General Hospital Spoilers: July 18-22, 2016 Edition

Parker (Ashley Jones) resurfaces in Kristina's (Lexi Ainsworth) life. Photo Credit: © JJOHNSON/JPI Studios

This week on General Hospital, Kristina pays Parker a visit. Also: Naomi reacts to a name from the past; Theo makes a revelation; The Davis’ girls lend their support; Michael and Sabrina grow closer. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 18, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Strange Family Matters

The group on Cassadine Island are shocked by what Theo reveals to them. How will they react when they learn that the gentle fisherman isn’t who he seems? Look for the situation to get dangerous as everyone deals with the predicament at hand. Dante and Kevin try to distract, Laura explodes, and Ava turns on the charm.

Naomi and Hayden try to get on the same page. Naomi has another strong reaction to a familiar name from Port Charles’ history. Meanwhile, Finn agitates Sonny with an inquiry. Look for the two stubborn men to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Finn’s health continues to be a growing concern for Griffin.

The Davis girls come together to support their mother during her difficult time. The recent events have left Alexis torn as to what path she should take. At the hospital, Olivia has some words for Julian that hit him hard. Will Griffin be able to help the mob boss?

Also this week:

Kristina may be with Aaron now but her heart is still with Parker. She can’t help but pay Parker a surprise visit after learning that the professor is in town to give a lecture. Will Kristina and Parker be able to fight their attraction? Some new information from Parker could change things.

    • Carly is surprised to learn that Kiki and Dillon may not be over.
    • Michael and Sabrina grow closer. Michael and Sabrina are left shocked and dismayed.
    • Tracy is unconvinced by Dillon’s claim.
    • Sonny makes an untimely appearance.
    • Carly senses duplicity.
    • Franco defends himself from Lucy’s insinuations.
    • A confrontation ends tragically.
    • Andre leaves a puzzling message for someone.
    • Nina notices that Curtis seems preoccupied with Jordan.

Source Sneak Peek: July 25-29, 2016

A mysterious woman catches the group on Cassadine Island off guard.

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  1. I hope that Kristina chooses Parker I am convinced that Aaron is using Kristina. I don’t see any chemistry between Aaron and Kristina but I do see amazing chemistry between Parker and Kristina imo the Kristina and Parker storyline is very important to help the younger women who are struggling with their own sexuality

  2. I hope Sonny and Carly stay together.

  3. I hope Valerie is on this week too. Valerie and Carly or Liz should team up on the kidney search. I hope Dillon and Kiki aren’t over.

  4. I’m happy that we’re finally moving with the Cassadine Island. Good to see Dante/Kevin/Laura. Finn and Griffin should be interesting.

    Yay!! Some Dillon/Kiki spoilers. Love Tracy/Dillon scenes. And Carly should really mind her own business.

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