Gays of Our Lives: Slippery When Wet

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.13.34 AMHarry being a baby and pouting about Tony and Diane moving to France is ridiculous, especially since a few weeks ago Harry was refusing to talk to Tony because of Ste. Grow up.

You’ll never convince that a father worth a darn would want Harry anywhere near Ste. Tony can care about Ste, but still not want him dating his son. That always made sense, even if Tony was made out the villain. And Ste refusing to forgive Harry for cheating was always ridiculous given that Ste had been unfaithful to everyone he’s ever dated – or been married to.

I don’t care about Ste being on drugs again. It’s boring and it’s repetitive. I’ll probably mostly skip this story arc. Sorry. I know the show wants Cam to be the bad guy in this, but Ste took the drugs, he was not forced. It’s on him.

I’ll never get how Leela could be with Cam, who killed her parents. Yes, she thinks it was an accident (but we know it was murder), but that should be reason enough to not want him. Yuck.

People of the Valley (Wales)

Welp. Tyler has clearly suffered some sort of brain injury from the blow to the head during the fight with Iolo and having already given up his boxing career that was why he’d refused to fight at first because he knew he couldn’t risk getting hit in the head or suffer further damage. His memory loss, mood swings and headaches are the result of that.


I just hope they clear this up sooner rather than later and Tyler can get the help he needs before it’s too late. We see, given Iolo’s OCD kicking up, what the slightest emotional upset does to Iolo’s well being. His feeling bad over hurting his boyfriend would be devastating for someone like Iolo. Besides, I love them together and I want Iolo to be happy for a change.





  1. The dialogue was kind of cheesy, but that kiss with Todd and Billy was surprisingly hot, especially for Corrie. It reminded me of Rupert Graves and James Wilby in Maurice. Then again, Todd and Marcus were also surprisingly intimate, so maybe they’ve updated with the times. Daniel and Bruno seem very committed to playing up the need for touch (the way that Billy kept putting his hands on Todd’s neck on this Monday’s episode), which I appreciate.

  2. Re: Your question about Peggy’s funeral … They’re just getting around to burying Peggy on EastEnders, because she committed suicide under somewhat questionable circumstances (the pills, etc.), so the police took her body and the authorities apparently held it until they were done. We heard Sharon say they were done with it when the planning started several days before the funeral.

  3. Deran’s assault of his boyfriend in the bathroom made me wary. Having his brother drop his romantic rival into the ocean was really disturbing. That water isn’t as warm as you would think. I might have gotten past a panicked assault like I did with Aaron and Jackson, but having someone almost killed is premeditated and a whole other level.

    I’m looking forward to the Aaron/Lawrence scenes. They set the connection when Aaron returned, and it will be interesting to see it finally pay off. I’m also curious about how I’ll feel about Robert’s return to scheming. I did enjoy the plot he hatched with Charity, but I suspect that his kidnapping Ryan will reaffirm my belief that Aaron shouldn’t be around him.

  4. Since you spoke approvingly of the Lawrence/Ronnie story on Emmerdale last week, I went back and did some catch up watching. The most remarkable thing I noticed was the more adventurous camera work since the new producer took over. It made the show feel a little fresher. This upcoming arc between Lawrence and Aaron is just the kind of interaction that makes me like Aaron. It’s a shame it’s taken this long for the two of them to have scenes together, but I’m looking forward to it. Aaron’s scenes with Edna when he returned from France are still some of my favorites.

    Now that Ben and Paul seem stable on EastEnders, I’m becoming invested in the pairing even knowing that something unpleasant is on the horizon.

    Holby City is doing a good job making me feel for Dom since Arthur died. That’s always a tough road for me because Dom is the kind of person I would avoid in real life.

    I’m still enchanted with Iolo and Tyler and am a little surprised that it’s taking Iolo so long to put 2 and 2 together and realize there’s something wrong with Tyler. I understand at first he thought it was the proposal, but it became obvious over the week that there’s another problem. He’s such a loyal character that it’s inevitable he will feel guilty about whatever it is. I’m just hoping it’s something that can be resolved and they stay together for a while.

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