Gays of Our Lives: No Place Like Home



A Place To Call Home:   This week, the acclaimed Aussie drama returns for it’s fourth season.  Last season, James finally gave into his desire for Henry, only for Olivia to find out about the tryst.  When the show returns, will James try to save his marriage or is Henry in his future?

Todd learns that praying isn’t the only thing Billy likes to do on his knees.

Coronation Street:    Todd makes plans for he and Billy to have a romantic night alone at a hotel. When Sean hears about Todd’s plans, he enacts a plan of revenge and plots to ruin their night. Sean eventually changes his mind and Billy and Todd head for the hotel. Once there, things get steamy until Todd makes a joke about religion.  Billy takes offense and changes his mind about having sex. Todd fumes that a relationship without sex is no relationship and storms off. Billy fears he’s ruined things with Todd.  Later though the guys make up and spend the night together.

Meanwhile, Todd is suspicious about what Phelan is doing with Jason’s money and tells Eileen that the man can’t be trusted. Eileen tells Todd that if he can’t accept Phelan he’ll have to move out.  Unable to take Phelan anymore, Todd asks Billy if he can move in with him.  Billy agrees Todd can stay, but only temporarily. He thinks it’s too soon for them to be living together.  Oops!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 1.00.02 AM
Will Simon silence Ben and Jay for good?

EastEnders:   The Mitchell family panic after Ben and Jay are kidnapped by Simon and his friends who murdered Paul.  Grant makes a surprise return and wants to help get the boys back, but Phil, still resentful of his brother, refuses his help.  They find an address where Simon is holding Ben and Jay , but when Phil tries to go it alone, his health problems catch up to him and he collapses.  With Phil unable to help, Grant and his secret son (!) Mark team up to attempt a rescue.  But will they get there too late?

Meanwhile, Pam and Les, unaware Ben has been kidnapped, wonder where he is as Paul’s funeral begins.  And Johnny struggles with his own issues as he’s emotionally unable to attend the funeral.

Emmerdale:  Aaron tries to stop Paddy from leaving town forever.

Neighbours:   Aaron, apparently a sports agent this week, books Paige for her first professional boxing match. However, Aaron learns that Paige’s opponent, Angelique, is much more experienced than Paige and put her last competitor in the hospital.  Aaron and Tyler want Paige to pull out, but Aaron learns he’d have to pay Angelique’s $12,000 in spite of that.  Still, Aaron thinks Paige shouldn’t go through with it, but she decides to anyway, with disastrous results.

Iolo may live to regret letting Mel into his life.
Iolo may live to regret letting Mel into his life.

People of the Valley:  Iolo is upset when Sion continues to refuse to attend his wedding.  But he gets a bigger shock when he goes home and finds Mel, the woman who led the attack behind him, waiting for him.


More secrets between James and Olivia are revealed.
More secrets between James and Olivia are revealed.

A Place To Call Home:  James is shocked by Olivia’s confession.

Coronation Street:  Todd gets an unexpected offer; Billy is angry at Sean.

Days of Our Lives:  Paul and Sonny’s relationship status is in question.

Emmerdale:   Robert’s plans hit a snag.

Hollyoaks: James tells John Paul about his messy childhood.

People of the Valley:   Iolo finds out why Mel targeted him.


That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Too late – Blue is already snogging the face of Lottie after the school debate and bullying incident. Fast mover, he was at deaths door about a week ago.

    What a hopeless ‘gang’ of hoods took Jay and Ben hostage? Eastenders has been doing gangs and gangsters since Day 1 so why were this lot such an unconvincing shower? I hope they didn’t get paid for that performance.

    Have you ever thought of covering TV3’s Merli? They are starting up Series 2 in a couple of weeks. We could do with another Pick to balance all the Pans.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with DOOL. There’s no substance or soul. And I’m probably in the minority, but I think Paul is kind of creepy in a way someone like him would never be in real life.

    The scene between Ben and Pam in EastEnders was touching and probably therapeutic for both characters. Phil has just gotten tiresome and is dragging other characters down.

    People of the Valley was odd last week, especially with the whole week focused on the White family. Sion is such a drama queen, and his Eat Pray Love routine was annoying. And why does anyone tolerate Gwyneth? I agree with you about this pattern of Iolo & Tyler shutting each other out, bickering and then making up – usually all in a single episode. They are my favorite pairing but please let’s move on from this.

    Speaking of Iolo & Tyler (and I know I do it too much), the actors deserve recognition for using touch and humor to enhance their chemistry. They are never physically gratuitous but are not afraid of touching one another when it’s a natural reaction. It’s remarkable because so often actors in soap get it wrong. The highlight of the week was Iolo calling Tyler “Joanne.”

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