Gays of Our Lives: Going To The Chapel?


This week on Gays of our LivesTyler and Iolo are back on People of the Valleyand they’ve got wedding plans to make.  But Iolo’s past and Tyler’s secret threaten the happy day. While Robert helps Andy on Emmerdale, but will Robert be able to clear Andy of attempted murder?  Plus Ronnie has news for Lawrence that he’s not happy to hear.  Also, the latest on Shortland Street, Hollyoaks, EastEnders — and more!


Emmerdale  (U.K.)

CHRISSIEI’ve always liked Andy, even though he’s mostly been an idiot.  So I’ll miss him.  I think the actor will be back though.  Like Danny Miller, he’s going to find out it’s hard out there and come back to the safety and security that an ongoing soap role can provide.

Emmerdale turned Chrissie into a bitch at lightening speed, which is problematic enough.  But the actress needs to tone it down and stop chewing so much scenery.  And the harsh make up and new haircut is also a bit much.  The show is literally screaming ‘look how evil she is’.  It’s making my head hurt.

I liked Robert calling Andy out on saying he ‘loved’ Bernice when Andy was asking Chrissie to run away with him only the day before. And with all the weeping over Bernice’s decision not to go off with Andy, that salient point was lost.

Still don’t like Liv.  Still find her presence to be annoying and contrived.

Andy’s family turning on him so quickly and believing anything that comes out of Chrissie’s mouth is annoying and stupid.  Diane going on and on about how ‘brave’ Chrissie is sickening.  I realize it’s to make the plot work, but it does Diane and Victoria no favors as characters.ANDY

The Aaron/Robert scenes continue to show what a judgmental nag Aaron has become.  Please stop this.

I like Robert helping Andy, but still be an POS about it.  That’s how Robert should be.  But with Andy gone from the show, I guess Robert won’t get the evidence he needs against Chrissie anytime soon.  But his battles against her should be interesting.

So I’m guessing that Lawrence will help Ronnie so he won’t have to leave? It was obvious that he was upset about Ronnie having to go to take care of his brother.  With Lawrence and Bernice’s marriage finally over I wonder if the show will actually put Lawrence and Ronnie together.  There was a time when I would have been for that, but I have a feeling Ronnie getting romantically involved with Lawrence wouldn’t end well for Ronnie.



Hollyoaks (U.K.)

It still amazes me that this show has multiple gays, lesbians and transgendered characters, but is able to write for them all.  While such soaps can’t even write for one.  Sigh.

JamesThis ‘John Paul is blind’ storyline seemed to come out of nowhere.  But despite that it ended with JP and James further apart than before, I have no doubt they’ll wind up together.   They’re clearly meant for each other given the push and pull nature of their relationship.   I mean what soap couple hasn’t done the ‘I broke up with you for your own good’ arc?

I loved that scene with Marnie and James where they talked about why they’re both so messed up.  Great, real and raw fighting.  I love their relationship, whether they’re scheming together or bickering it’s always fun and delicious.  But James won’t truly get himself together until he stops letting his mother feed into how screwed up he is.

John Paul and Scott moved into the camper, and JP stuck his kid with Celine?  That makes no sense.   What kind of parenting is that?  Actually, it’s dumb plotting.   Why didn’t they just look for an apartment to begin with?  But at least it’s over with Scott.  Going blind might be worth that.

Memo to Ste: you are the world’s worst father.  Always have been.  And it makes perfect sense that Leah would be afraid of her father given their history.

WarrenYum.  Warren can still get it.   While those scenes between Ste and Warren were nice and given their long history make sense, some of what they said belied the actual history.

Ste has always been a deadbeat and a loser and the last time Warren was around, Ste was being beaten up by Brendan, but still staying in an abusive relationship, when he wasn’t screwing up his life in some other way.  And he definitely did not always put his kids first. Or should we forget how Ste chose Brendan over his kids?  And given Ste’s current behavior, I can’t believe any doctor would think he’s ready to be out of rehab.  Mostly, I’m tired and bored with ‘Ste the drug addict’ storylines.  Move on.

