Gays of Our Lives: No Place Like Home

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

Has Lachlan been working out? He’s looking awfully buff these days.   Too bad he’s a creepy perv.

Nice to see Paddy.  I loved Aaron’s comment about not having a ghetto blaster.  LOL!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 10.25.38 PMInteresting banter about Robert not wanting to go to a gay bar.  To me, it came off as his still having issues about his sexuality. It’s something the show has never really addressed.  I wonder if they’re finally going to.

Why does an evening out for Robert and Aaron have to include Liv?  She can’t fend for herself for a few hours?  I swear Robert and Aaron don’t act like a young gay couple.

I’m glad Robert and Aaron are going to work together to get the truth about Andy.  I get tired of Aaron nagging Robert about every little thing.

Those scenes with Bernice were funny, but she’s silly if she actually thought she’d get Chrissie to confess anything.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 1.05.07 AMIt’s no shock or surprise that Iolo would become obsessive over his attacker.  It’s just a part of his OCD.  Tracking the woman down and going to her house will prove to be a terrible mistake, especially now that she has found out a lot about him and confronted him herself.

I suspect, given that the show has bothered to introduce this girl, that there’s more to her story than she hates gay people. Obviously there’s some backstory behind it all that will come into play.  Or maybe it’s as simple as her using her accomplices to try and silence Iolo from testifying.

Speaking of which, the police aren’t using her to roll over on the people who helped her beat Iolo?  Surely they’re not leaving at as she is the only one being charged.  And Iolo didn’t even ask her about her accomplices, which would have been a logical question.  Hopefully that’s a plot element the show won’t ignore.  I do have a feeling though that with Iolo’s wedding coming something is going to happen on their big day.  And it’ll be because of Mel because as we see from spoilers she’s not going away.  Please just don’t have Iolo or Tyler get hurt!


I do wish Iolo and Tyler would break free of his pattern of not talking to each other or not letting the other person help them through troubled times.  They keep saying they’ll change the behavior, but they they don’t.   Let’s hope it does soon.

I’m enjoying the wedding plans and there was something about Tyler in those suspenders I thought was hot.  But did Dani really just use Gary’s card to pay for the wedding?  He’ll be furious and Tyler and Iolo should know that.  I can’t believe she did it or that they let her.  That’s gonna come back to bite them, I’m sure.

Shortland Street (New Zealand)

So what was the point of Jack having a crush on Cam?  The story went nowhere.  It doesn’t seem to have a point other than to waste airtime. It’s time, long past time, for Jack to have a boyfriend.  Interesting in this though, Cam never did say he wasn’t gay or into guys.  Everybody else said it for him.  It doesn’t mean anything, just what happened.   I’ll be mad if Blue gets a love interest before Jack does.  That’s just not right.

The Haves and The Have Nots  (U.S.)

That was Jeffery’s only scene in the entire episode. Curious that Justin would call him.  Surely Justin wouldn’t risk his career for Jeffery would he?  It’s not like they’re actually dating or anything, just a few hookups.  Or maybe it’s a trap or something to get Jeffery to confess?




  1. Too late – Blue is already snogging the face of Lottie after the school debate and bullying incident. Fast mover, he was at deaths door about a week ago.

    What a hopeless ‘gang’ of hoods took Jay and Ben hostage? Eastenders has been doing gangs and gangsters since Day 1 so why were this lot such an unconvincing shower? I hope they didn’t get paid for that performance.

    Have you ever thought of covering TV3’s Merli? They are starting up Series 2 in a couple of weeks. We could do with another Pick to balance all the Pans.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with DOOL. There’s no substance or soul. And I’m probably in the minority, but I think Paul is kind of creepy in a way someone like him would never be in real life.

    The scene between Ben and Pam in EastEnders was touching and probably therapeutic for both characters. Phil has just gotten tiresome and is dragging other characters down.

    People of the Valley was odd last week, especially with the whole week focused on the White family. Sion is such a drama queen, and his Eat Pray Love routine was annoying. And why does anyone tolerate Gwyneth? I agree with you about this pattern of Iolo & Tyler shutting each other out, bickering and then making up – usually all in a single episode. They are my favorite pairing but please let’s move on from this.

    Speaking of Iolo & Tyler (and I know I do it too much), the actors deserve recognition for using touch and humor to enhance their chemistry. They are never physically gratuitous but are not afraid of touching one another when it’s a natural reaction. It’s remarkable because so often actors in soap get it wrong. The highlight of the week was Iolo calling Tyler “Joanne.”

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