Gays of our Lives: Now That’s What I Call Cutting a B*tch


This week in Gays of Our Lives, Jeffery finally lashes out at his mother’s homophobic abuse, but what will his shocking behavior cost him? Find out on the The Haves and The Have Nots. While, on EastEnders, Paul’s death has Ben feeling guilty and out for revenge. Plus, what is Ben hiding? And on Days of Our Lives, Sonny Kiriakis is back in Salem. But why the return? And what does it mean for he and Paul? Most of all, will it be interesting?  This is Days after all.  All this — and more!


EastEnders  (U.K.)

ThiBENs was a tough week to watch what with Paul being murdered by gay bashers and the fallout from that, but it was a powerful number of episodes.  The acting was perfection from everyone involved.  Harry Reid, as Ben, was excellent, especially in the scene where Ben first found out about Paul’s death and Phil carelessly referred to Paul as Ben’s friend.  He’s really a fine young actor.  There were lots of scenes that made me mist up, if not cry.  I know the storyline going forward will be just as dramatic and sad and powerful.  But it’s a story that is worth watching.

I supposed with Johnny being there for Ben, they’ll eventually become a couple, but I hope the show takes it time with that.  Let’s not rush Ben into a new relationship so quickly.  One touch I really liked was how Ben couldn’t stop touching the tattoo with Paul’s name on his finger. However, where is Ben’s family?  We didn’t see any of them, except for Jay, in the days after Paul’s death.  I can see Phil keeping his distance, but you’d think Ian and Kathy would give Ben some attention.  I’m glad he’s got Jay though and I really wish this contrived estrangement from the family ends soon.

I liked the bit about Les wanting to crossdress to deal with the stress of his grief.

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

This Aaron anROBERTd Robert make up and break up stuff is boring.  They’ve been doing it over and over for months now.  Sure they were happy for awhile, but that was all off screen.  We got none of the ‘honeymoon’ phase on air.  Honestly, there are many times I’m not sure if they are together or another because the interaction is that same with Aaron bitching at Robert about something or other.

I’d like to think this last dumb breakup will be the last time, but probably not. Robert will commit some tiny slight and Aaron will throw him out. Personally, if I were Robert I’d be tired of it.  Aaron needs to just accept Robert for who he is or move on.  And I guess we’re supposed to like Liv now that she’s on Robert and Aaron’s side?  Nah, I’d still be fine if we never saw her again.  Aaron being a surrogate dad is a stupid storyline. Always was, always will be.

I’m bored with Lawrence being the mean old drunk.  His being so cruel is kind of over the top and contrived, if you ask me.

And I hate that Finn is still  only used as comic relief.  Even Liv gets to make a fool of him.

I didn’t like a lot this past week.  Hopefully next week will be better.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Let’s face it. As muchTYLER as I love Iolo and Tyler together they are rushing into this marriage.  The entire relationship has been rushed from the beginning to where they are now.  And with them planning to marry in a month, it’s pretty obvious the wedding probably won’t happen and it’ll probably have to do with his father’s legal problems.  Iolo still doesn’t know why he was kidnapped or his father’s part in that and I noticed William got another mention this week.  Is the whole story coming to come out, William returns and the show finally deals with that long neglected story?  God, I hope so.

As for this week, the Tyler/Iolo scenes were so sweet and there were a lot of them to enjoy. I’m glad that Tyler’s illness was not serious and something easily resolved. There’s enough ‘serious medical issue stories’ going on this show already.  I loved how they got back together and how they dealt with Tyler finally learning that Iolo had proposed to him and then forgot it.  The dual proposals were really sweet as was the bit about the engagement rings they’d chosen for each other.  I loved how they fixed that little issue.  There was just so much to enjoy this past week.

Of course this means the wedding will never happen and if it does, it’ll be filled with drama.  But this is a soap opera so that’s to be expected.  For now I’m going to enjoy the sweet moments.

The Haves and The Have Nots  (U.S.)

Wow. Now that’s what you call cutting a bitch.  LOL..

