Gays of our Lives: Now That’s What I Call Cutting a B*tch



Coronation Street: Billy and Todd make plans to spend a romantic day together. Seeing Todd so happy, Eileen wants to know if Todd has a new man, but Todd keeps quiet. However, Billy and Todd have to change their plans after Billy is left to run the community center playgroup. Todd winds up helping out and they have a good time. Eileen spots them afterwards and wants to know what is going on.  Todd explains he was giving Billy a hand.  Eileen is suspicious. Her suspicious are confirmed when she later overhears Billy and Todd talking about how they feel about each other and how they’ll tell Sean about them being together.

Confronting the pair, Eileen accuses Todd of going after Billy and breaking up Sean and Billy for fun.  Todd insists that isn’t the way it happened and convinces Eileen that he truly cares for Billy.  Eileen softens, but insists Todd must tell Sean the truth — and soon.


EastEnders:   Ben is desperate to make sure the people who killed Paul pay for their crimes.   The police notify Ben that a suspect has been caught and he and Johnny go down to the police station.  Unfortunately, Ben is unable to make a positive ID and the suspect is released.  However Ben does recognize one of the killers in the same car as the suspect.  Before they can get away, Johnny writes down the car’s license plate, which leads to one of the attackers being arrested.  Ben is upset when the man is let out on bail and the police admit they may not have enough evidence for a conviction.  Wanting justice for Paul, Ben makes plans to go after the attackers.


Emmerdale:    Lachlan shows up at Home Farm, threatening Lawrence with a rifle and ordering him to patch things up with his mother. Lawrence sends Chrissie a text apologizing for his recent actions.  Then however, Lawerence goes for the gun and Lachlan accidentally shoots him just as Chrissie arrives.  Chrissie and Lachlan rush Lawrence to the hospital. While Lawrence is being treated, Chrssie plots to come up with a way to protect Lachlan and decides to kill two birds with one stone.

Angry about Andy’s affair with Bernice, Chrissie frames Andy for shooting Lawrence. Andy is stunned when he’s arrested. When Lawrence wakes up, Chrissie begs him not to tell anyone Lachlan did it. So what does this mean for Andy?

While, Ronnie visits Lawrence in the hospital and begs for his ex-lover to live. Ronnie is relieved to hear that Lawrence will be all right. Lisa, seeing that Ronnie still loves Lawrence, tells him he needs to let Lawrence know how he feels.  Hesitant at first, Ronnie goes to see Lawrence and asks him to give things between them another chance.

Robert begs Aaron not to tell anyone about Ross and Andy’s plot  that led to Robert being shot.   Chas, however, can see the tension between Robert and Aaron and wants to know what is going on.

Do Paul and Sonny have a future together?

Days of Our Lives:  Sonny makes a surprise return to Salem after being away for nearly a year.  But why is he back?  And what does it mean for he and Paul?   Do these two finally have a chance to be together?

Holby City:  As Dom and Isaac get closer, Dom begins to get nervous, knowing that his relationships in the past haven’t worked out. When Isaac invites Dom to a fancy ball, Dom is hesitant to go. Essie encourages to take the leap into a relationship with Isaac, but will Dom regret giving into his feelings?


The Haves and the Have Nots:  Jeffery faces the aftermath of stabbing his own mother, going to Justin for help. When Jeffery confesses what he’s done, how will Justin react?

Shortland Street:  Jack makes a shocking discovery, which puts him in a difficult position.


Coronation Street:  Todd learns the truth about the murder; Sean forces Eileen to make a tough choice.

Days of Our Lives: Paul and Sonny catch each other up on their lives.

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  1. Phil treating Paul like a non-entity has been the whole point of this double-coming out/Daddy issues retconned plotline. Ian has never been anything but self-absorbed. I couldn’t wait to see the back end of Paul and his hair. I think Pam’s reaction was ridiculous, telling someone she has come to adore that she wishes he was the dead one. Then to flip-flop when she finds out it was a hate crime?! WTFE. Crying, angry Ben is the new crying, angry Aaron but without Danny Miller’s blatant homophobia. Other than ridiculous grandma’s ridiculous soap opera overreaction, I have actually found these episodes some of the best gay-centric ones as of late. Ben getting Paul killed because he has to be the mouthy hardman was fantastic. Phil giving him a box of auto parts instead of the gun he really wanted was brilliant actual parenting. Johnny being consigliere. Paul never coming back. Everyone’s new found attitude that Hev’s murder was an honest mistake. Good stuff.

  2. Lawrence has always been a nasty, cruel man. Remember when he said women ask to be raped? Or when he faked a heart attack so Robert wouldn’t be able to go to his mother’s memorial service?

    I can’t be all that generous toward Eastenders. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the desperate “twist” of Phil and Ian thinking Ben was dead, which meant that Paul was an afterthought, complete with Ian and Phil even cracking a joke after leaving the morgue. Harry Reid did well and it was nice to see more of how important Jay is for him, and the grieving from Pam and Les was genuinely moving, but these episodes left a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. “Who knew Emmerdale could make Robert & Aaron tedious? I don’t understand why Robert hangs around. He has enough resources to get his own place in Hotten and be an eligible bachelor, attracting whichever man or woman he wants. Why put up with Aaron’s moodiness? I doubt Aaron is so good in the sack that Robert can’t resist.”

    Aaron and Robert have been tedious for over a year now. With that said, I didn’t really see what Aaron did this time around that was so objectionable. Robert stayed out all night. Aaron saw him in a suspicious situation with a criminal. Robert fessed up and after a brief spat, Aaron accepted that Robert is who he is, and they reconciled. Compared to most of their breakups, this one actually made sense and was believably resolved. Surely this was less tedious than nonsense like Aaron dumping him because he told Charity he wanted Aaron to get Gordon’s money?

  4. I didn’t want it to be a gay bashing, but it was. I think EastEnders handled it well, it was a very heartbreaking thing to happen and I admit I shed a few tears. Harry Reid was brilliant in all his scenes, and deserves recognition for it.

  5. Who knew Emmerdale could make Robert & Aaron tedious? I don’t understand why Robert hangs around. He has enough resources to get his own place in Hotten and be an eligible bachelor, attracting whichever man or woman he wants. Why put up with Aaron’s moodiness? I doubt Aaron is so good in the sack that Robert can’t resist.

    Lawrence needs to stop sulking, dust himself off and get back to work. His treatment of Lachlan was disappointing because Lachlan didn’t do anything to warrant Lawrence’s wrath. I’ve always thought Lachlan could be redeemed as he matured, but I guess this needs to lead to the upcoming plot developments which I must admit I’m looking forward to because I’m over dumbass Andy and wouldn’t care if he went away for a while….or for good. Whatever. By the way, it looks like Lachlan has been working out, and I’m worried I’m getting an inappropriate crush on him.

    I enjoy the Iolo/Tyler pairing and also hate that it’s being rushed. It works because the actors have great chemistry and are so at ease with one another. When Iolo was trying to convince Tyler that sooner is better than later, I reached maximum glee when Tyler said “You’re not pregnant, are you?” That was perfect! Like Tyler, I want to enjoy their engagement, too. Also glad Kelly was back because I like her comic relief, even if I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with her hair.

    EastEnders was tough to watch, for sure. Johnny is being a good friend but seems to be talking AT Ben to go to the police instead of talking TO him, and it’s coming off a bit preachy instead of calmly explaining why it’s the right thing to do.

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