General Hospital Spoilers: August 1-5, 2016 Spoilers

This week on General Hospital, Franco is questioned about the hospital serial killings. Also: Jax returns; Dante suggests that Lulu keep a secret; Sam lets Julian have it; Kristina confides in Morgan. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 1, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Sweet Serial Killer

A break is made in the hospital killer case when Jordan and Valerie find clear fingerprints on a tainted vial. Who do the prints belong to? Nina inadvertently shares some details with Curtis regarding a disturbing conversation she had with Franco. Franco is held for questioning but is he the real culprit? He certainly looks guilty. Luckily, his father is an attorney but Scott has more than just legal advice to offer. Scott feels that Nina is a better (and safer) romantic option for Franco than Liz.

Meanwhile, Nina is seduced and by who may be surprising. Later, Nina overhears something confusing and takes matters into her own hands.

Escape From Cassadine Island

Dante advises Lulu not to share her beliefs regarding the remains she found in the tunnels with Laura. Will Lulu keep her suspicions about her father secret? Jason has some news for the Cassadine Island gang. Will the news be good or bad? Back home in Port Charles, Dante and Lulu vouch for Jason’s innocence. Sam is straight forward with her opinion of Julian and his recent actions.

Also this week:

Jax is back! The Australian corporate raider returns to Port Charles to help Joss. Joss assured Jax that Carly would give up the investigation into her kidney donor but, knowing his ex-wife, he’s not convinced. Is there more behind Jax’s goal to keep a lid on things? Look for him to interact with Carly, Sonny and a few new people.

  • Morgan doesn’t understand why Kiki is so upset by his wonderful gesture. Dillon has awkward news to break to Morgan.
  • Nathan wants to press forward with wedding plans and asks Maxie to trust him again.
  • Sonny and Jason intercept a dangerous scheme.
  • Alexis’ emotions finally rise to the surface.
  • Kristina confides in Morgan.

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A young woman shows up to Bobbie’s party.

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