‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: So Close, Yet So Far

Over Easy

Lulu and Dante found out their egg had been compromised.
Lulu and Dante found out their egg had been compromised.
Lulu and Dante’s new house made its debut. I’m so glad they are no longer living in a closet. It actually has a separate room for the kitchen! They didn’t even finished unpacking before deciding to christen the place. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for their hopes for the future to be dashed. Lulu received the bad news that her embryo had been compromised and they would not be having another baby. That’s when Lulu brought up the embryo Stavros stole a.k.a. Thermos. With Olivia’s premonition and the strange empty envelope with Daphne’s address on it, one can deduce that Lulu’s embryo survived the blast at the evil clinic and Daphne has Lulu’s daughter.

I’m not sure how excited I am about the continuation of Lulu and Dante’s baby woes. Since Lulu started having babies on the brain, the whole thing has been a little over the top and very campy at times. Lulu can’t have a baby, Maxie and Britt switch babies, Helena kisses a thermos, Lulu can have a baby but needs her eggs, etc. I kind of wish it had been grounded a bit more in reality. That being said Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Rylan were really good last week and I think their performances coupled with some good writing could make this next baby adventure a good one.

Diamonds and Decisions

Nina stopped by her old apartment to pick up a box of her things and Franco and her got caught up on current events. Nina confided in Franco about her one night stand with Valentin. She probably thought it made her seem strong and like she had moved on but Franco questioned her judgement instead. Having spent 20 years in a coma, Nina has always been a bit naive about people and Franco isn’t there to protect her anymore. The scenes were rather bittersweet. Michelle Stafford and Roger Howarth did a great job of playing the slightly numb feelings of a couple that were in love but couldn’t make it work. It feels like Nina is always unintentionally moving Franco more towards Liz. He confessed to Nina that his relationship with Liz was in limbo then when Liz stopped by later he told her he had enough of the back and forth.

Liz decided to date Franco.
Liz decided to date Franco.
After finding Hayden’s stolen diamonds amongst Nik’s belongings, Liz needed some moral support. Should she turn the diamonds over to the police and send Hayden to jail?  Franco suggested she do the right thing and call the cops. Hayden got herself into this mess after all. But when Liz started to leave, Franco told her to make a decision about their relationship. Liz explained that she’s always had trust issues because she was raped when she was a teen. I wasn’t expecting Liz’s rape to be brought up at all. I thought that Liz’s past bad relationships with Jason, Lucky and Ric would be used as explanation for her trust issues but this makes more sense. Knowing what Liz had been through upset Franco and it also worried him that, given his past, she might feel he could hurt her. “I promise you I would never intentionally hurt you,” Franco told her. “I believe you. I do,” she reassured him. GH hasn’t always handled these type of scenes well. For example, Starr’s response when Micheal told her about his rape. But these scenes were very well written in my opinion. Rebecca Herbst and Howarth also put a lot of care into them.

Liz decided to start dating Franco but another obstacle has been thrown their way in the form of Naomi. Franco went to Heather to get some funding for his date with Liz and caught Naomi there. He was able to get Heather to confess that Naomi is the one who has been giving her cash. She told her son that she had information about Naomi’s “past with Jeff Webber and her little brat.” It will be interesting to see what Franco does once he has the whole truth.

Couples of the week: Jason and Sam, Franco and Liz, Lulu and Dante, Kevin and Laura

Lines of the week: “I was a little busy in 1981.”-Laura

“You’re such a guy!”-Laura “Well I’m glad you noticed my guyness.”-Kevin

“That you were right all along and I say that I’m a Summer but really I’m an Autumn.”-Franco “First of all cleary you’re a Spring…”-Nina

“Oh come on Ava? You know exactly what this is and what’s inside.”-Liz

“Why don’t you go focus on somebody who actually wants the attention. Maybe one of the Kardashians changed their nail color.”-Molly

“The year started out so promising. This is not how I saw it going.”-Alexis

“I don’t need or want anything from you. Go to hell.”-Hayden

“You don’t get to order me around.”-Alexis

“It appears that Dillon doesn’t want to make time for me. He’s 10 minutes late.”-Paul “Oh the horror.”-Tracy

“You know your hostility is effecting our relationship.”-Heather

“Do you still date or did Lucy drive you to celibacy?”-Franco “What’s your question Franco?”-Kevin

“You’ve still go some fight left in you. I suggest you use it. Or else just give it up. Make Sonny’s day.”-Ava

“What can I say? Like mother, like daughter.”-Krissy

“You are dead to her!”-Sonny

“Did Nikolas suffer?”-Hayden “No more than he did when he was married to you.”-Ava

Scenes of the week: Kevin talks to Franco about his suspension.

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