Gays of Our Lives: Slippery When Wet



Barracuda: Now that the team has accepted Danny, Danny and Martin grow closer when Martin invites Danny to spend the weekend with his family. Impressed by Martin’s lavish lifestyle — and Martin himself. Later things take a turn when Danny wins the qualifying meet but Martin does not. Is Danny ready leave his friend behind?


Coronation Street: Billy and Todd go on a date, but Billy feels guilty about how things ended with Sean and leaves before things get heated between he and his new man. Later, Todd drops by the church with wine and flowers for Billy, but the bishop is there. Todd covers and charms the bishop, impressing Billy. Once they are alone, Billy and Todd kiss. Todd starts to undress Billy, but Billy stops Todd, saying he wants to take things slow. Todd agrees to give Billy some time.

Paul is about to have some serious Mommy issues.

EastEnders: Embarrassed by Billy knowing about Les’ crossdressing secret, Les and Pam decide to leave town. However, Paul decides to stay and he and Ben make plans to run the funeral home. But suddenly, Paul’s mother arrives in town. Les and Pam want her gone, but she wants to get to know her son. When Pam and Paul come face to face, it becomes quickly clear that Paul doesn’t recognize her and Paul has been lied to about why she’s not in his life. Pam is afraid of Paul’s reaction when he learns the truth, but she realizes she must be honest with him.

Meanwhile, Ben worries about how to tell Phil about his plans to leave the business and work with Paul as Steven moves in with Ian and Jane to help with Jane’s recovery.


Emmerdale: Back from their vacation, Robert and Aaron are getting busy in the shower, but they get caught by Charity. Charity suggest Robert and Aaron get their own place. Aaron tries to talk to Robert about it, but they get a visit from the cops, who inform them that there’s new evidence showing Robert tried to bribe Ryan during Aaron’s court case against Gordon. Robert is worried. When Aaron asks Robert about getting place together, Robert says he’ll have to think about it, upsetting Aaron.

Aaron regrets that he’s pushing Robert too far too fast while Victoria tells Robert to stop causing trouble for he and Aaron. Robert decides to call Aaron with his answer when Ryan drops by. Ryan demands Robert pay him or he’ll tell the cops everything they want to know. Robert gets angry and shoves Ryan against the wall.


Elsewhere, convinced that taking Vigara will solve his lack of desire for his wife, Lawrence makes plans to take her away for a romantic vacation. Lawrence takes the pills, but they make him ill and he collapses. Andy finds him and takes him home. Andy sees the pills and assumes he took them for Ronnie. Lawrence is offended. Bernice is upset to hear about Lawrence’s collapse, but Andy makes things worse when he tells her about the pills and that he thinks Lawrence took them to hook up with Ronnie. Andy also tells Bernice that he found Lawrence had visited a sick Ronnie in the hospital. When Bernice confronts Lawrence, he swears he’s not in love with Ronnie.

Wanting to get at the truth, Bernice tricks Lawrence and Ronnie to meet at a hotel. There, Ronnie presses Lawrence to admit his real feelings and stop denying who he is. Lawrence confesses he cares for Ronnie, but insists he loves his wife and wants to be with her. However, Bernice believes her husband has chosen Ronnie and decides to leave town. When Chrissie learns that Bernice left town and Ronnie was involved she assumes that Bernice left because she learned that Ronnie was her bio-dad. In the middle of the pub, Chrissie confronts Ronnie and demands he admit he’s her dad. Under pressure, Ronnie tells Chrissie of his romantic past with Lawrence just as Lawrence walks in.


As word spreads through the village, Chrissie and Lachlan insist they don’t care if Lawrence is gay, but he gets mad and kicks them out of the mansion. Ronnie, confessing he still loves Lawerence, tries to talk to him, but Lawrence pulls a gun and nearly shoots Ronnie. Aaron sees Lawrence with the gun and takes it away from him. He tells Lawrence that he’ll never be happy until he accepts that he’s gay.

Hollyoaks: Ste continues using meth and tries to hide it from Harry and his family. However, when Ste loses his stash, he’s afraid baby Rose has taken the drug. She hasn’t and after finding the drugs, Ste indulges heavily. Harry finds Ste passed out and realizes Ste is using again. Harry and Tony stage an intervention and lock Ste in the house, forcing him to go cold turkey. But will it work?

Who doesn’t love a cute guy with glasses?

Holby City: Issac’s new patient tests him personally and professionally.

Neighbours: Aaron gets a job offer as he and Tom grow closer.

People of the Valley: Tyler’s odd behavior begins to have an effect on he and Iolo’s relationship.

Justin can’t get enough of what Jeffrey is giving him.

The Haves and The Have Nots: Jeffery and Justin’s one time thing turns into a full on affair.


Animal Kingdom: Deran throws a house party.

Robert tries kidnapping on for size.

Barracuda: A special weekend brings Martin and Taylor closer.

EastEnders: Ben suffers a terrible accident.

Emmerdale: Robert commits a new crime to cover up a previous one.

Hollyoaks: James demands Warren give him what he’s owed.

People of the Valley: Iolo struggles with forgiveness.

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  1. The dialogue was kind of cheesy, but that kiss with Todd and Billy was surprisingly hot, especially for Corrie. It reminded me of Rupert Graves and James Wilby in Maurice. Then again, Todd and Marcus were also surprisingly intimate, so maybe they’ve updated with the times. Daniel and Bruno seem very committed to playing up the need for touch (the way that Billy kept putting his hands on Todd’s neck on this Monday’s episode), which I appreciate.

  2. Re: Your question about Peggy’s funeral … They’re just getting around to burying Peggy on EastEnders, because she committed suicide under somewhat questionable circumstances (the pills, etc.), so the police took her body and the authorities apparently held it until they were done. We heard Sharon say they were done with it when the planning started several days before the funeral.

  3. Deran’s assault of his boyfriend in the bathroom made me wary. Having his brother drop his romantic rival into the ocean was really disturbing. That water isn’t as warm as you would think. I might have gotten past a panicked assault like I did with Aaron and Jackson, but having someone almost killed is premeditated and a whole other level.

    I’m looking forward to the Aaron/Lawrence scenes. They set the connection when Aaron returned, and it will be interesting to see it finally pay off. I’m also curious about how I’ll feel about Robert’s return to scheming. I did enjoy the plot he hatched with Charity, but I suspect that his kidnapping Ryan will reaffirm my belief that Aaron shouldn’t be around him.

  4. Since you spoke approvingly of the Lawrence/Ronnie story on Emmerdale last week, I went back and did some catch up watching. The most remarkable thing I noticed was the more adventurous camera work since the new producer took over. It made the show feel a little fresher. This upcoming arc between Lawrence and Aaron is just the kind of interaction that makes me like Aaron. It’s a shame it’s taken this long for the two of them to have scenes together, but I’m looking forward to it. Aaron’s scenes with Edna when he returned from France are still some of my favorites.

    Now that Ben and Paul seem stable on EastEnders, I’m becoming invested in the pairing even knowing that something unpleasant is on the horizon.

    Holby City is doing a good job making me feel for Dom since Arthur died. That’s always a tough road for me because Dom is the kind of person I would avoid in real life.

    I’m still enchanted with Iolo and Tyler and am a little surprised that it’s taking Iolo so long to put 2 and 2 together and realize there’s something wrong with Tyler. I understand at first he thought it was the proposal, but it became obvious over the week that there’s another problem. He’s such a loyal character that it’s inevitable he will feel guilty about whatever it is. I’m just hoping it’s something that can be resolved and they stay together for a while.

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