‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Caught In The Act

Ava catches Scotty with his pants down.
Ava catches Scotty with his pants down.

Last week’s General Hospital had a lot of good moments and great acting from the cast. The fall out from the Cassadine Island adventure took center stage, mothers and daughters clashed on matters of the heart and families struggled with important decisions. 

The size of the cast or more importantly the multitude of story currently up in the air right now is making GH feel rather cluttered. While I appreciate that most of the stories are umbrellas with many characters connected, things seem a bit spread thin. I think GH needs to set a rule that a new story can’t be started unless an old one is either resolved or permanently dropped.

A lot happened last week on GH and I wasn’t able to write about all of it. If you want to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired August 8th-12th.

I Want To Do Bad Things To You

Is it just me or is the Cassadine Island adventure more interesting now that everyone is off the island? Ava’s pining for her prince and taking actions to move away from the family business; Laura and Kevin are continuing to build a relationship; Jason got malaria; Sam is pregnant and may be sick; Lulu is actually demanding some answers about her dead father and empty envelope. Lulu did not get the answers she wanted. Dante and Lulu questioned Valentin about the corpse in the tunnels on Cassadine Island and Daphne’s address on the envelope that Helena willed to Lulu. Their questions were responded to with delusion and snark. When they accused him of trying to kill Spencer, he said he only intended on bonding with his great nephew. Until Spencer is old enough to sign over his inheritance to him anyways. Valentin is clearly not one to be reasoned with as his views on right and wrong are askew.

Valentin taunted Dante and Lulu.

Valentin taunted Dante and Lulu.

In my last review, I mentioned that Valentin didn’t quite seem as evil as he should be. But a little time behind bars must have brought out his naughtier side and I like it! I also like the chemistry between James Patrick Stuart and Michelle Stafford. When soaps try to do pairings based on lust and one night stands nowadays, it rarely works and typically feels really forced. That’s because, for whatever reason, writers seem to want to play it too sweet. Valentin and Nina have the right amount of wrong to go along with their right amount of spark.

I feel like GH lacks a really good villain right now and maybe Valentin is the answer to that. There’s nothing anti-hero about him, he’s just deranged. He could be a cross between Cesar Faison and Days’ Stefano DiMera, a continual dark shadow looming over Port Charles and doing bad things just because. His presence would also bring out some heroes. Dante and Lulu will have someone to go up against. Valentin is already toying with them like Helena toyed with Luke and Laura. Also as Liz Masters with Soap Central pointed out, Valentin puts Nik back into his spot as the good Cassadine.

Roommates And Soulmates

Ava did not get the warm welcome back home that she wanted or expected. Kiki’s mad at her for not passively letting Morgan destroy her life and Scotty had freaky sex with Lucy all over their apartment. She didn’t get the comfort and concern that she craved. While Ava was disappointed that Scotty wasn’t being a good friend, I was the most disappointed in Kiki. Girl, your mom is right about Morgan.

Ava laid out some hard truths for Kiki about how Morgan isn’t her responsibility. And when Ava found out about the STI that Morgan gave Kiki, it only further proved to her that she was right to suggest that Morgan leave Kiki. Regardless if intentional or not, Morgan does kept hurting Kiki. I completely understand Ava wanting to protect her daughter. Morgan just might screw things up on his own though as he becomes needer and more controlling.

When Ava returned home after her conversation with Kiki, she found her home ransacked… or so she thought. It turns out Scotty and Lucy just helped themselves to some of Ava’s alcohol (you know she has the good stuff) and got a little randy. It was nice to see a bit of comedy as Ava expressed her annoyance at the wild scene. Scotty thinking that Ava was jealous was hilarious. Of course Ava’s not jealous because her heart belongs to Nik now. So much so that she wants to honor him by becoming a better person. Ava’s kindness to Laura, telling her that Nik was her hero, was perfection.

Whoa Nelly

Chloe Lanier made her debut as Nelle.

Chloe Lanier made her debut as Nelle.

The case of Joss’ mystery kidney got a break with the appearance of Nelle, the alleged kidney donor. I think Nelle really is the kidney donor but I also think there got to a bit more to the situation. I feel she may have some anterior motives. There is something about her that reminds me of a young Carly. Her story was a said one. Her parents sold her kidney because they needed the money. Nelle seems to be financially struggling herself. Maybe she’s desperate to turn her bad lot in life to something that can work in her favor. Maybe money and family is her real goal. The Conrinthos and Jacks seem concerned about her story being legit.

I like the chemistry between Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell that we saw last week. I think Michael would pair well with someone a little edgy. It looks like his relationship with Sabrina has hit a roadblock named Joe so now would be a good time for a new romance.

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