‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Caught In The Act

Ava catches Scotty with his pants down.
Ava catches Scotty with his pants down.

Baby Blues

Jason is concerned about Sam.
Jason is concerned about Sam.

Sam found out that she is pregnant. It should be a happy moment for her but there may be some complications. Jason got malaria during their overseas travels and Sam’s doctor who looks like this guy she used to date wants to run some tests to see if Sam has a disease too. Sam has never had an easy pregnancy and she’s scared. So scared that she doesn’t want to tell Jason. I get that she doesn’t want him to worry but in this situation she should really put herself before protecting Jason. She should allow herself to lean on Jason for the support that she needs and deserves.

Sam does find an unlikely source of comfort from her rival Liz. The pair run into each other at the Quartermaine’s where Sam tells Liz about her predicament. Liz drives Sam to the hospital to get her test results and agrees not to tell Jason. It was an awkward situation for both of them and I think a very human one too. Sam needed someone and Liz just happened to be there at the right place and time. Liz helped her because it’s the normal and civil thing to do. I didn’t see the exchange as a sign that Sam and Liz are now friends. Just a sign that they can be adults.

Jason finds them both at General Hospital and knows something is up. Later when Sam and him are home, he asks her if she is keeping something from him and assures her that she can talk to him. The tenderness in these scenes is the type of writing that we should see more of for Jason and Sam. I want to see them work through this together and see more of the nice family moments between them.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Both Kristina and Alexis are unhappy.
Both Kristina and Alexis are unhappy.

Kristina found out that Alexis scared off Parker when Alexis made a comment similar to something Parker wrote in her letter. Alexis had valid concerns about Parker being Kristina’s professor and recently separated from her wife. But there is more to Alexis’ choice to run off Parker. She doesn’t want Kristina to feel the kind of pain she’s currently feeling. “I just know that a little heartache early on is a lot easier to survive than a lot of heartache later.” Kristina is angry and rightfully so. Alexis didn’t allow her to make her own choices and mistakes. She didn’t trust Kristina’s judgement when her own judgement is so bad. Alexis lost her heart and now she might lose her career. Things are indeed looking bad for Alexis as the result of her poor choices. Parker certainly doesn’t seem like she could ever be as big a mistake as Julian.

Now that Kristina knows why Parker left her, I suspect we’ll be seeing the professor again. Things are still complicated but I feel like it’s important to Kristina to see where a relationship with Parker would lead.

Unloved In An Elevator

Franco give Liz the brush off.
Franco gives Liz the brush off.

Franco’s still giving Liz the cold shoulder and, when he stops by the hospital to pick up his things after being suspended, Liz corners him to ask why he’s not talking to her. Not knowing that Liz was the one who exonerated him, Franco continues to be a jerk to her. After telling Liz that her hopes she finds someone else who mets Jason’s approve, Franco meets up with Liesl and she tells him that Liz was the one who rescued him. Someone really owes somebody an apology. Liz not only proved that Franco isn’t the killer but she’s been defending him to her angry ex. Franco is upset because he thought Liz didn’t trust him but it turns out he hasn’t be putting any faith in her.

Both Liz and Franco have issues because of their pasts and I like the push/pull dynamic this creates. Now that GH seems to be done trying to make the audience think that Franco might be the hospital killer (we already knew he wasn’t), this story can focus more on the characters and building the relationship.

Couples of the week: Jason and Sam, Laura and Kevin, Franco and Liz, Lucy and Scotty

Lines of the week: “Well Morgan is obviously not thinking clearly and it’s rubbing off on you along with his bacteria.”-Ava

“Are you on quack?”-Kevin

“Yeah actually it appears that you are the devil.”-Kiki

“You’re not charming. Go away.”-Nell

“Oh wait… that’s so cute. Do you think I’m jealous because you hopped into bed with Lucy Coe?”-Ava

“What did Monica do hire a town cryer?”-Franco “Amy told me.”-Liesl “Same thing.”-Franco

“No touching – not without dinner and a movie first.”-Finn

“I just don’t want you to have any pain.”-Alexis “That wasn’t your decision to make. It was mine and you took that away from me.”-Krissy

“In fact, I would probably admire Luke Spencer for the hurricane of crap he has inflicted on the Cassadines over the years.”-Valentin

“You’re facing disbarment. You have to go before a group full of people who will sit there and judge you based your choices and decide your future and you have nothing to say about it. When that happens you’ll finally know what it feels like to be me.”-Kristina

“Good luck finding that special someone who meets with Jason’s approval.”-Franco

“They’re telling me you’re a murderer.”-Nina “People like to exaggerate.”-Valentin “So you’re not a murderer?”-Nina “I’m a realist.”-Valentin

Video of the week: Ava finds her place in disarray.

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