I so did not see that ending coming. And as much as Veronica might have deserved that for all the horrible things she’s said and done to Jeffery, violence is never the answer. That said, I screamed and clapped when it happened. It was an awesome moment in what’s been a terrific season. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

I just love that THATHN revels in being a fun, over the top, delicious soap. Soaps have forgotten how to just be fun and entertaining. And this show, despite it’s flaws, does that every week.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. Hey Anthony, Is this column still going? Been 2 weeks without it now :(

  2. There was a steamy scene between two guys on TYRANT.

  3. Phil treating Paul like a non-entity has been the whole point of this double-coming out/Daddy issues retconned plotline. Ian has never been anything but self-absorbed. I couldn’t wait to see the back end of Paul and his hair. I think Pam’s reaction was ridiculous, telling someone she has come to adore that she wishes he was the dead one. Then to flip-flop when she finds out it was a hate crime?! WTFE. Crying, angry Ben is the new crying, angry Aaron but without Danny Miller’s blatant homophobia. Other than ridiculous grandma’s ridiculous soap opera overreaction, I have actually found these episodes some of the best gay-centric ones as of late. Ben getting Paul killed because he has to be the mouthy hardman was fantastic. Phil giving him a box of auto parts instead of the gun he really wanted was brilliant actual parenting. Johnny being consigliere. Paul never coming back. Everyone’s new found attitude that Hev’s murder was an honest mistake. Good stuff.

  4. Lawrence has always been a nasty, cruel man. Remember when he said women ask to be raped? Or when he faked a heart attack so Robert wouldn’t be able to go to his mother’s memorial service?

    I can’t be all that generous toward Eastenders. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the desperate “twist” of Phil and Ian thinking Ben was dead, which meant that Paul was an afterthought, complete with Ian and Phil even cracking a joke after leaving the morgue. Harry Reid did well and it was nice to see more of how important Jay is for him, and the grieving from Pam and Les was genuinely moving, but these episodes left a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. “Who knew Emmerdale could make Robert & Aaron tedious? I don’t understand why Robert hangs around. He has enough resources to get his own place in Hotten and be an eligible bachelor, attracting whichever man or woman he wants. Why put up with Aaron’s moodiness? I doubt Aaron is so good in the sack that Robert can’t resist.”

    Aaron and Robert have been tedious for over a year now. With that said, I didn’t really see what Aaron did this time around that was so objectionable. Robert stayed out all night. Aaron saw him in a suspicious situation with a criminal. Robert fessed up and after a brief spat, Aaron accepted that Robert is who he is, and they reconciled. Compared to most of their breakups, this one actually made sense and was believably resolved. Surely this was less tedious than nonsense like Aaron dumping him because he told Charity he wanted Aaron to get Gordon’s money?

  6. I didn’t want it to be a gay bashing, but it was. I think EastEnders handled it well, it was a very heartbreaking thing to happen and I admit I shed a few tears. Harry Reid was brilliant in all his scenes, and deserves recognition for it.

  7. Who knew Emmerdale could make Robert & Aaron tedious? I don’t understand why Robert hangs around. He has enough resources to get his own place in Hotten and be an eligible bachelor, attracting whichever man or woman he wants. Why put up with Aaron’s moodiness? I doubt Aaron is so good in the sack that Robert can’t resist.

    Lawrence needs to stop sulking, dust himself off and get back to work. His treatment of Lachlan was disappointing because Lachlan didn’t do anything to warrant Lawrence’s wrath. I’ve always thought Lachlan could be redeemed as he matured, but I guess this needs to lead to the upcoming plot developments which I must admit I’m looking forward to because I’m over dumbass Andy and wouldn’t care if he went away for a while….or for good. Whatever. By the way, it looks like Lachlan has been working out, and I’m worried I’m getting an inappropriate crush on him.

    I enjoy the Iolo/Tyler pairing and also hate that it’s being rushed. It works because the actors have great chemistry and are so at ease with one another. When Iolo was trying to convince Tyler that sooner is better than later, I reached maximum glee when Tyler said “You’re not pregnant, are you?” That was perfect! Like Tyler, I want to enjoy their engagement, too. Also glad Kelly was back because I like her comic relief, even if I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with her hair.

    EastEnders was tough to watch, for sure. Johnny is being a good friend but seems to be talking AT Ben to go to the police instead of talking TO him, and it’s coming off a bit preachy instead of calmly explaining why it’s the right thing to do.

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