Gays of Our Lives: Going To The Chapel?


What is Steven hiding?
What is Steven hiding?

EastEnders:  The plans for Paul’s funeral are underway. Meanwhile, Jane makes a shocking discovery about Steven. But will she reveal what she’s discovered?  And Ben takes action when Jay decides to leave Walford.

Emmerdale:  Lawrence helps Ronnie with his family problems so Ronnie won’t have to leave town. While, Aaron assures Liv that he’s not going to kick her out for lying to him (darn it).

How long will JP stay blind?
How long will JP stay blind?

Hollyoaks:   While he struggles to recover from his accident, John Paul is caught between Myra and Sally, who are fighting over him.   But Diego finds a way to cheer JP up.  Meanwhile, James sees a chance to help Joanne get Joe when he spies Mercedes doing a drug deal and turns her in to the cops.

Tyler isn’t happy about being in the local newspaper. But why?

People of the Valley:  Iolo and Tyler search for a place to have their wedding.  And later, they are not happy with Kelly after she writes an article about them and publishes it without their permission.

The Haves and The Have Nots:   Jeffery is blackmailed into proposing to Melissa.


The show returns for a new season… and Elias and Lari reunited.

Days of Our Lives:  Paul invites Sonny to lunch. (That’ll raise the ratings)

EastEnders:  Ben’s plan to avenge Paul’s death goes awry.

Emmerdale:   Robert plots to force Lachlan to confess who really shot Lawrence.

People of the Valley:  Iolo has a disturbing encounter with the young woman who attacked him.

Secret Lives:  Elias and Lari officially reunite. (And I’m pretty much done with this show)

Shortland Street:  Jack makes an disturbing discovery.


That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Thanks Anthony, i hope so, poor John Paul.

    Thanks for those posts, follow you since afterelton and your comments are a delight and i have always a great time reading you.

  2. Strange since the show previously heavily implied that Robert was the bottom Of course they could both be vers!

  3. I’m sure Scott and John Paul reunite. Scott is desperate and JP is needy.

  4. Serious injuries are never forever in soaps. He’ll get his sight back soon, I bet.

  5. My biggest takeaway from Emmerdale last week was the implication that Aaron is a bottom.

    Tyler gets more adorable with every passing week. Iolo has always been adorable.

  6. I really like James and John Paul together. I just think James is scared, he has never felt this way for anyone before, so instead of getting together with JP he pushes him away. His mum isn’t exactly helping, basically manipulating him into thinking he’s no good for JP and that JP is better off without him. Heck.. he probably thinks he’s doing John Paul a favor, which is why he told him about the bet. He wanted him to hate him so his mom’s predictions came true, basically saying “haha I told you so”. I believe he will come to his senses soon enough though, and see that his mom is an evil witch who is manipulating her son. I am wondering if by that point JP and Scott will be back together again though, and it will be too late for James. It would be typical.

  7. Are John Paul and Scott going to get back together? They’re a miserable couple, but they both seem so afraid of being alone that JP comes crawling back after trying to find greener pastures and Scott accepts it because he thinks no one else would be with him.

    I enjoyed the awkward timing of the accident and the break up. Watching Scott slowly realize what JP was trying to do before the car interrupted him was cruel but delicious drama. The best part was that no one had to act stupid to get it to work.

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