‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Thank You For Being A Friend

Molly comforts Kristina.
Molly comforts Kristina.

General Hospital is always at it’s most compelling when it allows its leading ladies to anchor story. This was apparent in last week’s episodes. Women were searching for answers, making important decisions about relationships and supporting one another. The soap has reinvented itself more than Madonna so it’s really hard to pinpoint an identity for it but for me this is GH. It is at its strongest when it centers itself on the strength of its female characters.

GH has put focus on female relationships lately. I’m really enjoying how Alexis and Diane are being played together amongst the chaos of Alexis’ shattered life. When someone loses both her happy marriage and her career, she needs her best friend. I also liked seeing Molly comfort Kristina who was drunk and snarly after finding out the real reason Parker left her. The scenes told a lot about the sisters’ relationship as well as the individual characters. Interactions like this add emotional beats to story lines.

I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened last week. If you want to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired August 15th-19th.

The Trouble With Angels

After learning the week before that Liz was the one who proved his innocence, Franco apologized to her for his mistake. He hoped that his apology would make everything okay and they could move forward with their relationship. Liz accepted his apology but admitted his past is an issue. “Sometimes when I look at you and I think I’m seeing you for who you really are something happens and it triggers memories of who you used to be.” Franco says she is his angel and he thinks she could be his salvation. She can’t, and probably doesn’t want to be, his savior though. I loved this conversation between Franco and Liz. There was definitely something very sweet about Franco seeing Liz as angelic and the kiss on the cheek was swoon worthy. But I was glad that Liz rejected being put on a pedestal. Not only does she not belong there but playing that role has gotten her hurt in the past. I think Liz’s honesty will actually move the relationship forward in a good way.

Laura tells Tracy she’s over Luke.
Laura tells Tracy she’s over Luke.

It was very fitting that these scenes were playing opposite the scenes of Laura talking to Tracy about Luke. Luke used to call Laura his angel. She was always the damsel who needed to be saved so she didn’t really grow into a strong independent woman. Until now. Laura confidently made the decision to let Luke be. She is no longer a wife, her kids are grown and she’s ready to move on. The pairing of Kevin and Laura isn’t one I would have thought up but I’ve enjoyed the pleasant surprise of this couple. The actors have great chemistry and the characters are very likable together. After sharing a kiss and with cautious optimism, Kevin and Laura decided to go on their first official date.

In their heyday, Luke and Laura were the number one super couple on television. But now, Laura is so much better without Luke. Genie Francis is really fitting into the role of GH’s matriarch and showing off her acting range. I don’t think she could play Laura the way she is playing her now if Luke were still around.

Professor Plum, With The Cufflink, In The Hospital Lab

Curtis, Val and Jordan get a clue.
Curtis, Val and Jordan get a clue.

The hospital killer story line started out good but it sort of ended up veering in different directions while never really giving viewers any real path to follow. There is also a huge amount of suspension of belief considering that everyone we’re suppose to suspect was at the Nurses Ball when Lucas and Bobbie were attacked. I wouldn’t say this is a bad story because I like the characters involved as well as the use of the hospital. It’s not a good mystery though.

We did get a clue last week finally when Val found a cufflink in Finn’s lab. After Finn left, someone hit her on the head and took the cufflink. So we now know that the killer is a man. Nurse Amy, Dr. O and Tracy’s brain worms can be crossed off the suspect list. I think the killer has to be either Paul or Andre. Jordan recognized the cufflink and she spends a lot of time around both guys. Paul did act suspicious and earlier this year he had given Dillon cufflinks which he returned to him after Tracy caught him with Ava. Andre is into archeology and the cufflink looked like an ancient coin. The killer could also be an evil doopleganger like Caleb Morley or Ryan Chamberlain. Who do you think the hospital killer is?

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