General Hospital Spoilers: August 29-September 2, 2016 Edition (Photos)

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This week on General Hospital, the hospital literally goes dark when the power goes out. Also: Hayden finds herself in a predicament;  New evidence is found in the hospital killings; Ava has a surprise request; Sabrina is honest with Michael about her feelings. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 29, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Black Out Days

The mystery surrounding the hospital murders amplifies this week. With danger lurking around the corridors, look for things to get deadly at General Hospital. Will the killer get caught in time before another victim is taken? Finn and Monica stumble upon a grim scene. Later, the hospital loses power and Monica and Finn struggle to keep order. Will Monica be saved just in time? Griffin finds a crucial piece of evidence. Franco comes across some key information meanwhile Liz observes strange behavior from someone. When Hayden finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time, Franco makes a pointed observation. Look for Finn to come to Hayden’s defense. Jordan overhears a condemning accusation and later makes an arrest.

Bad Moms

Ava has been playing a dangerous game and she comes to a sobering realization. Ava has a surprising request for Paul. Will he agree to help her? Curtis sets up an informal meeting for Nina. Will Ava crush Nina’s greatest dream?

Also this week:

Joe asks to spend more time with Teddy but will his request ruffle a few feathers? Sonny has a few words for Joe. Sabrina has an honest conversation with Michael. Their relationship has been at stand still. Is it over now for them? Later, Sabrina makes an impression on Monica.

The pressure on Alexis is taking a toll. Will Alexis continue her fall from grace? Diane does her best to counsel her friend.

  • Nathan and Maxie receive words of advice.
  • Bobbie offers to take care of baby Avery.
  • Carly is determined to help out Nelle.
  • An old friend pays a visit to Port Charles.
  • Naomi issues a warning to Franco.
  • Nina delivers news to Claudette.

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Source Sneak Peek: September 5th-9th

Dante and Lulu receive important information from Robert. Duke is not forgotten.

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  1. Glad to see Nathan and Maxie in the spoilers. It would be nice to see Naxie on more then two days every two weeks.

  2. I hope Valerie’s on this week. I want to know where’s all the Carly and Valerie scenes at. Carly and Valerie are related or did the show forget that Carly and Valerie are related.

  3. They had better not break up Sonny & Carly. Or make him have an affair with Nell. That’d be sick.

  4. No Dillon&Kiki again next week. They make it really difficult to keep the faith that will actually become a couple. Why didn’t continue their development. :(

    Well at least Franco/Elizabeth looks interesting. Again the serial killer story was badly executed from the start but it seems to be moving.
    I want to know what is Ava’s realization.

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