General Hospital Spoilers: October 3-7, 2016 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Nelle declines someone’s advances. Also: Morgan continues to make questionable decisions; Sonny does damage control; Alexis gets a surprise visit; Dillon makes a promise. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 3, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: A Little Chaos

After Morgan confesses to Andre, he finds himself inspired to apologize to his loved ones. Kiki confides in Franco regarding her feelings for Morgan. What advise will he give her? When Morgan makes false assumptions, Kiki sets the record straight with him. Kiki and Nelle bond while comparing notes about their boss Carly. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly face major challenges on the home front. A troubled Nelle looks to Sonny for advice. Sonny tries to contain the situation and later is caught off guard when Griffin questions his faith. Will Sonny have a crisis of conscience?

Feeling desperate, Morgan lies to his therapist and then draws the wrong conclusion about something he witnesses. Morgan makes yet another impulsive decision. Nelle offers Morgan a friendly shoulder to lean on, but rejects him when he makes a pass at her. Kiki lets her true feelings be known.


Also this week:

Claudette fills Griffin in on her scandalous past. What will the doctor priest’s reaction be? Griffin confides in Anna about his predicament.

Alexis continues to stay tipsy to deal with the lot she’s been given. What happens when she receives an unexpected visitor? Look for things to get worse for Alexis.

  • Distraught Dillon makes a promise.
  • Hayden and Finn overhear disturbing news about the hospital.
  • Dante tries to be the voice of reason.
  • Jordan receives an unlikely tip.
  • Ava dodges a bullet.
  • Ned and Olivia reignite their relationship.
  • Jason receives some vital information.
  • Curtis gives Nina a harsh reality check.

Source Sneak Peek: October 10-14, 2016

Jordan, Andre and Anna come up with a theory about Ava’s involvement in Julian’s trial. Tracy and Monica unite to support the hospital amidst tough times.

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  1. Dillon definitely needs a hug. Kiki should give him one. Thanks for reading!

  2. I hope Valerie’s airtime will pick up soon.

  3. Big Corinthos week.

    From the spoilers, I don’t see much consequences of Paul story. Ava seems to get away with everything again.

    Always enjoy Kiki and Franco. Hopefully he will tell her to dump Morgan. :-D

    Poor Dillon. I would like for him to at least one scene with Susan. At least Tracy is ok.

    Wow, Dante mention.

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