Gays of Our Lives: Which Bad Boy Comes Out On Top on ‘Emmerdale’?


This week, Days of Our Lives continues to be boring. But are there improvements around the corner?  Plus, People of the Valley is cute and adorable, The Fosters avoids boy on boy sex and Ben plans a murder on EastEnders.  All this – and more!


Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Maggie is related to half the town, but Sonny and Victor were the only ones waiting for her while she was in surgery.  Okay.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.10.29 AMIs that the first scene between Paul and his sister Belle?  Do most fans even know they are related?

I like Paul using his PI skills. Hopefully we’ll get more of that and actually see it rather than hear about it. But he needs to get a thicker skin and not let what he finds out bother him.  Part of the gig.

I see Brady is as stupid as ever to believe Victor kidnapped Tate.  The evidence is flimsy and Victor’s motivation is ridiculous.  Clearly Deimos isn’t behind it either.

It’s ludicrous that Aidan would be appointed the DA given that a few weeks ago he returned from the dead following the exposure of his scheme to murder and bilk Hope AND his teenage son is a rapist.  So contrived.

Does the Salem PD always cover up crimes committed by the town’s citizens/relatives?

So will Sonny hire detective Paul to clear Victor’s name?  That could be interesting to see them working together on the case and romance blossoms.  Then again, this is DAYS.  The new writing is about kick in so let’s hope we see some improvements such as interesting plots and stories. Little things like that.

EastEnders  (U.K.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.16.54 AMSo Ben and Jay are going to murder Paul’s killers and then skip town forever?  Hmmm I have the feeling it’s not going to quite work out that way.

I am glad to see them being there for each other, but if Ben really wanted to help Jay he’d get him off the drugs.  Jay has already lost so much, he’ll lose everything if he keeps this up.  I still blame Phil for this mess.  He should have never kicked out Jay in the first place and put him on this downward spiral.

I’ve been seeing complaints from some viewers that Ben and Johnny haven’t hooked up yet.  Um… Ben’s boyfriend of over a year was murdered a couple of weeks ago. Give the boy time to grieve (and find his lover’s killers), okay?

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

I think it’s been established long ago that Liv is free to do whatever the hell she wants and Aaron will still put up with her.  I know that scene was meant to be cute, but I’m just not down with this Aaron raising his little sister mess.  It’s not right for the character and that (along with how they’ve domesticated Robert and made Aaron a nag) has made Aaron boring as hell.

Don’t get me wrong, Isobel Steele is a great young actress and the casting as Aaron’s sister couldn’t be more perfect. But I don’t think her presence is necessary and has certainly been detrimental.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.18.46 AMPoor JP, I hope he gets his sight back soon.  I really want him to work things out with James, though I suspect he’ll get back with Scott, get his vision back and be stuck in that awful relationship again before getting back with James.

I’m also glad that the Myra/Sally war is over.  I always thought it was stupid that JP treated Sally better than his mother after the reveal that Sally was JP’s bio-dad.

The confrontation with James was fun too.

I do agree with those who think James is the best, most intriguing gay character since Brendan Brady. And if the show plays it right, he could be as popular as well.  Don’t come at me Brendan fans.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. I thought that scene in Foster actually means they did have sex, at least something. Jude said he was scared before and Noah says he wants to do only what Jude wants to do. Then after they are both laughting and stoned. It seemed they smoke together and did something sexual.

  2. Anthony, where are the spoilers for Lucas and Brad on “General Hospital”…?

    Look at me, I made a funny!

  3. I just want to say I am a grateful longtime reader of yours, Anthony and I’m excited that you have found this new venue to keep us all informed and to get your critical viewpoints on all things gay in soap opera around the world. I love reading your column every single week.

  4. Why does “Secret Lives” feel the need to destroy Kalle like this. He deserves so much better, than to be written like this

  5. How old is Jude supposed to be? He was in seventh grade when the show started, and I don’t think it’s been more than two years since then. It wouldn’t surprise me if a boy who was only 14 or 15 were wary of having sex.

    I really hope JP and Scott don’t get back together. JP has repeatedly shown that he only gets with Scott when he has no better options. Scott needs to respect himself and find someone who actually likes him.

  6. I’d say James is a more compelling character than Brendan ever was, mostly because Brendan quickly became an excuse for Emmett Scanlan to make faces, rather than a character, and because I hated Stendan. There’s also much less time spent on forced attempts to remind us that James is the real victim and there are no scenes of him beating the hell out of JP as we’re told that this is just how he shows love. With that said, I have no real interest in his story, because of the odious Scott and the not-so-subtle reminders that he is the one we’re supposed to care for.

  7. “It’s not right for the character and that (along with how they’ve domesticated Robert and made Aaron a nag) has made Aaron boring as hell.”

    I can’t say I agree. I actually find Aaron more interesting now than I have in a long time. To me Aaron boring as hell = endless crying and angst and contrived reasons to have him self-harming for awards. Seeing the character smiling, laughing, and spending time with his family is exactly what he needs. And I actually don’t mind his relationship with Liv at the moment either, because they’re much more believable as brother and sister than when the show tries to push him as her parental figure.

    I also don’t think Robert is that domesticated lately. Not compared to his tedious mooning and white knighting during the abuse story, where he had turgid lines like, “He’s my everything.”

  8. Yeah, I’d hate to see Ben and Johnny as a couple, despite it probably being endgame. They would be a very odd couple. They seem like such a mismatch, and like you said, Johnny could do better. Do Johnny and Ben even have chemistry? Seems like Johnny really likes Tom the Paramedic, so would be fun to see the soap explore that, sadly that probably means they won’t, sigh. It’s sad because Johnny and Tom actually have chemistry and it’d be a fun pairing I think.

  9. None of the current soap storylines interest me. I was into the James/JP storyline because I thought they were an interesting pairing and had great chemistry, but then they went ahead and made JP blind, so yeah. I have a feeling JP will go running back to Scott and that when James finally comes to his senses about his mom manipulating him and about his feelings for JP, it’ll be too late. It’s obvious James has real feelings for JP though. He only told him about the bet because his mom manipulated him into thinking JP was better off without him. He wanted to push him away.

  10. So Sonny has returned as a badass Kiriakis. It does look like he and Paul will play Hardy Boys to clear Victor’s name before an eventual romance. It has potential and could be interesting.

    Even before I read your caption, I thought there was something intriguingly taboo about that photo of Robert & Lachlan. I’m glad Robert is doing something besides being chastised by Aaron every couple of days and am looking forward to where this story goes.

    I’m not sure I want to see Ben & Johnny get together even though that’s likely the endgame. I’ve grown fond of Ben, but in all honesty Johnny can do better. I’d like to see him call up Tom the paramedic who made another appearance when they found Babe in the freezer, so here’s hoping. Ben is young with a lot of baggage and needs some time to live down his past and stand on his own feet before embarking on another relationship.

    I enjoy Kelly’s support of Iolo & Tyler, but she’s overdue for a story of her own. It doesn’t seem she’s related to anyone in the show so that leaves open lots of doors for possible stories. Or just pair her up with big, burly Chris who made that cameo last week when she got Iolo to see what a bad idea his setup was. I’m guessing that Craig’s return will somehow lead to drama around the wedding date with a possible William return. It seems likely his return would just be drama and would not break up Iolo & Tyler so I’m OK with that.

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