‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Stranger Things

Sam’s wakes up woozy.
Sam’s wakes up woozy.

Disaster Date

Franco asks Liz if their date is still on.

In case you hadn’t guessed it already, Naomi is the one who has been paying off Heather. After a visit from Franco, Heather received a visit from Naomi. Naomi expressed her displeasure about Heather’s son dating Liz, making clear that she doesn’t want Heather telling Franco about her secret. At this point we know that Liz and Hayden must be sisters, we just don’t know how exactly the branches in the family tree intertwine yet. I feel like Naomi is somewhat motherly to Liz but not quite enough to solidify the theory that she is Liz’s real mom. She could just be one of those mothers who is lovely to everyone else’s kid but their own.

Franco and Liz are very nervous about their first date, both hoping it will go well but leery of the other’s intentions. After Liz is hesitate to go somewhere private with Franco, they end up at the Floating Rib where Franco inquires as to why she agreed to the date if she’s not comfortable with him. She admits that she did it because of Ric and then agrees to going on the date that Franco originally planned. Franco takes her to his art studio where he bolts the door behind them and lights some candles. None of that would have been creepy if Franco weren’t Franco. I lock the door behind me when I get home after all. This scene was clearly done to make Liz and the audience question Franco’s innocence. It’s pretty obvious Franco is not the killer though and last week Amy started to look a bit more like the guilty party. It seemed very import to Amy for Val to be suspicious of Franco. She could just be upset that he hasn’t returned her crush. There must be some sort of twist considering she was at the Nurses Ball.

A Good Heart

Griffin and Maxie have a heart to heart.
Griffin and Maxie have a heart to heart.

Having the sexy Claudette around is making Maxie nervous and in true Maxinista fashion she devised a plan to get rid of the competition. Maxie unleashed a computer virus to destroy Claudette’s work for the upcoming issue of Crimson. Unfortunately, she got caught and Nina was unhappy about Maxie messing with her magazine. Later, Nina and Maxie had a conversation about love, trust and other women which led Maxie to the conclusion that she needs to trust Nathan. “We can’t blame outside obstacles if one of us doesn’t live up to our promises.” Claudette should be a nonissue because Nathan loves her and is going to marry her after all.

After asking Nathan to drive her to the airport, Claudette got them stranded with flake car problems on the road less traveled. She even managed to get their song to play on the radio. Nathan is starting to soften his view towards his ex-wife. She certainly knows how to play him. Maybe Claudette is a bit of an issue for Nathan and Maxie.

When Nathan didn’t come home, a worried Maxie went to the hospital looking for him and found Griffin instead. A potential Maxie and Griffin romance has been teased but nothing really beyond cute exchanges. The two characters are very different from each other so it was hard for me to really get the attraction beyond the fact that they are both young and pretty. The conversation regarding BJ’s heart finally brought out some real spark. Their connection is wanting to be good people and take care of their hearts. “I think you and BJ have a very good heart,” Griffin told Maxie. “I don’t always honor it,” she confessed.

Couples of the week: Dante and Jason, Parker and Krissy, Laura and Kevin, Franco and Liz, Griffin and Maxie

Lines of the week: “She’s like the only woman in the world that I could date and my mother wouldn’t murder her.”-Franco

“That is a noble gesture. It’s impractical and it’s stupid but it’s noble.”-Valentin

“I just had the best night of my life with her.”-Krissy

“And I loved Jeff. Why do you think I kept his name for all these years?”-Heather

“So who would like to die first?”-Valentin “I vote for you.”-Lulu

“Hold hands. That way you can go together. See I’m merciful.”-Valentin

“I don’t have a memory of knowing how to fly a jet but I know that I can fly it.”-Jason

“Yep, that’s what I get for giving an employee a pat on the back instead of a kick in the ass.”-Nina

“Would have been nice to go out with someone who treated me right for a change.”-Krissy

“You are a mystery Laura Spencer. One I’d love to solve.”-Kevin

“I was mean and I told her to leave.”-Alexis

“I’ll be alert and attentive to your every need.”-Curtis

“If he’s not dead in a ditch somewhere then he’s definitely with another woman.”-Maxie

“What in God’s name did you do?”-Maxie “Nothing…in God’s name.”-Griffin

“Do you want some wine from a box?”-Franco

“Was it a bear?”-Claudette

Best dressed: The Crimson team.

Video of the week: Is Franco the hospital killer?

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  1. I feel like we’re seeing more of the Ava we originally saw when she first came to Port Charles. Still scheming and sly but with a hint of heart. Thanks for reading!

  2. Can’t wait for more with tyler! The ava/nik plane and hotel scenes had tons of chemistry and fun, all from the actors. I actually enjoy kevin as psychological profiler too, his valentin insight was useful and the PCPD could use his skills!

  3. Ava was my favorite also. I hope she and Nik get back together. They really have a chemistry even with the couple of scenes that she had with Tyler. I was glad that she not only seemed to have a genuine affection for Nik but she care enough about Dante not to want to see him hurt or killed.

  4. Ava was my favorite part of the CI story line. Maura West just rocks! Hopefully Nik isn’t gone too long because I’m really excited about that potential pairing. Kevin and Laura have been a pleasant surprise. Jean and Shelly have a good eye for pairings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Jante forever! LOL I’m really enjoying the Naomi/Heather/Friz stuff. Sounds like there is some interesting stuff coming up. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I thought about that too. I would sure explain things but none of the characters really questioned it which is a large part of why the scenes were so odd for me. Thanks for reading!

  7. I agree with much of the review, the CI really should have been as you say, lots of castle-based plots, strange sounds to be explored, more romance, people enticed to be trapped in rooms but we’re given confiscated shoes, complaining bullies, and gun play. We’ve gotten only a bit of romance in the entire story, but kudos to lindstrom, genie, and maura for making me believe in romances that have MOSTLY occurred off screen, sadly.

    GH needs a LOT more romance, the pairing choices are great, but there’s almost ZERO romance on the show, just bad sex scenes.

    LOVE the potential of valentin as the show’s villian too.

  8. I think that Jason was taught to fly a plane while he was held prisoner by Helena and does not remember it. When she was grooming him to be her soldier.

  9. Great review as always! And I kinda like your idea of a demon possession arc for Julexis … Marlena style! At least it would be new for GH!

    Dante & Jason as couple of the week made the laugh! As much of this Cassadine Island story unintentionally does! I’m picturing the boys flying the plane with their penis’ now!

    Hoping the Friz and Heather/Naomi stuff picks up this week!

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