley: Iolo is tired of Tyler’s weird behavior.

The Haves and The Have Nots:   Landon wants no part of Jeffrey’s scheming.


landscape-1465227302-soaps-hollyoaks-ste-hay-james-nightingale-5Coronation Street:    Billy and Todd have their first date.

EastEnders:  Paul’s estranged mother comes to town.

Emmerdale:  Lawrence struggles to prove he’s not gay; Robert’s dark side resurfaces.

Greenleaf: Kevin’s advice to his wife backfires.

Hollyoaks:   Harry and Tony lock Ste in the house to get him off drugs.

Neighbours:   As Aaron is offered a new job, he and Tom grow closer.

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  1. If Danny Miller had demands along those lines then they never would have brought him back in the first place, given that he had a variety of very sexual (for Emmerdale) scenes with Robert for their first 6 months together.

    The show is pretty decent at the moment. The Aaron and Robert stuff is a bore, but has been since last summer anyway.

  2. Gasp! Aaron has been avoiding his “gay” relationship to spend time with that tweenage rat-faced she-devil?! I see Miller is still getting his demands met. I am so glad I quit watching this show.

  3. Robert’s dark side is coming back? Good. He’s been boring when his primary activity has been complaining that Aaron spends some of his time with his sister rather than all of it with him.

  4. They haven’t stuck Peggy in the ground yet?!?! She kicked it like a month ago.

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