Gays of Our Lives: Which Bad Boy Comes Out On Top on ‘Emmerdale’?



Coronation Street:   Todd is worried when finds out Eileen is transferring a big chunk of Jason’s money into Pat’s account, presumedly for Pat’s new business project.  Todd is certain that Pat is ripping Eileen off.  But will Eileen listen to Todd’s warnings?

Sonny wants to know why Gabi is still living in the ugliest apartment in Salem.

Days of Our Lives:  Paul and Sonny have lunch and Paul sees some surprising changes in his ex.  What does that mean for their future, if they even have one?  Later, Sonny and Gabi deal with the past when they visit Will’s grave.

Will Ben give up his plan to take out Paul’s killers?

EastEnders:   Louise begins to suspect that Ben and Jay are looking for Paul’s killers.  When Ben refuses to listen to her pleas to change his mind, she goes to Les, who talks Ben out of his plans.  However, when Ben and Jay manage to get the address of Paul’s murderers, Ben breaks his promise and he and Jay leave to confront the assailants.  Louise calls the police, hoping they can stop Ben and Jay.  But is it too late?

Robert tries to convine Lachlan that the stepdad/stepson thing is actually kind of hot.

Emmerdale:   Robert’s plan to get Lachlan to confess to the shooting leads to Lachlan being questioned by the police. Lachlan talks his way out of it, but realizes Robert is behind the scheme. Lachlan confronts Robert in an violent confrontation.  Later, Chrissie warns Robert to stay away from Lachlan. But her threats only inspire Robert and Aaron to work together to get revenge on the Whites.

Meanwhile, an afternoon in the park goes badly for Lawrence.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.54.01 AM
Iolo comes face to face with one of his attackers.

People of the Valley:   Iolo becomes curious about what Tyler is planning with his sister for their wedding and is shocked when he finds out. But will he go along with it?

In other news, Iolo runs into Meleri, the young woman who was part of the gang who attacked him.  Iolo wants to know why such a quiet young girl could have done such an awful thing.  Later, Iolo resolves to put the situation behind him, but Meleri isn’t finished with Iolo…


Secret Lives:  After years of estrangement, Lari and Elias are back together again. Unaware that Ilja has been kidnapped, everyone assumes the boy is dead and a memorial service is planned. Kalle is angry when Lari and Elias show up together, but Talle shames Kalle for his behavior. Lari breaks down at the service and Elias is there to comfort him.  Lari tells Elias he couldn’t have gotten through this without him.


The new season of A Place To Call Home looks to be very messy for Henry and James.

A Place To Call Home –   As the 50’s set Aussie drama returns for it’s 4th season, Henry and James contemplate what’s next for them.

Coronation Street:   Todd moves in with Billy; Sean wants revenge.

EastEnders:   Paul’s funeral begins; Ben and Jay are kidnapped.

Hollyoaks:   James comes to Sienna’s rescue after she’s accused of murder.

Neighbours:   Aaron faces financial ruin (again).

People of the Valley – Iolo is upset when Sion refuses to attend Iolo’s wedding.

River City:  Patrick’s abusive past continues to haunt him.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. I thought that scene in Foster actually means they did have sex, at least something. Jude said he was scared before and Noah says he wants to do only what Jude wants to do. Then after they are both laughting and stoned. It seemed they smoke together and did something sexual.

  2. Anthony, where are the spoilers for Lucas and Brad on “General Hospital”…?

    Look at me, I made a funny!

  3. I just want to say I am a grateful longtime reader of yours, Anthony and I’m excited that you have found this new venue to keep us all informed and to get your critical viewpoints on all things gay in soap opera around the world. I love reading your column every single week.

  4. Why does “Secret Lives” feel the need to destroy Kalle like this. He deserves so much better, than to be written like this

  5. How old is Jude supposed to be? He was in seventh grade when the show started, and I don’t think it’s been more than two years since then. It wouldn’t surprise me if a boy who was only 14 or 15 were wary of having sex.

    I really hope JP and Scott don’t get back together. JP has repeatedly shown that he only gets with Scott when he has no better options. Scott needs to respect himself and find someone who actually likes him.

  6. I’d say James is a more compelling character than Brendan ever was, mostly because Brendan quickly became an excuse for Emmett Scanlan to make faces, rather than a character, and because I hated Stendan. There’s also much less time spent on forced attempts to remind us that James is the real victim and there are no scenes of him beating the hell out of JP as we’re told that this is just how he shows love. With that said, I have no real interest in his story, because of the odious Scott and the not-so-subtle reminders that he is the one we’re supposed to care for.

  7. “It’s not right for the character and that (along with how they’ve domesticated Robert and made Aaron a nag) has made Aaron boring as hell.”

    I can’t say I agree. I actually find Aaron more interesting now than I have in a long time. To me Aaron boring as hell = endless crying and angst and contrived reasons to have him self-harming for awards. Seeing the character smiling, laughing, and spending time with his family is exactly what he needs. And I actually don’t mind his relationship with Liv at the moment either, because they’re much more believable as brother and sister than when the show tries to push him as her parental figure.

    I also don’t think Robert is that domesticated lately. Not compared to his tedious mooning and white knighting during the abuse story, where he had turgid lines like, “He’s my everything.”

  8. Yeah, I’d hate to see Ben and Johnny as a couple, despite it probably being endgame. They would be a very odd couple. They seem like such a mismatch, and like you said, Johnny could do better. Do Johnny and Ben even have chemistry? Seems like Johnny really likes Tom the Paramedic, so would be fun to see the soap explore that, sadly that probably means they won’t, sigh. It’s sad because Johnny and Tom actually have chemistry and it’d be a fun pairing I think.

  9. None of the current soap storylines interest me. I was into the James/JP storyline because I thought they were an interesting pairing and had great chemistry, but then they went ahead and made JP blind, so yeah. I have a feeling JP will go running back to Scott and that when James finally comes to his senses about his mom manipulating him and about his feelings for JP, it’ll be too late. It’s obvious James has real feelings for JP though. He only told him about the bet because his mom manipulated him into thinking JP was better off without him. He wanted to push him away.

  10. So Sonny has returned as a badass Kiriakis. It does look like he and Paul will play Hardy Boys to clear Victor’s name before an eventual romance. It has potential and could be interesting.

    Even before I read your caption, I thought there was something intriguingly taboo about that photo of Robert & Lachlan. I’m glad Robert is doing something besides being chastised by Aaron every couple of days and am looking forward to where this story goes.

    I’m not sure I want to see Ben & Johnny get together even though that’s likely the endgame. I’ve grown fond of Ben, but in all honesty Johnny can do better. I’d like to see him call up Tom the paramedic who made another appearance when they found Babe in the freezer, so here’s hoping. Ben is young with a lot of baggage and needs some time to live down his past and stand on his own feet before embarking on another relationship.

    I enjoy Kelly’s support of Iolo & Tyler, but she’s overdue for a story of her own. It doesn’t seem she’s related to anyone in the show so that leaves open lots of doors for possible stories. Or just pair her up with big, burly Chris who made that cameo last week when she got Iolo to see what a bad idea his setup was. I’m guessing that Craig’s return will somehow lead to drama around the wedding date with a possible William return. It seems likely his return would just be drama and would not break up Iolo & Tyler so I’m OK with that.

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