‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: So Close, Yet So Far


I enjoyed last week’s General Hospital. A lot of the character driven moments had my attention and I watched a few episodes more than once.

While story lines about missing kidneys and hospital killers were still front and center, last week seemed to bring a lot of that summer loving viewers had been promised. The season was mostly danger and mystery which isn’t a bad thing at all but it felt a little dark for summer. I’m of the belief that viewers want lightness and fun when it’s sunny outside. Soaps no longer focus on teen sets to lure in kids during summer break. Kids have youtube and netflix now. The absence of differentiating summertime from the rest of the year though still feels wrong. I think that historically the sweet summer romances were something that all viewers regardless of age looked forward to.

A lot happened last week and I wasn’t able to write about all of it. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episode that aired between August 22nd-26th.

Video Games

Kevin and Laura spent the night together.

Kevin and Laura spent the night together.

Kevin and Laura had their first date last week. After a nice dinner at the Metro Court, they headed to Kevin’s room for a nightcap. The drink lead to Laura beating Kevin at a video game and then spending the night. I liked the easy conversation, the chemistry between Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom and the connection between the characters. I wasn’t expecting them to slept together on their first date but it worked for this pairing considering both of their experience. I didn’t need to watch them hold hands and try to get to first base.

In the morning, they both awoke with no regrets… but that didn’t last long. Laura found a manuscript Kevin had written based on her life. I think this may have been a bit of a shout out to Return to Payton Place or possibly The Jane Austen Book Club. Laura was furious, feeling that she had been used as a muse rather than being taken seriously. She probably also felt her privacy was violated a bit too seeing how Kevin never mentioned anything about the book to her. I think Kevin just really admires Laura and, being psychologist, examination is in his nature. Kevin did reach out to Laura in an attempt to explain but she is going to France to get Spencer settled at boarding school. Things will no doubt pick up for them again in a month when Francis is back from her vacation. In the meantime, I hope that Kevin still gets utilized in hospital story. I really liked his scenes with both Liz and Franco.

Second Time Around

"We’re getting married."

“We’re getting married.”

Jason and Sam announced to their friends and some of their family (sorry Monica) that they are getting married. Nobody was happier than Carly who insisted on the nuptials taking place at Casa de Corinthos. Not much information has been leaked about the upcoming Jasam wedding other than a behind the scenes photo showing Billy Miller with a wedding ring with Maurice Benard, Laura Wright and Chad Duell. It does seem that this trip down the aisle will be a much more traditional wedding than the impromptu one at a Chinese restaurant.

As I’ve stated previously, I didn’t really get why Jason and Sam were divorced and why they need another wedding. Wasn’t their first wedding at Noodle Buddha an iconic moment in Jasam’s story? But then a friend explained to me that no that was not a good wedding for the pairing at all. A super couple with a large fanbase deserves a wedding where the bride wears a gorgeous dress and loved ones are all gathered to celebrate the couple’s union. Jasam fans never got that and now that mistake is being corrected. I’m optimistic that the event will please fans.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Alexis and Krissy’s argument is caught on tape.

Alexis and Krissy’s argument is caught on tape.

Both Alexis and Krissy’s romantic choices are causing them a lot of heartache. Alexis in particular is on a downward spiral, having lost her happy marriage and now her career. Being a lawyer was a part of what defined Alexis so she’s really feeling like she lost herself and all because she fell for the wrong man. Now she has to worry about her reputation on top of everything since TMI caught her having a heated argument with Kristina in a public place. Alexis has been wallowing for awhile now. I get it. She has good reason to mope. But I hope that we get to see her pick herself back up again soon. It could be interesting to see what she decides to do now that she can’t be a lawyer for a year. Maybe she could teach or become an entrepreneur or start a non-profit.

As for Krissy, she’s feeling like a fool for chasing Parker now that she knows Parker butt-dialed her. I like the concept with the Parker and Krissy story line but it has felt like the story has only been allowed to scratch the surface. I’m kind of confused as to where it’s heading now. Will Parker and Krissy have a future together? Maybe Parker’s wife was the one who actually called. I just hope that Krissy continues to explore her sexuality and GH doesn’t just pair her up with safe and boring Aaron.

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