‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Stranger Things

Sam’s wakes up woozy.
Sam’s wakes up woozy.

Last week’s General Hospital was full of strange happenings – some of it good, some of it bad and some of it just unintentionally weird. Paternities came into question, evil plans were foiled, computer viruses were thwarted, planes were flown by people who didn’t know how to fly and Heather Webber made an appearance. At least no one is possessed by the devil (unless that’s why Julian has been such a jerk lately).

A lot happened on GH and I wasn’t able to discuss everything. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired July 25th-29th.

The Mile High Club

The action was in full force on Cassadine Island last week. Lulu, Dante and Ava in particular got chances to show off their tough sides when they pounced on the bad guys. I liked that Ava saved Dante by convincing him to let Valentin go to prevent bloodshed. Meanwhile, upstairs Sam took a tumble when she fainted allegedly due to dehydration. Jason went all Hulk and busted out of his chair to come to her aid. Soap 101 says Sam is pregnant. I hope she is. I think having a baby on the way could move Jasam’s story into an interesting direction. Jason grab the guard’s gun and they rushed downstairs to save the day. The Port Charles crew got free but Valentin escaped. They just needed to figure out how to get off the island.

Jason and Dante fly a plane.
Jason and Dante fly a plane.

I found Thursday’s GH very amusing though not in the way it was probably intended to be. Jason flew a plane! Well until he crashed it because they were out of fuel anyways. I don’t think this was suppose to be funny but it was none the less. Out of all the possible ways to get off the island, the writers pick the most over the top and nonsensical option. Fans know Jason doesn’t fly planes. The concept that everyone would just go along with Jason’s escape plan was a bit of a hard sell and led to some ridiculous dialog. From Jason explaining that he thought he could fly a plane to the non-explanation of why Dante needed to be co-pilot instead of Sam, the message seemed to be that anyone can fly a plane provided they have a penis. I have to wonder why the writers didn’t chose to tap into GH’s history and have the crew escape by boat, something that Sam knows how to operate.

Rumors of the Cassadine Island mystery hit message boards months prior to the story starting. I was expecting a locked room mystery surrounding Helena’s will with booby traps, hauntings, high romance and, in the end, answers to a lot of questions. Instead the story was more of a Guza-style hostage crisis, something that didn’t quite fit the Ingmar Bergman like setting. This adventure was only loosely connected to existing story. We finally met villainous Valentin, the sexually frustrated, mentally unstable and violent Cassadine bastard who’s really sensitive about being a bastard. He’s very entertaining but I feel that he could have been tied to Helena’s will more. We also learned that Luke may or may not be dead when Lulu found a bejeweled corpse in the tunnels. Does the body really belong to Luke? Do fans care? The gang also met Daphne, an island resident who lives at the address that was on Lulu’s empty envelope. Overall, I was entertained but not riveted.

Papa Don’t Preach

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 7.07.37 AM
Alexis and Sonny worry about Kristina.

I’m not a Sonny fan but last week was a good week for him. Maurice Benard and Nancy Lee Grahn have excellent chemistry when played together as parents. For me, Sonny is more compelling as the flawed father than the mobster. It was nice to see him not focussed on Julian or any other rival. If GH wants to be less mob-y and still write for Sonny, this is the direction they should take with the character.

I had expected Sonny’s response to Kristina being attracted to Parker to be negative and was a little annoyed at first when it wasn’t. I want this story line to bring good drama. The drama isn’t going to come from Kristina’s parents disapproving of her sexuality though but from them disapproving of Parker. I can understand Sonny and Alexis’ concern. Parker is more experienced, recently separated from her wife and in a position of power over Kristina being that she is her professor. What they haven’t really seen though is that Kristina was the one who pursued Parker more so than the other way around. This is a complicated situation. And it’s going to get even messier when Kristina finds out that Alexis chased Parker out of town much to Sonny’s approval.

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