Ryan is too nice, which means he’s totally evil.  I guess that says where this story is going.  Ste will save Amy and the kids from the big, bad Ryan and be the hero.  Blech.

Harry is way too young to be Ste’s fixer.  He was so much more interesting when he was written as a messed up teenager who liked to take his clothes off.  I agree with Holly that he spends too much time chasing after Ste.  When will Harry learn that Ste’s relationships are always about Ste and his drama?


Ste & Harry Part 291

People of the Valley  (Wales)

IOLOI’ve missed these guys while Iolo and Tyler were in London so I’m glad they are back. And I’m glad their wedding plans are going forward, even if I think the whole thing has been rushed. Sept 15th, huh? I really don’t think the day will end without a disaster.  It is a soap wedding after all. But I do love we’re getting the build up to the big day with lots of planning (and drama) along the way.

Speaking of drama, I’m not surprised Iolo can’t let go of his attack, especially since the criminals weren’t caught and the attacks have continued. Iolo is not the type of person who is able to put things behind him easily.  I’m wondering if the bad guys are about to be caught or there is going to be another arc to this bashing story.  Hmm….  TYLER2

I have to say that it’s not fair for Tyler to be mad at Iolo for being unable to talk to him about the attack.  After all, Tyler kept secret his visit to the hospital. These things are a two way street. And they’re going to have to learn to talk to each other and not keep secrets if their marriage is to survive.  If they even get married.

Dani planning their wedding cannot go well.  I did like Kelly being annoyed and jealous that she wasn’t asked though.  She and Dani seem like they are competing for BFF of the gays.

Remember when Tyler first came to town and Gethin didn’t like him because he said Tyler was shady and couldn’t be trusted and hinted at a bunch of past sins?  Show never went anywhere with that plot point.  Wonder why?

I loved that dark printed flowered shirt Tyler had on.  Great look for him and it fit perfectly.  I really like how the show dresses these guys.

Shortland Street (New Zealand) 

Okay, it’s time to end this dumb story.  It’s not going anywhere and it’s kind of offensive.  Other scenes show Cam clearly into Kylie so it’s pretty clear that Cam isn’t gay.  I just don’t know why the show has Jack crushing on another straight guy, especially since we’ve seen this story with him already.  Jack should have a love interest, a real one.  It’s ridiculous that with all the various romantic nonsense that goes on in this show, Jack hasn’t had a date in a year.  Well, there’s other words for it too, now that I think about it.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. Thanks Anthony, i hope so, poor John Paul.

    Thanks for those posts, follow you since afterelton and your comments are a delight and i have always a great time reading you.

  2. Strange since the show previously heavily implied that Robert was the bottom Of course they could both be vers!

  3. I’m sure Scott and John Paul reunite. Scott is desperate and JP is needy.

  4. Serious injuries are never forever in soaps. He’ll get his sight back soon, I bet.

  5. John Paul situation is temporary or he will never recover his sight ?

  6. My biggest takeaway from Emmerdale last week was the implication that Aaron is a bottom.

    Tyler gets more adorable with every passing week. Iolo has always been adorable.

  7. I really like James and John Paul together. I just think James is scared, he has never felt this way for anyone before, so instead of getting together with JP he pushes him away. His mum isn’t exactly helping, basically manipulating him into thinking he’s no good for JP and that JP is better off without him. Heck.. he probably thinks he’s doing John Paul a favor, which is why he told him about the bet. He wanted him to hate him so his mom’s predictions came true, basically saying “haha I told you so”. I believe he will come to his senses soon enough though, and see that his mom is an evil witch who is manipulating her son. I am wondering if by that point JP and Scott will be back together again though, and it will be too late for James. It would be typical.

  8. Are John Paul and Scott going to get back together? They’re a miserable couple, but they both seem so afraid of being alone that JP comes crawling back after trying to find greener pastures and Scott accepts it because he thinks no one else would be with him.

    I enjoyed the awkward timing of the accident and the break up. Watching Scott slowly realize what JP was trying to do before the car interrupted him was cruel but delicious drama. The best part was that no one had to act stupid to get it to work.

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